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Creative 3D Jelly Art, Beautiful Edible Flowers To Impress

creative 3d jelly art beautiful edible flowers
These impressive 3D Jelly Arts seem to be trending recently especially in Thailand, with countless stunning flower images popping up on Google.

beautiful edible lotus flower 3d konyaku jelly art
I have always been fascinated with Thai fruit carvings, so naturally these gelatine arts intrigued me and they captured my heart instantly. Using a mix of Konnyaku Jelly Powder and Agar Agar, and together with food colourings, these beautiful edible flowers surfaced gradually after some meddling. But lots of patience is needed as I took about 3 hours to make these two 3D Jelly Art pieces being a newbie!

how to make 3d gelatin art
creative 3d konyaku jelly art
It can be a messy job especially for first-timers. These gelatin arts require injecting the colourful jellies into a solidify konnyaku jelly, forming the flower patterns you desire. It may not look good from the back but don't worry, it will soon transform into pretty flowers that come alive once you turn them over.

creative 3d jelly food art beautiful konyaku flowers
My neck, shoulders and hands ached after the entire 3-hour session, but the result is rewarding. These flowers look real, don't they? I hope I will be encouraged to do more, but I found it too time consuming and tiring.

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Anyway, it's too good to eat alone so I invited some of my ex-students who are living nearby to join me. We had such a great time!

Here's a video I have found on YouTube that may interest you. It is in Thai though. Don't worry, I can't understand either, just have fun watching. Those 3D Edible Flowers are extremely beautiful! If you want more info, just google and there are plenty online.

pretty mili lychee jelly flower art recipe
Well, here's another one of my 3D Jelly Flowers with Lychees ( 水晶荔枝果冻花 )!

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  1. OMG Shirley! I don't think I can eat this beautiful things. Can we just frame this and admire the beauty. You are so patient and artistic when it come to food.

  2. So lovely made. You have the hand, Shirley.

  3. What a gorgeous and creative project!!! Fun, too! :)

  4. I am totally impressed. So nice. But to make? Ahhh, a big whole new story.

  5. Yes, in Thailand we craft everything from vegetables to fruits! I am really bad at handmade thing, but to have a chance to do the 3D edible flowers would be fun too!

  6. Pretty presentation and very creative.

  7. Too pretty to be eaten! You have so much patience to make these beautiful flowers jelly.

  8. Such gorgeous creations! Well done, my friend!

  9. you're such an artist! Those flowers turned out beautifully, I can't believe this was your first time doing it, your jelly cake looks like it was made by an expert in this. So nice you invited your ex-students to join you!

    Creating edible flowers must take quite some time. I love cooking but I must confess that I tend to avoid preparing meals that take too much time. I can imagine that doing this for 3 hours must have been really tiring for your hands and back.

    Thank you for your comment, the pen is from Swarovski shop in Split, it is probably available in their other shops as well.

    1. I'm sure anyone can do it as long as their patience lasts. Hahaha! The Swarovski crystal pens are very popular in Singapore too. Very pretty indeed! xoxo

  10. The process sounds painstaking but your floral creations turned out beautifully Shirley!

  11. Very wonderful job Superlative
    Can we follow each other? If yes follow me
    Thanks to stop on my blog

  12. You don't seem like a first timer cause it's exceptionally beautiful and stunning. How I wish I could stay nearby you?

  13. This is amazing, what an incredible creative process! I love that the jelly is edible as well - that's the icing on top of the cake (or.. jelly!) :)

  14. Wow Shirley, you are such an artist when it comes to food displaying!
    These jelly flowers are pieces of art! :D

  15. The flowers are beautiful, but I couldn't imagine sitting there for three hours to do that!

  16. that's cool, good job with the blog, success.

  17. saw this in your FB. Wish i have the artistic talent to make it

  18. You are such an artist, Shirley. Wow!

  19. These edible flowers look beautiful. I would love to try.

  20. I'm too late to join the giveaway but not to admire these beautiful flowers. Baci, Valeria - Coco et La vie en rose NEW POST

  21. Omigosh...I so want to try this, Shirley! It is gorgeous! ^.^

  22. seriously, that's edible?! wow. haha. i might not eat it if i wasn't aware. hehe

    xoxo, rae

  23. Hi Shirley, this 3D jelly is too beautiful to be eaten. Imagine 3 hours work but finish eating in 30 mins.. LOL But it look fun to play with the jelly. Maybe one day I shall give it a try.

    You did a good job, it look really gorgeous.
    Best regards,

    1. Hahaha! That's so true, Amelia. It's takes 3 hrs to make but just minutes to finish. It's fun playing with jelly art as long as one has the patience. It's certainly great having you back and thanks so much for your strings of lovely notes in my posts! Happy cooking, dear! xoxo


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