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Valentine's Day Flower Bouquet Fruit Jelly Dessert 情人节花束果冻

pretty valentines day roses bouquet jelly dessert recipe
Do you like creative food art? How about DIY? It's the Festival of Love on Feb 14! Why not shower your beau this Valentine's Day with your very own handmade dessert instead of spending money on lavish gifts. Learn how to create this simple yet unique and delicious Valentine's Day Flower Bouquet Fruit Jelly ( 情人节花束果冻 ) with Luxury Haven!

valentines day roses bouquet fruit jelly recipe
Set the heart flutters with this lovely Edible Valentine's Day Flower Arrangement! Let the imagination run wild with your choice of healthy fruits like strawberries, kiwis, dragon fruits and peaches.

top creative valentines day recipes love foodporn
If fruit jelly is not your cup of tea, check out the Top 10 Popular Valentine's Day Recipes for novice cooks to the pro, so there's really no excuse you can't cook! Well, are you ready to DIY with Luxury Haven? Let's put on our apron now!

情人节花束 果冻
1 Packet Gelatin / Agar Agar Powder ( White ) 10g
100g Sugar ( adjust sweetness according to preference )
2 Kiwis
4 Strawberries
½ Canned Peach Slices
½ Dragon Fruit
1 Sheet Japanese Seaweed / Nori
3 Drops Green Colouring

    jingold italy kiwi recipe creative food art
  • Slice the fruits thinly and arrange them neatly onto a jelly mould or into small cups of same size.
  • fruits agar peach kiwi dragon fruit strawberry
  • Cook agar agar according to instructions on the packet, and fill up the fruit mould. Let it cool then refrigerate till set.
  • bake king food colouring
  • Add green colouring into remaining gelatin. I am using Apple Green from Bake King. Let it cool then refrigerate till set.
  • valentines day flowers bouquet creative strawberry roses recipe
  • Remove fruit jellies from mould and arrange them neatly on a serving plate to form a bouquet.
  • how to make jelly leaves
  • Cut out seaweed strips to form the stems and align them nicely. Cut out leaves using a cutter if you have, or use fruit pen knife which you can get from any bakery shop. Place the leaves onto the seaweed stems.
  • valentines day flowers bouquet creative food art jelly
  • Keep the Valentine's Day Flower Bouquet Fruit Jelly ( 情人节花束果冻 ) chilled until you are ready to surprise your beau!
valentines day strawberry roses bouquet food art
Well, are you ready to DIY with this Valentine's Day Strawberry Roses Bouquet ( 情人节草莓玫瑰花 )?  Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to have the latest recipes delivered right into your mailbox. Happy Valentine's Day and don't forget to check out our Top 10 Popular Valentine's Day Recipes for novice cooks to the pro!


  1. I love the strawberry flower! Too bad the strawberries I brought home from vacation has been consumed. Happy Valentines Shirley!

  2. Simply gorgeous and another one up to your creativity. Truly so nice.

  3. These are all lovely ! Perfect for Valentine's day :)

  4. this idea is so simple, yet I have never thought of that... I love it! <3 Thank you for sharing!
    Have a lovely day!

  5. what an amazing desert! Perfect for Valentine's day. I was planning to make a kiwi cake for Valentine's day...and I must try your trick, I really like how you arranged a kiwi to look like a flower.

  6. OMG!!! How cute is that. Shirley you are so creative. Love that cute teddy bear.

  7. Niceee! I'd love to give it a try like some of the people in the comment section!

  8. Pretty and creative masterpiece.

  9. I prefer this kind of bouquet than the real flower. pretty and can eat.

  10. I've seen these moulds before! I can't remember from where though, but a small part of my mind is replaying a memory from 2003 or so in Sungai Wang / BB area where a stall was selling this in the labyrinthine halls, probably near the ground floor. It's a surprisingly detailed memory so I'm not sure if it's correct or not.

    I'm really impressed by your strawberry flowers! It's so detailed! :)

    1. Hua Bin, you don't need these moulds. I'm supposed to use cups to make these jellies but I don't have such small sizes that's why I took out my jelly mould to test it out. Hahaha!

  11. Oh, this is so very special!! What a stunning creation! I love the strawberry roses too. Can't wait to read about how these are made.

  12. this sounds yummy. Plus it healthy too.

  13. This is so creative! I really want to try out the strawberry flowers. :)
    Style Tomes || Instagram

  14. So so yummy and fresh food!

  15. I knew I wasn't going to be disappointed when I dropped by for some love Shirley:) Little did I know I would be pounding on the monitor trying to get my hands on your lovely bouquet of fruit!

    They are absolutely darling!!! Edible Arrangements look out, Shirley is in the house!!!

    Thank you so much for sharing, Shirley...Now for the love fest strawberries:)

    1. Hahaha! You're always so cute, Louise! Thanks again for all the encouraging words! xoxo

  16. You are so creative Shirley! These look amazing and even better that they're edible :)

  17. How clever and cute!! I want those!! <3 -

  18. OMG wow!!! Such a marvellous inspiration! Thanks for sharing!!
    Baci, Valeria - Coco et La vie en rose NEW POST

  19. Awesome, you are so talented. Hat's off dear.

  20. Thanks Love for This:) Amazing:) you are sooo Talented:) Congrats:)
    Wish you Amazing Day
    I just shared Full Blogpost, with all Amazing Photos, Pls Check:) Hope You Like:) Thank You :)Kissesss
    "True Beauty Comes From Within

  21. This is absolutely gorgeous, Shirley. I was going 'wow' the moment I saw it on FB! Happy Lunar New Year to you and your beautiful family. xoxo

  22. I love how you do things that take a bit of time and they turn out so beautifully! Love the color, simplicity and that this would be a winner with everyone at the table!


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