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Singapore Hair Salon Georgina Reopens With A Spanking Look!

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My Wella Hair Colouring and Treatment Sessions at the newly revamped Georgina's Salon resulted in a mix of lowlights and highlights, heightening a more relaxed feel to my rebonded hair, all ready for an evening of Alba White Truffles.

georginas salon christmas promotion hair colours
georginas salon reopens with spanking new look
Despite its popularity, Georgina's Salon has recently downscaled its 2,200 sq ft sanctuary to a smaller and cozier space to cater to its niche market. Maintaining a spacious feel, the established Singapore Hair Salon at Goodwood Park Hotel still holds its elegant and neat ambience.

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Christmas is near, are you ready for a new hairstyle? With 25% off all hair services just for you readers, it's time now to get the luxurious scalp and hair treatments, the funky hair colours, or that perfect perm you have always wanted!

singapore hair salon wella hair colour christmas deals
singapore top hair salon christmas deals
beauty influencer reviews singapore top hair salon georginas
georginas salon wella koleston hair colours
Created using the Wella Koleston with a unique palette of rich blonde, natural brown, red and special mix shades, I was given a mixture of Wella Koleston's Deep Brown 6/7 and Rich Naturals 7/11.

georgina salon festive promo hair colouring
georgina salon festive promo wella hair colours
georgina salon hair services promotion
Wella Koleston combines intense colour pigments and a nourishing serum with extracts of chamomile in blonde shades, cinnamon bark in brown and pomegranate in red. With up to 100% gray coverage, Wella Koleston Hair Colours ensure perfect grey coverage from root to tip even with the most resistant grey hair.

georgina salon festive promo fiole hair treatment
singapore hair salon christmas promotions georgina
It is highly encourage to have a hair treatment after colouring, and I was given the 1-step Fiole NP 3.1 Hair Treatment. The Japanese Fiole Neo Process AF Hair Treatment is specially targeted at colour-treated or straightened hair.

singapore beauty influencer luxury haven georginas salon
Be it a feminine, chic, or elegant look, or adding a romantic touch to your hair, speak to your professional hair stylists at Georgina's Salon and get your 25% off all hair services! Enjoy the fauna and flora as you take a stroll towards the hair salon nestled at the Parklane Wind of the Goodwood Park Hotel.

Prices ( Long Hair ):
  • Wella Lightening - SGD 180
  • Wella Colouring - SGD 155
  • Fiole NP 1-Step Hair Treatment: SGD 130
The promo has expired. Check out which Hair Salon I am currently endorsing, and catch our latest deals at Sales/Event!

Georgina's Salon
22 Scotts Road, Singapore 229221
Tel: +65 65 6737 5251

Monday - Friday (10:30am - 8:00pm)
Saturday (10.30am - 7:00pm)
Sunday and Public Holiday (Closed)

* This is a sponsored post by Georgina's Salon. The author only recommends products or services she uses personally which she believes to be beneficial for her readers. Views and opinions expressed in this blog are purely by the author.


  1. you look stunning.

  2. Your hair looks amazing! It looks healthy and beautiful colour!

  3. They did a great job on your hair!
    You look lovely! :D

  4. Very nice salon, your hair looks amazing my dear :-)

  5. Your hair looks great after the treatment!

  6. Beautiful hair, great effect:)
    Have a lovely week!

  7. wow..your hair look amazing. Great post. :)

  8. Wow.....beautiful highlights, you look gorgeous!! Well done, your hair is stunning :)
    Thank you so much for stopping by, I'm so sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you, but I've been insanely busy :P
    Have a happy week ahead<3


    "Health & Beauty"

  9. Your hair looks healthy and shiny...obviously these professionals know what they're doing. I really like your blond highlights...they're very subtle!

    Plus, your outfit is very stylish!!!

  10. You are glowing inside and out, dear Shirley, you look gorgeous, dear! What a beautiful salon! It looks like a fun and relaxing place to work and to just be! :)

  11. Your hair looks terrific! I'm getting mine done tomorrow :)

  12. The hair suits you, Shirley, and I think you look great in that outfit too! I'm loving the ambiance at the hair salon - elegant, it is! ^.^

  13. Your hair look awesomely good and shining too!

  14. Your hair look amazing!


  15. This place looks so great and your hair are beautiful.

  16. Wow your hair looks amazing Shirley and you look gorgg xoxo

  17. Oh wow, your hair looks so gorgeous and healthy after visiting this salon! Lovely! :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice

  18. You look absolutely stunning, Shirley. Love the hair, it's gorgeous and your OOTD is so cute.

  19. I love the highlights, it looked great on you!

  20. Beautiful hair!

    God bless,

    XO, Claire


  21. Oh very cute hair style darling!
    The highlights are very cute

  22. Ahhhh, this reminds me that I need to get my hair done!! hehe!! Great post, as always!! <3 -

  23. Nice hair, Shirley! You looks gorgeous! :D

  24. You are always pampering your hair! Lucky you. You look so beautiful!

  25. Love the highlights, hair looks so shiny and smooth.

  26. gorgeous hair! :)

    xoxo, rae

  27. Your hair looks great! You look so pretty doll x


  28. Ciao, il risultato è bellissimo!

  29. The salon looks great and so does your hair!

  30. great salon, amazing treatment
    NEW OUTFIT on my blog... I'd love to know your opinion
    I wish you an happy day
    a big kiss
    <<< fashion blogger >>>

  31. So so beautiful! Love your new colour.

  32. beautiful place and your hair look so beautiful! kiss

    Mamma al Top

  33. Hello step for a greeting, good Thursday

  34. Do you know that Feng Shui for wealth includes keeping long hair for ladies? So keep it that way as you look young and wealthy too. I am not kidding.

    1. Oops, too late! I've already chopped of my hair for 2016. Ok, will start growing again from now.......... ^_^


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