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Wild Rocket Salad with Parma Ham and Wasabi Prawns Recipe

arugula salad parma ham crispy prawn heads recipes
Delicious in salads, Wild Rocket aka Arugula are young and tender greens with scented serrated leaves. I have to admit Wild Rocket is an acquired taste due to its intense flavour, but the leaves have anti-cancer properties and do you know that they are used as a digestive aid by ancient Greeks?

purelyfresh wild rocket salad wasabi prawns recipe
The crispy prawn heads in this Wild Rocket Salad with Wasabi Prawns and Parma Ham will make your guests yearning for more! This recipe gives you an idea what to do with those leftover prawn heads other than using them for making stocks. I would usually deep fry them till real crispy where you can gobble up the entire prawn head, and they are so delicious. So remember not to dispose those prawn heads, they make yummy snacks too!

purelyfresh rocket leaves ready to eat salad recipe
You can buy these PurelyFresh Rocket Leaves ( Ready-to-Eat ) from PurelyFresh Online Grocery Store which come nicely packed as premium baby leaves from Italy. Simply give it a rinse and they are good to go!

purelyfresh wild rocket salad crispy prawns recipe
9 medium Prawns + whatever left over prawn heads from before
3 - 4 slices of Parma Ham
60g Wild Rocket / Arugula
1 tbsp Japanese Mayonnaise
½ Japanese Goma ( Sesame ) Dressing
½ tsp Wasabi
Corn flour for coating prawn heads
Oil for deep frying
Pinch of Salt and Pepper

    tips to crunchy prawns
  • Separate prawns from heads. Cut away whiskers and remove shells from both body and heads. Devein prawns and rinse gently. Blanch prawns in water, then transfer to ice water to stop cooking process.
  • purelyfresh arugula parma ham salad goma sauce
  • Rinse Arugula and place them on serving plate. Top with parma ham and goma dressing.
  • Drain prawns when they turn cold, and mix well with mayonnaise and wasabi.
  • tips to golden crown crispy prawn heads
  • Coat prawn heads with flour, salt and pepper. Heat oil and deep fry till crispy.
  • tasty arugula salad parma ham wasabi prawns recipe
  • Drain and transfer to the Wild Rocket Salad with Parma Ham and Wasabi Prawns.
wild rocket salad parma ham wasabi prawns recipe
See how crispy these prawn heads are!

calamari salad with purelyfresh rocket leaves from italy
Here's another recipe using Wild Rocket Leaves: Calamari Salad with Arugula Leaves!
    * This is a sponsored post by PurelyFresh. The author only recommends products or services she uses personally which she believes to be beneficial for her readers. Views and opinions expressed in this blog are purely by the author.


    1. This looks so delicious! Would love to try it!

    2. What a marvelous salad! I love all the yummy ingredients!

    3. I'm not a huge fan of seafood at all, but I know my mum would absolutely love this!

      Raindrops of Sapphire

    4. Lovely salad. Looks delicious. Yum Yum :)

    5. This salad looks so deliciously expensive xoxo

    6. I love so much prawn, so i would really try this yummy salad.

    7. Shirley, everything looks delicious! I know Parma ham. Here in Quebec we call it Prosciutto, but it is the same thing! It is expensive but delicious and exotic! The presentations are absolutely gorgeous and creative! Lovely post, as always! :)

    8. That post today the most delicious !!! I liked it a lot
      I also follow you and to Bloglovin and Instagram, greetings

    9. that looks really yummy, even tho i don't eat meat :)

    10. Walla!! Temping. Nice combination of ingredients and those prawns, crispy crunchy.

    11. I could eat the prawns' heads like that as they are so crispy. Yummy prawn salad. I love this!

    12. Wow, will be part of my staple for relaxing. Thanks for recommending purelyfresh on wild rocket, will get from them, btw where can we get nice Parma ham?

      1. Jason, you can get parma ham from gourmet shops or reasonably priced ones from Cold Storage. Have fun with this salad dish!

    13. Having the shrimp heads deep fried is a good idea Shirley! Fully utilizing the ingredients!

    14. This dish sounds so tasty! Great presentation Shirley!

    15. Yum yum! Thanks for this recipe. It looks delicious. I'm introducing seafood in my everyday recipes. Have a wonderful week ahead!

      Jasmine xx

    16. I've been down with a stomach flue...but after seeing your delicious meal, I finally feel hungry again. You managed to help me work out an appetite, thanks for that:)

      These prawns really do look yummy....great dish and recipe.

    17. What a wonderfully presented meal! Time to grab myself some lunch now I think... ;)

      Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice

    18. I love prawns! This recipe sounds delicious! :D

    19. Mmmm, that looks so good! Very tasty I bet :D

    20. M mouth is watering haha. Oh how was the trip Shirley? Bet you had a wonderful time:). I was wondered where have you been? I am super busy. I've been working on the fashions displays at the company nearby my house!

      Welcome back and have a great month Shirley. Xox

    21. This looks incredible Shirley. I hate prawns but I was thinking of substituting with chicken


    22. This is gorgeous, Shirley. I especially love the crispy prawn heads! x

    23. Shirley, your wasabi mayo coated prawns sound fabulous. Beautiful salad! I noticed your Hello Kitty forks, too. :) xo

    24. Delicious!


    25. Parma Ham and Shrimp! Wow! Shirley, you have really out done yourself this time! (do I say that often, lol) I would never in a million years think to marry such flavors. I'm sure this salad is amazing! If you don't mind, I'll wait until you prepare the Calamari Salad so I can have them both!!!

      P.S. I've only recently started to enjoy Arugula. As you said, it is an acquired taste but, once you get it, you want more, more, more!!!

      Thank you so much for sharing, Shirley and thank you for your kind words:)

    26. I would love to eat your dish! Those cripsy shrimps look so yummy!

    27. I love to eat wild rocket with bread, the peppery nutty flavour is simply delicious!

    28. Tasty!

      God bless,
      XO, Claire

    29. OH MY this looks good!!!! -

    30. Oh YUMMY! I love prawns and I love them cooked all ways! Those prawn heads look so darn yummy! I'm always the person who eats the heads and tails when their crispy. I can already imagine the flavors in this salad! Nutty, refreshing and a great mixture of textures!

      1. Thanks for dropping by my latest blog post Shirley! But Bali definitely is not a second home (as much as I wish it would be) I've only visted Bali once in my whole life which was earlier this year! As stated in the post, I was showing the last two days from my trip! I break down my trip posts as I have so many photos! :p

    31. I always love to eat or suck the prawn heads! That is why I never dared to check my cholesterol for years now! Naughty me!
      Thanks for educating me about these wild rockets that has anti cancer properties. I must eat more.

    32. Thank you for sharing:) Looking soo good:)
      Sooo Gorgeous Darling:)
      Love Open Kloset
      Tue Beauty Comes From Within


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