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Crunchy Tomato Salad with Pea Sprouts, Simple and Refreshing

crunchy tomato salad with pea shoots recipe
It has been a terribly busy week as I had to prepare for a 11-pax BBQ last Saturday with no helper. To make matters worse, my home internet was down the entire week and my freezer broke down just a day before the BBQ. I almost died of heart attack, but thank goodness I have 2 refrigerators at home. Managed to transfer some stuff over to the chiller and also the spare fridge. I am glad the BBQ was a great success and guests were happy with the food that I had prepared for them.

ntuc fairprice pea sprouts salad japanese wafu dressing
Well, my internet has just been restored. I will be back with more reviews cause I have lots of backlog to clear, but just a quick post today on this appetizing Crunchy Tomato Salad with Pea Sprouts.

luxury haven eha clinic bbq party menu
This was the 13-Course BBQ Menu for the party, and the tomato salad was one of the appetizers. Topped with Chopped Onions and drenched in a Japanese Sesame Dressing, this is a no-fuss recipe and extremely refreshing.

tomato pea sprouts salad with japanese wafu dressing
4 Large Tomatoes
50g Pea Sprouts
2 slices of Red Onion ( chopped )
2 tsp Japanese Goma Dressing
1 tbsp Japanese Wafu Dressing

  • Rinse the pea sprouts and place on serving plate.
  • Rinse tomatoes and cut off both ends. Slice the tomatoes thickly and place on the pea sprouts.
  • refreshing tomato salad with japanese sesame dressing
  • Top with chopped onions and drizzle both the salad dressings. Serve chilled!
cooking with luxury haven lifestyle blog
I only managed to capture few dishes using my iPhone 6, and the rest were from my lovely guests. Most of the recipes are already in this blog; all you need to do is click on the RECIPES tab right at the top, then look for them under their respective categories.

creative cooking japanese potato salad recipe food presentation
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  1. Shirley, the salad looks delicious, and all the photo presentations are lovely!

  2. Beautiful appetizer.

    What a busy week you have. glad everything went well although a bit of hiccup at the start.

  3. Shirley, you are superb, prepared a 13-course meal alone..with very nice presentation as well..I can't even manage with more than 1 dish..

  4. Wah! Salute you for putting up the 13-course meal alone. I used to but now with my health on hold, I can't anymore. That salad is so refreshing

  5. The salad is beautiful! Hats off to you for preparing such a spread. The presentation is stunning and the meal must have been delicious!!

  6. all your cooking and presentation looks like an art.

  7. that stinks you had no help.

  8. Que maravilla de encanta!!

  9. WOW! What a week you've had Shirley! I'm sure you handled it with grace and rolled along with the issues:)

    The tomato salad looks so refreshing. I can't wait for home grown tomatoes!!!

    Thanks for sharing, Shirley...

  10. Walau Eh!!! I love that photo of your potato salad cake!!! It is too pretty to eat and I won't even mind that for my birthday cake. Maybe I should make this for my wife's coming birthday and save money since she is not fond of the fattening cakes.

    Are you going to compile all your creations into your own signature book??? Please do so.

  11. What a gorgeous salad. I love the look and sound of it.

  12. This is my kind of spring salad! Love peashoots!

  13. That sounds so stressful!! Luckily everything worked out well. I'm so impressed by your hostessing! I just threw an event too and just ended up buying a lot of things. Great job at entertaining with style!
    Style Tomes ||ST on IG

  14. I'm sorry for your mishaps, I love tomatoes :)

    La Flò ♡ blog

  15. You're awesome to be able to whip up quite a feast despite all the hiccup. Glad to hear that you have a successful party.

  16. Yummy! I don't love tomatos but I would LOVE a caprese salad right now that's chilled! Nothing beats mozzarella, basil and tomato with balsamic! Also the emphasis on chilled is important, it makes a difference with salads!

  17. Shirley, this is amazing food. I'm dying to try it!
    Sad to hear about your fridge. That's bad timing, but happy to hear the meal went well! ^.^


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