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Budapest Castle Hill: Fisherman’s Bastion & Matthias Church

unesco world heritage site budapest buda castle district
Eastern Europe Day 1 Continues....... Perhaps one of the most splendid sights of Budapest is the Fisherman’s Bastion in Castle Hill.

Budapest Castle District is filled with rich history, and holds Budapest’s most significant medieval monuments and museums. Budapest's tourist attractions such as the Royal Castle, Matthias Church and the Fishermen’s Bastion are all located on the Castle Hill, which is recognized as a World Heritage Site.

budapest sight seeing castle hill fishermans bastion
Built in 1905 by architect Frigyes Schulekto to serve as a lookout tower, the 100-year-old neo-Gothic Fishermen's Bastion has seven pointed stone towers symbolizing the leaders of the Hungarian tribes who conquered the country in 896. In medieval times, the fish market was nearby and the bastion was built to commemorate the fishermen who protected this part of the city.

unesco world heritage site hungary budapest matthias church
The wide stairs leading up to the Fishermen’s Bastion offer a spectacular entrance to the Castle Hill attractions and to the views of the Pest.

unesco world heritage site budapest castle hill
budapest castle hill fisherman bastion parliament house view
unesco world heritage site hungary budapest fisherman bastion
Overlooking Parliament Building across the Danube River in Budapest, Hungary.

budapest tourist attractions castle hill fisherman bastion
The most characteristic feature of the Fishermen’s Bastion is the magnificent turrets and white stones; the entire structure is more like a fancy terrace rather than a fortification or a castle wall.

budapest fisherman bastion st stephen king statue
Statue of St Stephen King at Fisherman's Bastion, who was declared a saint for his efforts in bringing Christianity to Hungary. He carries the apostolic cross with two crossbars – a symbol granted him by the Pope.

travel blogger explores budapest matthias church
The construction of the Fisherman’s Bastion, along with the restoration and redesign of the Matthias Church was part of the enthusiastic developments of the 1890s in Budapest. Trinity Square is home to 13th-century Matthias Church and the turrets of the Fishermen’s Bastion, offering picturesque views.

hungary tourist attractions budapest matthias church
Located at the heart of Buda's Castle District, the 700-year-old Roman Catholic Matthias Church is one of the gems of Budapest in neo-Gothic style, embellished with vivid shingles and dainty pinnacles. The Rose windows are reproduction of the original Gothic window by Frigyes Schulek, and the stained glass windows are the finest works of Hungary’s greatest artists of the time, Károly Lotz, Bertalan Székely and Mihály Zichy.

Over the centuries, the church underwent several major transformations. During the Turkish occupation it was converted to a mosque, and its walls were whitewashed. After the reconquest of Buda, it was reconstructed in baroque style. Baroque was the trendy architectural style in the 18th century, and many of the historical castle buildings are still good examples of the Baroque fashion on the Castle Hill.

hungary budapest matthias church buda castle district
In the nineteenth century, architect Frigyes Schulek is credited with largely restoring St Matthias Church to its original grandeur. The Church of Our Lady in Budpaest received its present neo-gothic style and was lavishly decorated with frescoes, a technique of mural painting. He also added new motifs such as the diamond patterned roof tiles and gargoyles, which visitors can still admire today.

During World War II, the church was badly damaged. Matthias Church was used as a camp by the Germans and Soviets in 1944-1945 during the Soviet occupation of Hungary. The church was largely renovated between 1950-1970 with funding from the Hungarian government.

If time permits, explore cobblestone streets and feel the medieval vibe as you uncover Castle Hill at your own pace. Fisherman’s Bastion was designed to be a magnificent view terrace to serve as a perfect lookout point in any weather, and also to enhance the beauty of the Matthias Church.

Fishermen's Bastion offers free access to the lower part but you will have to pay for the view from its towers. As for Matthias Church, admission ticket is needed for entry.

hungary budapest tourist attractions liberty bridge
Liberty Bridge of Budapest or Szabadsag Hid in Hungarian connecting the Buda and Pest across the River Danube, with one end at Gellert ter at the foot of Gellert Hill, and the other at Fovam ter with the Great Market Hall.

hungary budapest tourist attractions gellert hill
Gellert Hill has been listed as a world heritage site, as part of the Banks of the Danube area. Here's a night scene of the illuminated Szechenyi Chain Bridge. I will be back for more of Budapest...........

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    1. Wow, you're the first to arrive today! How have you been, dear? So glad this has caught your attention. We only got to explore those areas that don't require tickets for castle hill since time is limited as we were on a group tour. Perhaps next time........

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