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Juicy Tobiko Prawn Ball Soup with Iceberg Lettuce ( 飛魚子蝦球汤 )

succulent tobiko prawn ball soup iceberg lettuce recipes
I like adding Tobiko in my cooking and you just gotta try these handmade prawn balls. I was first hooked on these crunchy prawn balls at a food tasting session at L'Atelier de Joël Robuchon in RWS.

adorable steamed prawn paste golden carp with tobiko
Since, I had made an attempt to cook these at home and created these Adorable Steamed Prawn Paste Golden Carps with Tobiko some time back. They are so cute, aren't they?

kuriya japanese restaurant tobiko recipe
Tobiko ( とびこ ), or otherwise known as Flying Fish Roes, are commonly found in Sushi and have a nice crunchy texture. You can find them in Japanese supermarkets like Isetan, or places such as the Kuriya Japanese Market.

delicious tobiko prawn balls in heinz chicken broth
This time, I had patiently rolled them into plumpy prawns balls to make this gourmet dish. I can assured you won't be disappointed with this Juicy Tobiko Prawn Ball Soup with Iceberg Lettuce ( 飛魚子蝦球汤 ), which will surprise you with every bite!

I had a nasty fall and injured my hands and legs just couple of days before a family event which I was supposed to cook. Hence, I could only make do with a simple 4-course dinner to celebrate Father's Day and my Mom's 87th Birthday. I did some short cuts to reduce my workload cause I am having difficulty standing for too long in the kitchen even now.

restaurant cooking with luxury haven lifestyle blog
So Instead of taking the usual way of extracting broth from chicken, I used the Heinz Chicken Broth to simplify my cooking. Also, I substituted my fish paste with ready-made ones. That evening, we had the Prawn Ball Soup, Crayfish Seafood Platter with Chilli Crab Sauce, Steamed Winter Melon with Baby Abalones, Conpoy and Enoki. I also made my 2nd attempt in the 3D Jelly Art.

300g Medium Prawns ( about 15 )
150g Fish Paste
200g Iceberg Lettuce
2 tbsp Tobiko
½ Small Egg-White
1 litre Heinz Chicken Broth
500ml Water
½ tsp Minced Ginger
¼ tsp Salt
Pinch of Pepper

    refreshing iceberg lettuce recipe
  • Wash iceberg lettuce and shred. Set aside.
  • how to make seafood paste
  • Prepare prawns and chop them up finely or use the blender to mince it. Do the same for fish or buy readymade ones.
  • delicious seafood recipe
  • Mix the seafood with egg-white, ginger and seasonings. Mix well.
  • tobiko flying fish roes seafood recipe
  • Add tobiko and mix them up gently, taking care not to rupture the roes.
  • tobiko flying fish roes prawn balls
  • Roll the seafood paste into balls. You can make these in advance and refrigerate them.
  • heinz chicken broth recipe
  • Heat chicken broth and water. Add prawn balls when boiling.
  • prawn balls winter melon soup recipe
  • Prawn balls are ready when they began to float. Add lettuce at this point and continue to simmer for another few minutes to ensure the insides of the prawn balls are cooked. * Noticed the soup has winter melons in them? Well, I dumped the access melons from making the abalone dish into it to ensure there is no wastage so it is optional!
  • succulent tobiko prawn ball soup iceberg lettuce recipes
  • Serve your Juicy Tobiko Prawn Ball Soup with Iceberg Lettuce ( 飛魚子蝦球汤 ) piping hot!
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  1. Not really a big fan of tobiko but your carp-shaped tobiko is cute and creative.

  2. Yummy good food.
    I follow you on GFC N.575 now if you want follow me back !!!
    Kisses dear

  3. Beautiful, cute and very creative!

  4. The prawn balls look so delicious! Too bad I can't sink my teeth int them.

  5. Those sure look good and yummy!

  6. Oh, the little faces on the food are so sweet - how lovely! Hope your week has started well so far Shirley :)

  7. I hope you'll be back to 100% soon. Belated birthday wishes to your mom!

  8. Everything you make always looks mouth wateringly delicious! So sorry to hear about your accident Shirley. I hope you're taking care and recuperating well.

  9. Thanks for sharing another great recipe.

  10. looks really delicious....and cute!

  11. I'm not familiar with this dish but I would give a try.

  12. Aquele perfume é muito bom! *-*

    Parece ser delicioso! Gostaria de provar.

    Ótima segunda!

    Beijo! ^^

  13. They look amazing and you did so well to recreate these. Well done!


  14. You always surprise me with your recipes. I never thought lettuce could be cooked this way.

    Jasmine xx

  15. Love that look of the prawn balls - they certainly looked very crunchy and I love iceberg lettuces. I hope you are recuperating well from your fall.

  16. Oh gosh it looks so so good! I love eating prawn and yours looking very juicy!

  17. I love the way you show your recipes, I'm so fond of fish!


  18. Lovely soup and love the cute carp fish you have made with prawn paste!

  19. This dish is making me hungry! It looks really appetizing and mouth watering!

  20. Crazily tempting. No way, I certainly won't refuse, in fact all of it.

  21. This dish is so unique, I never saw anything like this. These prawn balls look yummy and how lovely they're served with chicken soup and lettuce. Very interesting mix of tastes, I would have to give it a try. You're a very accomplished cook!

    Sorry to hear about you falling and hurting yourself, I do hope you feel better now.

  22. That looks so delicious :)

  23. I am so going to try this one day, Shirley. It is beautiful ! xx


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