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SK-II Limited Edition Facial Treatment Essence For Christmas

skii limited edition facial treatment essence butterfly hummingbird
Fans of the beloved SK-II Facial Treatment Essence will now get the #MiracleWater in its own transformation in form of three distinctive festive limited edition bottle designs. Themed ' Wings of Change ', this series of designs draws inspiration from two of nature's most beloved winged creatures - the butterfly and the hummingbird - to symbolize the beauty in transformation and the possibilities of soaring beyond your potential.

changedestiny world festive skii facial treatment essence review
Medicorp Actress Rebecca Lim, Best Actress for this year’s Star Awards
Each adorned in a different colour, the three designs represent the various stages in the journey to change your destiny - boldness, encouragement, and perseverance - and thus become meaningful gifts based on the giver or recipient's personal stories in their quest to #changedestiny.

Whether as a gift of admiration, accomplishment, or an uplifting wish for the recipient, these Festive edition essences are the ultimate gifts of transformational beauty, giving the recipient the gift of crystal clear skin while empowering her with the confidence to fly.

skii limited edition facial treatment essence christmas review
I have been a faithful user of the iconic beauty essence for years as it refines my skin texture, giving me a fresh complexion. It is a must-have in my daily beauty regimen and even during my travels. For someone who does not wear makeup, it is vital to have a skincare product that is able to help retain my skin moisture and keep it hydrated all day; I am all in for crystal clear skin! Besides, the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence feels so good on my skin and is very comfortable to use.

skii festive wings of change facial treatment essence
Now with the cheery colour, it gives me even more reason to indulge in the SK-II Festive 2015 Limited Edition Collection of Facial Treatment Essence, with butterfly and hummingbird to symbolize the wings of change that empower a woman to take control of her own destiny.

Depicting these beautiful winged creatures on SK-II’s best-selling beauty essence marries the power symbolism of flying high with the brand’s philosophy of transformative beauty, making them ideal gifts for loved ones embarking on their own change destiny journey.

sk ii festive limited edition facial treatment essence
Retailing at SGD 259 for a 230ml bottle, the SK-II Limited Edition Facial Treatment Essence I have here with me is the Red Butterflies representing BOLDNESS. Fashioned in invigorating red, this captivating design and colour express the heartfelt passion and bravery necessary to undertake the journey to transformation.

The SK-II Festive 2015 Limited Edition Collection of Facial Treatment Essence also comes in 2 other colours; pink represents encouragement, blue represents perseverance.

skii festive facial treatment essence pink butterflies
ENCOURAGEMENT: Pink Butterflies

An alternate design of the butterflies is rendered in tender pink, a colour symbolic of affection, love, and trust. Thus, this elegant bottle is the ideal gift for someone whose unrelenting support was essential in your transformation.

The soft, feminine hues of the graceful butterflies echo the warmth that comes with words of encouragement, and there’s no better way to show your appreciation than by gifting this symbol of transformational beauty to start them on their own destiny - changing journey.

skii festive facial treatment essence blue hummingbird
PERSEVERENCE: Blue Hummingbird

Although one of nature’s smallest birds, the dynamic hummingbird is able to accomplish the seemingly impossible, symbolizing the spirit of persistence and dedication. Fearless hummingbirds can fly in every direction, and hover by fluttering their wings in the pattern of the infinity symbol, further emphasizing this bird as a metaphor for endurance and the power of perseverance in reaching our goals.

Decorated in enchanting shades of the colour blue, which represents eternity, this bottle makes a touching gift for someone in relentless pursuit of their dreams, acting as a powerful reminder to never give up on the journey to transformation.

skii festive facial treatment essence red butterflies
The best-selling beauty essence contains over 90% Pitera - the signature ingredient present in all SK-II products - and has transformed the skin of millions of women around the world, gifting them with crystal clear skin. It is no wonder that the essence has been nicknamed ` miracle water ' by its loyal users, who have changed their skin's destiny thanks to SK-II.

Watch The Ritual by SK-II and get your skin glowing now with the SK-II Festive 2015 Limited Edition Collection of Facial Treatment Essence!


  1. adorable packaging. Have a great weekend

  2. Just so attractive the packaging and the goodness I see on your skin.

  3. Sounds veru promising, I have to try those products :-)

  4. It sounds so good, Shirley, and the photos, packaging and presentation are very pretty! :)

  5. This has been my daily product and I must say - I could not live without SK-II. I've been using this consistently now and my skin improves a lot (much better) and I look younger than my age :)

  6. my oh my the bottles are so pretty! They are totally different from the same old glass bottles!

  7. I love this packages :-P and i love your review.
    Stunning blog, i follow you :-P

  8. I would like to try this treatment!
    Happy friday doll!
    Kisses, Paola.


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  9. thank you for sharing these lovely products. They seem so perfect for our skin.

  10. I'm in love!!! I'd love to get one of these!! You are welcome to add your fashion and beauty links on my blog!
    November BEAUTY LINKUP

  11. Thats so cool! Thanks for sharing with us! <3

  12. devo dire che le confezioni sono bellissime

  13. SK.... yes, very quality brand but too bad I cannot afford.. or maybe too stingy to buy.. hahhaaa... I think I am too frank!! hahahaa..

    1. How about start saving, Claire? Hahaha! xoxo

    2. How about start saving, Claire? Hahaha! xoxo

  14. This treatment looks really so good!

  15. The packaging is soooo pretty I love it *-*
    Take care*

  16. Good entry , thanks for stopping by my blog!!!Happy Sunday !!

  17. looks like a very nice products! thanks for sharing!

    Inside and Outside Blog

  18. This brand certainly has a grand marketing budget. I see them everywhere.

  19. I've never tried SK-II before but I always hear seriously good things. I think this would make a perfect gift Shirley


  20. Love the packaging. So beautiful.

  21. O my my what a gorgeous packaging!! I have heard a lot about SK-II products and seriously wanna try these! <3

  22. This brand is amazing! Congrats for your award :))

    Jasmine x

  23. The packaging is so pretty! SKII makes really nice products.

  24. The products looks and sound amazing.

  25. Such lovely packages. I always use the sheet masks by SKII and would love to try this.
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  26. Gosh, I love SKII ..they are so good in the skin-caring department! ^.^

  27. Wow, the packing looks so beautiful.

  28. I got carried away to other brands for cleanser and now back to SK-II after carting home the best buys from Tokyo. I will stay faithful to this brand that suits me perfectly 100%.


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