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BeautyAsia 2016, Asia’s Premier Beauty, Spa And Wellness!

beautyasia 2016 beauty wellness trade exhibition suntec singapore
BeautyAsia prides itself as the most comprehensive Beauty and Wellness trade exhibition and indeed, I was totally lost in my own world stepping into the massive event halls held at the Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre couple of weeks ago.

beautyasia 2016 regional beauty trade show
The three-day BeautyAsia 2016 from 24 to 26 February 2016 provided industry professionals a diverse range of the latest products and technologies from around the world as the regional beauty trade show returned for its 20th edition.

beautyasia 2016 trade show spaasia healthasia naturalasia
Incorporating SpaAsia, HealthAsia and NaturalAsia, this annual four-in-one showcase is an exciting buyer-seller meet awarding networking opportunities to business owners, importers, distributors and manufacturers who are looking to grow and expand their business and build brand awareness within the industry.

beautyasia regional beauty trade show suntec singapore
Admission is free to BeautyAsia 2016 but opened to trade professionals only where visitors could gain valuable insight into the beauty industry. Show goers were also treated to a lineup of beauty competitions such as the HACOS Hair Designer Awards, where hair experts from the region gathered to test and demonstrate their skills and talent, the inaugural International Semi-Permanent Make Up Competition ( Brow, Eyeliner and Lip Tattoo ), NailAsia and LashAsia.

What's Spotted At BeautyAsia 2016:

beautyasia aderans singapore fortune wigs hair repro z
Aderans Singapore - Established in 2002 as a wholly-owned subsidiary company, Aderans Singapore bought the existing Fortune Wigs to run its retail operations. Interesting Hair Repro Z, using Iontophoresis and the latest pulse light, AD-DPE to enhance scalp health.

beautyasia bath bloom home living aromatherapy diffuser oils
Bath & Bloom - Originated in 2002 with an aim to create a happiness in a bathroom. Their product is an easy tool to fulfill your happiness from a refreshing, lively and relaxing your mind from all work job each day. Made from natural ingredients, Bath & Bloom aims to produce good quality products. Let Bath & Bloom create a unique scent for your unique lifestyle.

beautyasia 2016 bloom classic power tree spa treatment
Bloom Classic - A cosmetic manufacturing company in Japan, well established for almost 27 years. It currently has 50 company owned stores, around 100 Franchise stores, and around 590 stores currently providing the aesthetic market with their aesthetic salon products and Power Tree Spa Treatment technology.

beautyasia 2016 esmo technologies sleepezy paineze waist belt
Esmo Technologies - Established in 2005, ESMo Technologies Pte. Ltd. is a Singapore-based green technology company that specializes in research development and application of Magnetic Interference Cloud™ technology for healthcare and reduction of food and energy waste. Health care products available: Sleep-Aid - SleepEzy, Pain relief - PainEze Waist Belt.

beautyasia 2016 esterel by mario zunino labs skincare
Esterel By Mario Zunino Labs - European design meets the newest Made in Italy concepts. Since 1961, their celebrated brands offer cosmetic excellence as innovative and high-end immediately effective skincare and haircare lines dedicated to demanding customers and beauty experts ( retail & professional ).

beautyasia 2016 highside co ltd ampleur wove beauty
Highside Co Ltd - All their skincare and haircare products are developed by a well-know Japanese dermatologist, Dr Takase, whose technologically advanced on the market, offering Ampleur ( home-care ) and Wove style ( professional-use and home-care products ).

beautyasia 2016 koz international spa aesthetics grinif placenta
Koz International - Their cosmetics are manufactured in the Singapore and conform to strict ingredient policies. Your own private label natural skin care range of pure cosmetics to meet the needs of you and your customers.

beautyasia 2016 mosbeau placenta white advanced skincare
Mosbeau Inc - Mosbeau is dedicated in creating premium products that are 100% Made in Japan and are clinically proven safe and effective, through its breakthrough ingredients Horse Placenta and Japan patented Marine Placental Protein. Mosbeau is globally recognized as the Asian Skin Whitening and Anti-aging Expert, through the help of their pillar product, Mosbeau Placenta White Advanced.

beautyasia 2016 naturetech korean health supplements skincare
Naturetech - Started with aloe products since 1976, Naturetech pioneered Korea’s health-functional food and skin care industry. Contributing to healthy and beautiful lives of humankind, Naturetech serves their customers with OEM method to produce Health Supplements and Functional Skin Care based on their customers’ needs.

beauty asia pnc singapore trader nails wholesale centre
PNC Singapore Trader - A nail Super brand one-stop wholesale centre that has thrived in the industry for almost a decade. PNC’s extensive range of products and services include eye-catching nail col-ours, nail care products and nail equipment and tools. Additionally, PNC also hold frequent workshops organized by SONA ( School of Nail Art ).

beautyasia 2016 science japan technology singapore women underwear
Science Singapore - ‘ SCIENCE ’ consists of two sub brands. The first one is ‘ X-MAG ’ for underwear whose equipped magnets enhance blood circulation to ease pain and stiffness of your body. The second one is ‘ PUMP SPORT ’, whose original compression systems improve your posture and keep your legs and arms beautiful.

beautyasia 2016 vitality store activa health supplements
Vitality Store - Launched in 2014, it has rapidly grown to become a reference in alternative medicine in Singapore and South-East Asia carrying health supplements like Activa, Nutripuncture etc. Everything you will order is 100% biocompatible, meaning there will be no addiction or side effects.

Sample Products From Trade Exhibitors:

beautyasia takumi international aic co intime organique ryuspa
AIC Co Ltd ( Japan ) - Bringing you beauty brands like Intime Organique, a skincare for your intimate area; Ryuspa refining series, taking advantage of the Okinawa natural materials Kume deep ocean water; Dr Innoveil skincare series and more.

beautyasia 2016 takumi international aic co dr innoveil
  • Ryuspa Refining Series Skincare
  • Intime Organique Breast Care Cream
  • Dr Innoveil Trial Set
  • Jozen Mizuno Gotoshi Clear Skin Lotion
beautyasia de culture singapore distributor hair salon products
De Culture - A Singapore distribution company for hair salon products such as hair colour dye, hair care and salon equipment to over 1300 hair salons in Singapore since year 2008. A one-stop solution provider to cater for both salon and consumer needs. Exclusive brands for salon: MSK, Cynos, Freecia, Rizo, Infinite.

beautyasia 2016 de culture cynos argan oil thairapy
  • Cynos Argan Oil Thairapy Moisture Vitality Shampoo
  • Cynos Argan Oil Thairapy Moisture Vitality Conditioner
  • Cynos Argan Oil Thairapy Ultra Hydrating Mask
beautyasia 2016 jyunka skincare products
Jyunka International - Established in 1996 to manufacture and trade in one serum initially, the company has now expanded its reach from a local brand to an international one. Definitely one of my favourite sponsors over the years, and you can find many of my Jyunka reviews and giveaways here with the latest at Jyunka Launches Ultra Peptide Lifting Series + Cell Essence!

beautyasia 2016 jyunka procell cell renewal eye mask
  • Procell Cell Renewal Eye Mask Minimizing Lines and Wrinkles
beautyasia 2016 magicboo beauty megamart singapore malaysia
Magicboo Beauty Megamart - One of the largest one-stop retail beauty marts in Singapore and Malaysia. Their vision is to be the leading one- stop retailer of beauty and wellness products such as skincare, hair care, slimming, spa and jacuzzi in the local and international scene.

beautyasia magicboo beauty le masque hazelia sublime fruit
  • Le' Masque Hazelia Sublime Fruit Moisturizing Green Apple Cream
beautyasia 2016 mt cosmetics singapore japanese skincare
Mt Cosmetics Singapore ( Metatron Cosme ) - A Japanese professional skin care company that produces and sells products exclusively for dermatology clinics and aesthetic salons. Well known for its “ Muscle Lifting Product ”, MT Essential Serum is an essence that gives you an instant result.
  • MT First Step Lotion Face lotion
  • MT Essential Serum Essence
  • MT Contour Cream Moisture Cream
beautyasia 2016 nila singapore aromatherapy bar essential oils
Nila Singapore - Well known for their natural approach to beauty, Nila specialises in aromatherapy and focus on holistic therapy and wellness with 100% pure essential oils, for all ages including babies. Nila Essence products are made in Singapore with natural active ingredients, without parabens, artificial colourings and chemical fragrances.

beautyasia nila essence anti fungal solution nail strengthener
  • Nila Essence Anti-Fungal Solution and Nourishing Nail Strengthening Oil
beautyasia nila essence rose otto hydrosol mosquito repellant
  • Nila Essence Rose Otto Hydrosol, Rose Otto 3% in Jojoba Oil, and Natural Mosquito Repellant
beautyasia 2016 nila singapore essential oils insomnia
  • Nila Essence Essential Oils: Insomnia, Anti-Wind, Well-Being, Clarity.
    Love these roll-on essential oils which come in so handy. My Insomnia pals are right beside my bed now, with the Well-Being sitting on my desktop, Clarity inside my handbag, and Anti-Wind with my mom!
beautyasia 2016 world of beauty italian phytoaroma cosmeceuticals
World Of Beauty - Top Italian Cosmeceutical brand, leading in over 53 countries is internationally recognized as the most effective and professional Phytoaroma Cosmeceuticals. Their latest: Jeunesse Recovery Skin Clearing Memory Formulas, exhilarant products with a powerful wrinkles and dark spots erasing botanical complex.

beautyasia world of beauty extreme jeunesse legs care
  • World of Beauty Jeunesse Recovery Facial Cream
  • Extreme Nectar Intensive Facial Flawless
  • Extreme Jeunesse Ultra Hydra Infusion Cream
  • World of Beauty Legs Care Gel
So what's your pick? Did you find any interesting brands or products? Well, I hope you have enjoyed the tour as much and I am definitely looking forward to BeautyAsia 2017!

Bringing all sectors of the industry under one roof, BeautyAsia cemented its position as one of the most important exhibitions for the beauty industry in Asia. Design BeautyAsia as part of your marketing strategy today and be a Part of the Region’s Biggest Gathering of Industry Professionals!


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