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Cesky Krumlov in Czech Republic, UNESCO World Heritage Site

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Eastern Europe Day 7: Nestled in the South Bohemian Region of the Czech Republic is a small city named Cesky Krumlov, crowned by the magnificent Cesky Krumlov Castle.

eu holidays eastern europe cesky krumlov vltava river
With history dating back to the Middle Ages, the quaint town is a gem of Renaissance architecture, boasting maze-like alleyways, charming burghers houses, medieval pubs and more. Due to its distinctive preserved medieval core, the Old Cesky Krumlov is a UNESCO World Heritage Site along with the historic Prague castle district.

vltava river view from cesky krumlov castle
A town full of art, the Renaissance smokescreens of painted houses, conventional artisan shops and medieval taverns, Cesky Krumlov is indeed an indisputable fairy-tale beauty.

scenic vltava river view from cesky krumlov castle
Instead of travelling to the modern European cities where many of us would probably have already seen, why not visit Czech Republic’s second busiest tourist town after Prague and get lost in Cesky's rich history and cultural traditions?

eu holidays czech republic cesky krumlov river vltava
czech republic cesky krumlov river vltava tour
Deriving from the Germanic Wilth-ahwa, meaning wild and strong water, the Vltava is the longest river within the Czech Republic. The meanders of the Vltava River which has inspired many artists, give the city its special charm.

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If time permits, I would love to ride the river on an inflatable raft, a popular activity here at Cesky. It is probably one of the best ways to catch the entire outlook of the medieval city centre and its famous monuments.

cesky krumlov lazebnicky bridge john nepomuk statue
Starting at Lazebnicky (Barber) Bridge, this Latrán Street with the Statue of John of Nepomuk leads to the legendary castle complex. The National Saint of Czech Republic, Nepomucky was drowned in Vltava River and because of the manner of his death, he is seen as a protector from floods.

czech republic cesky krumlov castle tour
eu holidays czech republic cesky krumlov castle
natas travel eastern europe tour cesky krumlov castle
No trip to Cesky Krumlov is complete without a visit to the castle complex. Towering above the refined Renaissance and Baroque burgher architecture of the town below, the State Castle Cesky Krumlov ranks among the most important historic sights in the central European region.

europe sightseeing view of cesky krumlov castle
The National Monument with its tower situated on a rocky promontory, offers scenic views of the Old Town below and together with the magnificent Church of St Vitus, forms a distinctive characteristic of the whole region. Love this photo of my travel buddy, Jeannie! Don't you think she looks so good in red?

czech republic unesco world heritage cesky krumlov castle
cesky krumlov castle iiird courtyard facade
cesky krumlov castle iiird courtyard gabriel de blonde
Wall Paintings in the IIIrd Courtyard of Cesky Krumlov Castle are facade paintings from the work of painter Gabriel de Blonde from around 1575, representing allegorical and mythological scenes and figures from the Greek and Roman history.

cesky krumlov namesti svornosti square stucco emblems
Our last stop was the Namesti Svornosti which is the Old Town Square, spotting a one-story Renaissance building with window jambs encased in the wall with four stucco emblems.

cesky krumlov old town historical buildings
eastern europe cesky krumlov cobblestone streets
cesky krumlov old town walking tour
czech republic cesky krumlov frescoes mural paintings
Take time to discover the labyrinth of cobblestone medieval streets and hidden nooks, where Cesky Krumlov is famed for its Old Town with 300 protected medieval buildings. Spot the splendid artwork all around you, and be fascinated by the beautiful mural paintings on the facade of the city's buildings.

czech republic cesky krumlov old town souvenir shops
czech republic cesky krumlov old town square
czech republic cesky krumlov bohemia crystal
Indulge in traditional souvenirs shops or spend time browsing at Bohemian Crystals made in the Czech Republic.

czech republic cesky krumlov bata shoes
For those who are familiar with Bata Shoes, do you know that the brand is actually from the Czech Republic? I have always bought my school shoes from Bata in my childhood but I never knew it is a European brand until now. Lol!

cesky krumlov tourism svornosti square old town hall
The main landmark of the square is the plague column with a statue of the Holy Virgin with eight saints, patrons of the town and protectors against the plague. The column is encircled by a six-sided stone fountain dating from the 19th century.

cesky krumlov best pork schnitzel
Old Town Square houses many cafes and restaurants where tourists can take a rest after an entire day of walking. I had one of the best Pork Schnitzels at a cafe here. The meat was succulent on the inside with crispy coated breadcrumbs on the exterior; it's out of this world!

view from cesky krumlov castle
If you wanna indulge in the simple pleasures in life, perhaps Cesky Krumlov is the medieval haven where the small town reaches to the skies above a bend on the Vltava River. The small picturesque town with beautiful landscape surrounded by unspoiled countryside, is undeniably an authentic old-world charm.

czech republic pilsner urquell brewery tour
I will be back next on our trip to Pilsen, a city known worldwide for its Pilsner beer. Planning for a holiday? Hop over to NATAS Travel 2016: Attractive Prizes and Special Promotions to catch their amazing travel deals now!

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  1. The small city is beautiful, serene and peaceful. Love the river view too.

  2. I love that the streets are not lined with cars. It is so serene, Shirley. Beautiful place - thank you for sharing your journey with us! :D

  3. Beautiful place, breath-taking view. Bata? Do you know what they call it? "Buy And Throw Away"

    1. Hahaha! Oh yes, my son refused to buy from Bata when he was in his elementary school. His answer was exactly the same & I was so surprised! Lol!

  4. What a fantastic place, so lucky you!

  5. Great pictures dear, very nice post.
    Have a great day.

    La Flò ♡ blog

  6. Adoro questa città, piccola ed accogliente, che bella!

  7. Another UNESCO World Heritage Site into your list! Thumb up! I really hope to visit Czech Rep one day :-)

  8. Lovely place so peaceful!!!! Amazing pics!!!
    Kisses, Paola.


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  9. ;D

    Lindíssimo o lugar. Amei as fotos!

    Ótima segunda!

    Beijo! ^^

  10. This place is amazing Shirley love how you capture the beauty of it.

  11. Awesome architecture and these places are so well maintained.

  12. Cesky Krumlov looks like such a charming and impressive town.

  13. Love seeing all these pictures! What a charming place. It does look like a place out of a fairy tale.

  14. This looks so wonderful, Shirley, would love to visit this place one of these days.

  15. Such lovely old-fashioned little town to visit!
    Beautiful photos!

  16. Shirley, I wish I had time to bring my kids there, I love those places :)


  17. what an amazing place! you presented it wonderfully..I really enjoyed this virtual tour. I have to visit Czech republic some is such a beautiful country!

    I like your trench coat look very pretty.

  18. This city seems to have so much character!

  19. so pretty I miss seeing your face

  20. What an amazing adventure <3

  21. An amazing place to visit!
    Hi Shirley, I subscribed as per your comment but it says I am already subscribed to the mailing list.

    1. Balvinder, if you're still receiving my newsletter then the old subscription is still working fine. That's cool, dear! xoxo

  22. I can see how one could get lost in the magic of this charming place Shirley. Everything is so beautiful. It sounds like you had quite an adventure. Thank you so much for letting us tag-a-long:) And yes, your "buddy" looks very nice in red. You don't look bad yourself, lol...

  23. I love European architecture! What a beautiful city, Shirley!

  24. I definitely don't go to Europe for modern landscapes! Except for one or two certain architectural wonders. I love how rich in history this town is, exactly why I adore Europe so very much.


  25. I've always wanted to visit East Europe but haven't had the chance until now. Definitely put Czech Republic on the list :)

    Oh Dear Bumblebees

  26. Nice place with beautiful architecture.

  27. I love this place! It is just a few hours away from Brno. Are you still here in Czech? You should visit Brno and we could go for a coffee :D
    Have a lovely weekend!

    1. Hey, thanks babe! We followed a tour so itinerary is kinda fixed. Anyway, I'm already back in S'pore. Perhaps another time when I get to visit again. Will be nice to catch up with you, Anje. xoxo

  28. You know how much I loved all these historical buildings and the roads using stones! You looked so charming and elegant wearing the Burberry trench coat. What about your friend in red?

  29. Europe should be in everyone's bucketlist! The place is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing Shirley!


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