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Tasty Papaya Pork Rib Soup in Thermos Shuttle Chef ( 木瓜排骨湯 )

nutritious purelyfresh papaya pork ribs soup recipe
Papaya Pork Rib Soup ( 木瓜排骨湯 ) is a very popular Chinese cuisine with very high nutritional values. Papaya can be eaten fresh as a fruit, in juice form, or can be used for making rich and tasty papaya soup.

purelyfresh pork bone soup papaya recipe
Pork Soup Bone ( 汤骨 ) is high in calcium and other essential minerals that are released when cooked in soup. Besides, Pork soup bones also gives flavour to soup broths, making this Papaya Pork Rib Soup ( 木瓜排骨湯 ) a healthy treat for the whole family.

purelyfresh sweet corn pork ribs soup recipe
To add sweetness to the papaya soup, I also ordered Sweet Corn ( 玉米 ) from PurelyFresh Online Grocery Store. You don't have to add the entire corn if you have a small papaya or it will be overpowering. With Corn added, the soup is packed with vitamins as it also has anti-oxidant benefits that helps protect our body from cancer and heart disease.

purelyfresh healthy papaya pork bone soup recipe
Other than helping to lubricate our skin and aid in our digestive system, the traditional Chinese Papaya Soup is also very popular with pregnant women. The soup is believed to increase the production of milk in breastfeeding women when cooked when fish! Amazing what the wonder fruit can do, isn't it?

thermos shuttle chef recipes papaya pork rib soup
To cut down on cooking time, I cooked my Papaya Soup using the Thermos Shuttle Chef® ( 膳魔師真空燜燒鍋 ). Do you own one too?

( Serves 3 - 5 )
300g Pork Soup Bone ( 汤骨 )
1 Papaya ( 木瓜 )
½ Sweet Corn ( 玉米 )
3 litres Water
2 tbsp Salt
1 tsp Sesame Oil (optional)
Dash of Pepper

    how to use thermos shuttle chef inner pot
  • Rinse pork bones and blanch them in Thermos® inner pot to get rid of smell and any residue. Drain and add water to bring pork to boil. Lower fire, cover pot leaving a gap and simmer for about 15 minutes after that.
  • purelyfresh sweet corn anti oxidant health benefits
  • Clean corn and papaya, and cut them according to image shown. If cutting corn is too tough for you, ask the man of the house to do the job! I always find it too hard to cut the corn. Lol!
  • thermos shuttle chef inner pot sweet corn recipe
  • Add corn to soup, and continue to simmer for another 10 mins.
  • thermos shuttle chef recipes corn pork bone soup
  • Transfer the inner pot to outer pot, and let it cook by itself for about 1 - 2 hours.
  • purelyfresh papaya pork bone soup recipe
  • Add papaya just before serving and bring inner pot to boil. Simmer for about 15 minutes and you are ready to serve your Healthy Papaya Pork Rib Soup ( 木瓜排骨湯 ).
  • * If you do not have Thermos Shuttle Chef®, follow the steps but add another 10 minutes each to your cooking. If time permits, you may like to boil your pork broth for a longer time for more flavour.
thermos shuttle chef recipes papaya corn soup
Is Papaya Soup popular in your country? How do you prepare the nutritious soup? Well, here's another #papaya recipe for you to try:

chinese new year birds nest hawaiian papaya recipes
Chinese New Year is approaching! This Golden Bird's Nest in Hawaiian Papaya ( 金玉燕窩满堂 ) is just perfect for the festive occasion!

* This is a sponsored post by PurelyFresh. The author only recommends products or services she uses personally which she believes to be beneficial for her readers. Views and opinions expressed in this blog are purely by the author.


  1. oh shirley! never thought papaya and corn can make a good soup combination. I would love to try this with chicken.

  2. I have heard of using papaya to cook soup but I have not tried any before. Looks good.

  3. your have been sharing some awesome recipe lately

  4. This is a very healthy dish. Yummy. Thanks for sharing this, Shirley.
    I watch Masterchef Asia regularly. Very good reality cookery show. I thought you might participate as a judge :) The episode on which they served food for commuters at Changi was awesome !
    Pregnant women here are afraid to take papaya. In the first trimester it may trigger abortion, that is what the popular belief here. However, ripe papaya is supposed to be safe.
    Happy Chinese new year wishes in advance :)

    1. MasterChef in Changi Airport? That's so cool, Rajiv! I love Changi as they always have very interesting events going on.

      It's really nice to learn about another country's culture & beliefs. Chinese often use green papaya & cook with fish for breastfeeding moms. Seems it encourages production of milk.

  5. It looks very yummy but not so easy to cook.

  6. Healthy, nutritious and indeed, my favorite type of soup.

  7. My type of soup delicious and healthy.

  8. Pappaya with corn and pork good combo. Love it

  9. It looks very healthy and colorful. I would have never thought to mix papaya with corn.

  10. It looks really good, Shirley!

  11. Yum, looks delicious!! I could go for some soup right now.
    Style Tomes || Style Tomes on Instagram

  12. Looks nice :)
    Maria V.

  13. It looks gorgeous <3
    Have a nice week!:)

  14. Looks like a delicious pot of soup Shirley!

  15. Shirley, I can't get my head around to put papaya in soup. Not used to it I guess. Your soup looks so colorful with the orangey papaya and bright yellow corn. It's definitely a healthy soup and very tasty too. OK, I try put papaya in my soup for the experience :D

  16. It's definitely soup weather around here---the papaya is an unusual ingredient for soups around here, but your it does look lovely!

  17. looks good! perhaps i shall try :D

  18. I never use papaya in my cooking. Know of its benefits but somehow, I cannot associate papayas to cooking. Hahaha. Prefer to eat it as a fruit.

    Your soup looked so good and nutritious.

  19. Looks very tasty, I must to try it :-)

  20. This is another must try Shirley! I both love papaya and corn soup seperately, I wonder how it taste like together.

  21. That looks amazing! Except for the corn though, lol!

    Raindrops of Sapphire

  22. Shirley, it looks mouthwatering. I am sure it will taste yunmmy yummy delicious.

  23. Looks yummy! i love corn on the cob.

  24. That looks soooooo good!!! <3 -

  25. I love papaya, but have only eaten it fresh. Never knew you could add to to savoury dishes though. Also had no idea how much of a super food it really is. Wow!


  26. Oh yum, this is definitely something I could see myself trying and loving! Have a lovely weekend Shirley :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice

  27. il looks so yummy! kiss

  28. You had me at papaya, Shirley! This is such a yummy soup! ^.^

  29. It looks so delicious!


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