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Tasty White Bee Hoon with Crawfish / Baby Lobsters ( 海鲜白米粉 )

white bee hoon crawfish aka baby lobsters recipe
Here's introducing another winning vermicelli dish with a newly-found exotic seafood - Crawfish aka Baby Lobsters!

emerald crawfish recipe baby lobsters
Oh yes, I found the box of Emerald Crawfish ( 清水小龙虾 ) at a local supermarket early this year and it got me real excited. My brain commenced working almost immediately, with different ingredients running through my mind that I could play with.

chinese new year crawfish white bee hoon recipe
asian cooking stir fried baby lobsters noodles
Then I recalled having some squids in my freezer and thought perhaps I could whip up some nice noodles with these seafood. Hence, the Lip-Smacking Seafood White Bee Hoon ( 海鲜白米粉 ) was born! The dish was just perfect for a festive occasion.

yummy seafood dishes baby lobster emerald crawfish beehoon
(Serves 3)
150g Bee Hoon / Vermicelli
6 Crawfish
1 medium Squid
1 Egg
1 cup Chicken Broth
1 tsp Minced Ginger
1 tsp Minced Garlic
50g Spring Onion
2 tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil / Cooking Oil
1 tbsp Oyster Sauce
1 tbsp Soya Sauce
Dash of Pepper

  • Clean crawfish and set aside. ( optional since they are ready-cooked seafood )
  • Soak noodles till soft. Drain and set aside.
  • cooking with squids tasty recipes
  • Clean squid and remove skin and innards. Rinse and slice into rings.
  • delicious emerald crawfish recipe
  • Heat oil and saute garlic till fragrant. Add crawfish and stir fry.
  • how to cook seafood white bee hoon
  • Add chicken broth, ginger and seasonings. When boiling, add bee hoon, squid and spring onions. Mix well and cover to simmer for couple of minutes.
  • chinese stir fried seafood vermicelli recipe
  • Turn off fire and add egg. Mix well and you're done!
  • stir fried bee hoon with baby lobsters recipe
  • Serve your Seafood White Bee Hoon ( 海鲜白米粉 ) hot!
mouth watering emerald crawfish beehoon recipe
These baby lobsters are really small so there aren't much meat. Most importantly, they are inexpensive which make it such a rare treat. Are you adventurous enough to try?

sauvignon blanc seafood platter recipes emerald whole crawfish
Since it was my first attempt, I only used half and kept the other half to whip up a western dish. Did you miss my Mouth-Watering Sauvignon Blanc Seafood Platter Recipe with Emerald Crawfish? Don't forget to Subscribe to Luxury Haven by Email and you will never miss a post again!


  1. Simply beautiful and delicious mee hoon. I would want a plate, please. ^^

  2. The presentations are beautiful, Shirley!

  3. Nice presentations. Looks so yummy

  4. I have never tried a baby lobster! This dish looks amazing......mmmm...yummy. You know I just adore this type of dishes. Anything that comes from the sea always has a special charm to me. I'm all for 'sea food' ha ha ha...

    The presentation of this dish is're an artist in the kitchen.

  5. Beautifully presented and looks delicioous.

  6. The crawfish looks real yummy! And I love this white beehoon one dish meal.

  7. Hunger throne now, must have cost quite a bit the crawfish.

  8. I like to eat soft, soft bee hoon and the bee hoon you cooked looked so soft that it must be delicious. Prefer to have big lobsters with more meat, hehehe but if someone cooks this for me, I am not complaining.

  9. This food sounds delicious!!!
    I love crawfish and squid! :9

  10. I wouldn't be able to work with crawfish or lobsters but kudos to you for making a beautiful dish!
    Style Tomes ||ST on IG

  11. you made me crave so much! I super love seafood. :)


  12. If you ever see me eating or cooking crawfish, it is thanks to you, Shirley! I love the bright red! It would be so impressive to serve this at a Christmas do or something. :D

  13. Yummy! My family too likes to purchase certain seafood items frozen, especially giant prawns and scallops. Those look so cute, I've wanted to try crawfish but in the southern style of cajun seasoning but haven't gotten around to it yet. I'm sure this worked well for the bee hoon, definitely makes it a bit fancier!

  14. My favourite part of the crustacean are the nippers.

  15. Can you believe I've never tried lobster?! I can't imagine what this would taste like because of that, however it certainly looks like a refreshing dish :) x

    1. You kidding me, right? Lobster is definitely one of the most delicious seafood around. You gotta try some day! However, these crawfishes taste more than shrimps rather. Hahaha! xoxo

  16. Baby lobsterssss!! This bee hoon dish looks so good with them :D

  17. I will try to make it during the weekend. It looks super delicious. Thank you for inspiration!

  18. Delicious with simple recipe, I love it! Thanks, Shirley! =)

  19. Hi Shirley, this mee hoon look like to die for kind. Look soooo good. Love the crawfish. Yummylicious.

    Best regards,


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