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Christmas Potted Plants Potato Salad Potluck Recipe

purelyfresh christmas potted plants potato salad potluck recipe
It's fun, it's tasty, and it's healthy! Christmas is just few days away, let's celebrate the festive season with these delicious Potted Plants Potato Salad!

how to make edible potted plants pea sprouts
Add a dash of contemporary flair to your plain potato salad, and make your party an unforgettable one for your guests. And yes, of course these are edible potted plants! Aren't they cute?

purelyfresh cooking with luxury haven lifestyle influencer
cute christmas potted plants salad santa claus
With ingredients like fresh prawns brought to you by PurelyFresh, simply top your plants with your favourite vegetables like carrots, broccoli, tomatoes or fresh pea sprouts. These edible potted plants are yummi-licious!

Check out these variations, and let's party:
purelyfresh carrots edible potted plants potato salad recipe
healthy pea sprouts potted plants salad recipe
purelyfresh tomato edible potted plants potato salad recipe

(Serves 3)
3 Large Prawns
3 Baby Carrots
1 Large Potato
2 Broccoli Florets
1 Cherry Tomato
Handful of Pea Sprouts
4 Hard-boiled Eggs
½ Onion (chopped)
3 tbsp Chopped Nuts
1 tsp Butter
5 tbsp Salad Cream
Dash of Pepper
Parsley for carrots roots

  • Remove shells and devein prawns. Clean and dice. Blanch with boiling water. Drain.
  • Peel potato. Rinse and dice. Steam potato and carrots till soft.
  • Blanch broccoli in boiling water and drain.
  • Glaze carrots and broccoli with butter.
  • how to make potato salad
  • Chop eggs and mix with salad cream. Add potato, prawns, onion. Mix well. Add a dash of pepper if you like.
  • purelyfresh potato salad recipe
  • Fill flower pots with potato salad. Lay with preferred vegetables like pea sprouts, broccoli and tomatoes, and top with nuts.
  • how to make potted plant baby carrots parsley
  • Insert parsley into carrots.
  • purelyfresh edible carrots potted plant salad recipe
  • Add carrots into flower pot mixture. Decorate with pea sprouts.
  • purelyfresh christmassy potted plant salad recipe
  • Present your lovely edible Potted Plants Potato Salad for Christmas!
chinese new year potted plants edible salad recipe
Recipe Featured in FoodWhirl

valentines day potted plant ice cream desserts recipe
If you don't have these mini plant pots, just use any container like these desserts that I had made some time ago.

livewell magazine features potted plant desserts
I am most humbled that these yummy edible potted plants are featured in the October Issue of LiveWell Magazine: Potted Plant Ice-Cream Desserts Party Recipe. Have fun making!

* This is a sponsored post by PurelyFresh. The author only recommends products or services she uses personally which she believes to be beneficial for her readers. Views and opinions expressed in this blog are purely by the author.


  1. Cute and creative!

    Definitely a conversation starter too. :)

  2. So so beautiful and creative, Shirley! I love them!

    Thanks for sharing. This is a great way to whip up a tasty and healthy salad for the whole family.

  3. They really are cute, Shirley! You look great! Thank you so much for all you share! :)

  4. Hi Shirley, this is so cute but too beautiful to be eaten. Send me 2 pots please, hahahaha.....Thanks for sharing your creative ideas.

    Have a nice week ahead,regards.

  5. These are so adorable! I'm sure they are delicious too.

  6. such a fantastic idea! I must try to do this myself....I especially love that mint desert.

  7. What an adorable plating concept! Looks cute and tasty!

  8. What a nice post, has a `fantastic presence, a greeting
    I am waiting you at

  9. It looks amazing:) Thanks for recipe:)

  10. Oh how cool are these?! They look amazing! I love the cuteness of these! Yummy too I'm sure!

    Raindrops of Sapphire

  11. You look great lovely Christmas pot.

  12. Great post :)

  13. Pretty & yummy too!

    God bless,

    XO, Claire


  14. You never failed to impress me with your creativity Shirley!

  15. Aww... so cute.... and covered with the 'soil' you never quite know what surprises might be underneath. ;-)

  16. Goshh ....! These are so cute, Shirley!! Love the presentation. ^.^

  17. this is lovely for party. I like it...look delicious too. Shirley always create something awesome!

  18. Wow dude these are amazing! I'd love to do something like this, they just look so wonderful! You should be so proud c:

    Little Moon Elephant

  19. Shirley this is the greatest idea ever! I've only ever seen these as more sweet based, like edible flower pots using brownie crumbs as dirt etc. I've never seen it done in savoury but I much more prefer your version any day.


  20. The creativeness I strongly applaud. Such a wonderful concept.

  21. me ne sono innamorata, che belli!

  22. They are so cute and adorable. Love it. A great concept. Very creative and unique :)

  23. This is such an adorable idea!


  24. omg this is such a lovely idea! It would be nice to trick the kids to eat more veggie too!

  25. Shirley these are super fun!! Will my mother in law dig them?? Baci, Coco et La vie en rose fashion blog - Valeria Arizzi

  26. OMG, that is so imaginative and cute!!! -

  27. This is so cute! I just followed!

    Trending In Fashion

  28. Like the third and fifth photo :)

    Maria V.

  29. OMG! this is amazing. Such an adorable idea, Shirley. Happy Holidays, girl.

  30. This is probably my favourite post of yours ever Shirley, what a fantastic idea! I've never seen anything quite like this before! :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice

  31. This is such a good idea! I love the cups on the bottom with the roses! It really looks like little plant pots.

    Style Tomes

  32. These are so cute and creative!!!
    Just geanial, Shirley! :D

  33. What a marvellous inspiration darling! Thanks for sharing!!
    Coco et La vie en rose - Valeria Arizzi

  34. It's very different I almost thought those are real plants for home decor!

  35. Your photos tickled my ribs! So brilliant to make them look so real like potted plants. How nice if I put the fake worms dangling out of the pots for added excitement. Here in KL, our black Fried Hokkien Noodles really look like worms! Hee hee hee.

    This is the first time I see salad in the pots. Others have done ice cream only. Salutes Shirley!

    1. Thought I would try something different since the last time I did the ice-cream version. Oh yes, I've tried that black hokkien mee! They do look like worms, don't they. Lol! So glad you like this recipe of mine too. Happy 2016 to you & family! xoxo

  36. This is sooo creative and yummy! I'd totally love to dig into one of these pots of goodness! I love creamy potato salad and the nuts sound like such a great topping!


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