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Nila Aromatherapy Bar, Your One-Stop Bespoke Essential Oils

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Follow the scents to Shaw Centre and it will lead you to a cozy aromatherapy bar by Nila Singapore. A homegrown brand, Nila Aromatherapy Bar is your one-stop scented haven where you can shop for quality essential oils and base oils; body, skin and hair care; aromatherapy accessories, and even baby care products.

nila aromatherapy bar your one stop essential oils
All Nila products are free of parabens, artificial colours and chemical fragrance, and their Nila Essence range is fragranced with 100% pure Essential Oils. I am most delighted that Nila Singapore is now the official sponsor for all Luxury Haven's aromatherapy products, so there will be monthly posts on the benefits on essential oils and more! Plus, all readers of Luxury Haven will also get 15% off all Nila Singapore's products from now on!

world of essential oils unique therapeutic powers
I have been a user of essential oils for years, and inhaling the scents from these essential oils is believed to stimulate our brain function. Moreover, essential oils each have their own unique therapeutic powers and health benefits. Hence, I am thrilled with my new-found love conveniently located in the heart of Singapore's shopping belt, where I can spend my leisure time there learning more about their products and benefits.

shaw centre nila singapore essential oils promotion
Can't wait to share with you my shopping experience at Nila Aromatherapy Bar, and all the scented goodies that I had lugged home! Are you ready to learn more about the beauty of aromatherapy?

nila aromatherapy bar bespoke custom blend massage oil
Isn't it awesome to have a bespoke blend of pure and natural essential oils that caters to your specific needs? I am a frequent spa-goer and love indulging in body massages, but most regular spas only carry the very basic type of oil like lavender, ginger or the non-scented. At last, a specially-customized massage oil tailored just for me, with concerns such as dry skin, back and shoulder aches.

These essential oils are absorbed through the skin, where they travel through the bloodstream promoting whole-body healing. Not only do they smell great, essential oils are prized for their amazing therapeutic properties that can be absorbed into our body without harm. I am really pleased with my newly custom-blend massage oil, containing the following infused oils and essential oils based on my needs:

nila singapore magic potion customized massage oil
  • Organic Calendula infused with Sunflower Oil - for dry skin, rashes ( great for babies for diaper rash ) and inflammations.
  • Organic St John's Wort infused with Sunflower Oil - anti-inflammatory, bruises as well as for pain.
  • Organic Arnica infused in Sunflower Oil - for sprains, bruises, pain relief and reduce swelling.
The combination of the above 3 infused oils are generally referred to as trauma oil, great for sports and sprains and pains. Nila has also added the following essential oils in my custom-blend massage oil:
  • Marjoram - natural sedative, support immune system, support respiratory system. Has pain-killing properties, and is a very effective oil for muscle, joint, arthritis and rheumatism pain and headache relief.
  • Niaouli - ease muscular aches and pains, rheumatism and poor circulation. It also supports respiratory and immune system, clears the mind and helps concentration.
  • Lemongrass - anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, stimulates circulation and helps to eliminate lactic acid build-up, easing muscular aches and pains. It is also very refreshing and cleansing and is a good insect repellent.
  • Lavender - provides an unmatched array of attributes - calming, relaxing, refreshing, toning and cleansing, making it suitable for both physical and emotional balance, calming skin irritations and promoting a state of well being.
singapore lifestyle blogger reviews nila aromatherapy essential-oils
Aren't you impressed with the wholesome of goodness added into my Custom-Blend Massage Oil ( 100 ml ) at SGD 100? With the list of healing properties in my bottle of magic potion for an intimate pleasure to replenish energy into my maltreated body, I am already sold!

nila singapore immortelle in jojoba oil diminish wrinkles
I also got myself their 3% Immortelle in Jojoba Oil ( 10 ml ) - SGD 38. The name Immortelle, which caught my attention, reminds me of an everlasting flower. Diminish wrinkles, age spots, and increase elasticity of skin? Wow, you just gotta add this essential oil to your collection!

cracked heels nila miracle foot cream review
I love wearing sandals, which drys out my feet. So to keep my feet happy, I visit the nail spa once a month to indulge in hand and feet paraffin treatments to restore the moisture lost and keep the skin nice and soft. But if you wanna save on these luxury therapies, the Nila Miracle Foot Cream ( 100 ml ) at SGD 48 is your solution to have a pair of happy feet. A water-based cream containing an active blend of squalane and sugar based polymer derived from plants, fruits, corn and seaweeds to moisture, soften skin while providing cell regeneration to heal cracked heels.

nila miracle foot cream fragrance paraben free
If you have cracked heels, it means that you are not paying enough attention to your feet. For an effective overnight treatment to tackle those dry and ugly heels, apply Nila Miracle Foot Cream before going to bed and put on a pair of socks to help retain the moisture and let the foot cream work through the night.

Nila Miracle Foot Cream is Paraben and Fragrance Free. For those like the scented creams like me, all you need is to transfer some of it to a small container, add few drops of your preferred aromatic essential oil and mix well before applying to your feet. Once a while, a pumice stone or a foot file can be used gently to remove the calluses on your feet.

nila miracle foot cream okinawa water mask promo
The Japanese-made Nila Miracle Body and Skincare range is also hypoallergenic, which means the products are designed to reduce or minimize the possibility of an allergic reaction. Besides the Miracle Foot Cream, Nila also carries the Exfoliating Gel, Moisturising Gel, Okinawa Water Mask, and Hand Cream with UV Protection.

shaw centre nila aromatherapy bar essential oils
Nila Aromatherapy Bar provides each individual with a bespoke blend of pure and natural essential oils that caters to their specific needs. So if you are new to essential oils, there's no better time to start now! With 15% off all Nila Singapore's products just for followers of Luxury Haven, you will be spoilt for choices! * ( Except promotional items and 3rd party brand )

great singapore sale nila aromatherapy signature blends
Well, you may wanna start with Nila's range of signature blends first as each signature blend is developed to help improve a person’s health or mood. Some of their best-selling signature includes the Insomnia, Anti-Menstrual Pain, and Anti-Bacteria Blend. Or how about having your very own customized blend of oils based on your favourite scents, or targeted for a specific therapeutic need ( eg. eczema relief )?

singapore shopping shaw centre nila aromatherapy essential oils
Have a chat with their friendly and knowledgeable staff at Nila Aromatherapy Bar now, and don't forget to Quote LUXURY HAVEN for your special discount!

shaw centre nila singapore essential oils promotion
nila singapore donut ultrasonic aroma atomizer diffuser sale
Next up, I shall be touching more on their Ultrasonic Aroma Diffusers and Signature Blends! Like what you see? Subscribe to Luxury Haven by Email and you will never miss a post again!

nila aromatherapy diffuser signature blends giveaway
Come, join us in our 1st Nila Aromatherapy Giveaway to Win Diffuser and Essential Oils! Good luck to all your entries! *Closes 24 June 2016.

Nila Aromatherapy Bar
1 Scotts Road
#03-25 Shaw Centre
Singapore 228208
Phone: +65 6737-7822
Open: Tuesday to Sunday
11am to 9pm

* This is a sponsored post by Nila Singapore. The author only recommends products or services she uses personally which she believes to be beneficial for her readers. Views and opinions expressed in this blog are purely by the author.


  1. Hello dear! I'm a huge fan of essential oils but it's unbelievably difficult to find the real thing here! I wonder if Nila ships internationally, going to check it out. Keep taking such a great care of your beauty, you're an example to follow! Much love doll! Baci, Valeria - Coco et La vie en rose NEW POST

    1. Dear Coco

      Yes I can arrange for shipment by FEDEX to you if you can let me know what are you looking at? We do have a wide variety of essential oils and synergies

  2. What a fun post, Shirley! I love essential oils!

  3. I'm impressed by the variety of essential oils and scented products they have. I've no ideas how essentials oils helps in our well beings and it's certainly great to know Nila is equip with such professional help and they have a great atmosphere

  4. OOhhh nail aroma sounds good! I dont get my nails done that much but I would love to have a nail spa!

  5. I adore essential oils and I'm always buying! Thanks for the great post on it!

  6. Goodness, all the goodness in a bottle. These are just heavenly. Wish I can get my hands on some. And quite a huge range too ah!

  7. I like learning about all the oils and benefits so this post was excited to read and see how well it works. Thanks doll enjoy your weekend. You look flawless.

  8. What a good discount! I am sure readers who use aromatherapy will make good use of this discount.

  9. I think I would love this place. I find essential oils are so good for relaxation and healing.

  10. I use essential oils too!
    They have really a great variety of them!

  11. Wow- this sounds like a super fun place to explore!
    Style Tomes ||ST on IG

  12. What lovely products! Now I'm dying to get a paraffin dip!

  13. Wonderful post!
    Have a nice week-end!
    Gil Zetbase

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  15. This place looks really so great!

  16. have beautiful feet, Shirley! I'm embarrassed to say that mine receives minimal care, but after seeing yours, I think it deserves a good moisturizer ..haha. ;P

  17. Thank you for letting us know about this aromatheraphy bar! what a lovely place! I bet it smells heavenly in there. I love essential oils too! I use them sometimes to help me with diffrent things/problems ( for example inhaling certain oils helps to cure a cold and massage with certain oils can help with heachade).

  18. I love essential oils. You take such great care of your skin!

  19. looks amazing! :)

    xoxo, rae

  20. Essential oils are amazing, I have a humidifier candle that I use to make my house smell like lavender!

    God bless,

    XO, Claire


  21. I love essentail oil, they are so refreshing and full of goodness.

  22. This sounds so heavenly Shirley. I used to love essential oils as a teenager but stopped buying them for some reason. I need to go back and revisit those days now.


  23. I love that this place provides such a great range of oils for various uses; body, skin, haircare and more! Thanks for sharing this, have a wonderful week Shirley :)

  24. LOVE essential oils, this sounds like an amazing place to go! thanks for sharing dear

    xx Melis


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