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Hairy Crab At Home Delivers Right To Your Doorstep ( 大闸蟹 )!

hairy crab at home delivery luxury haven reviews
It's the Hairy Crab Season again! If you are a huge fan of Shanghainese Hairy Crabs ( 大闸蟹 ) like me who go around jumping from restaurants to restaurants just to indulge in these furry crustaceans, you will know how expensive it can be to dine out. Thanks to Hairy Crabs At Home who came up with the idea of importing Premium Live Hairy Crabs and supplying directly to consumers here in Singapore, we can all enjoy this premium delicacy at an affordable price in the comfort of your own home.

singapore imports taihu hairy crabs review
Air flown daily from China ( TaiHu ) into Singapore to ensure the quality of the product, these Hairy Crabs aka Chinese Mitten Crabs will be delivered LIVE to your doorstep! For the purpose of delivery, Hairy Crabs will be carefully packed in an insulated box with ice packs, designed to maintain the temperature to ensure the comfort of the Hairy Crabs.

singapore premium live hairy crabs delivery review
The Hairy Crab season usually starts from September to December, although the peak is during mid-October and November. Every year during this period, Chinese spend hundreds of Yuan just to indulge in a small crab which are considered a delicacy. Hairy Crabs from Lake TaiHu ( 太湖 ) are now preferred instead of those from Yang Cheng Hu ( 阳澄湖 ) due to its purer water, and the crabs there are known for their quality and are extremely sweet and tasty.

Female hairy crabs mature faster and are eaten in the beginning of the season. They also tend to be smaller and the roe is firmer. The milt in male crabs is rich, creamy and sticky in contrast.

male hairy crab milt sperm
Although I love crab roe especially in Sri Lankan Female Crabs, I usually go for the Male Hairy Crabs because of the smooth texture of the milt. Come, let's take a peek What's in the Gold Package Male Hairy Crabs at SGD 198:

hairy crab at home gold package promotion
  • 6 Pieces of 200g LIVE Male Hairy Crabs
  • Perilla Leaves
  • 2 Meat Pickers
  • 2 Sachets of Ginger Tea
  • A Bottle of Premium Hairy Crab Vinegar
  • Pamphlet which provides information on how to prepare the crabs
My family had 8 Male Crabs altogether. If you need more crabs, simply add on at SGD 30 per piece of 200g Male Crab.

I was really excited as this is only the second time I am cooking hairy crabs at home; I usually take them in Chinese restaurants. Although I detest household chores, somehow I found joy in scrubbing these hairy creatures knowing that they would be on the table for dinner, all nicely cleaned.

steaming hairy crab with perilla leaves ginger
Some Points to Note When Steaming Hairy Crabs:
  • Do not untie the crab.
  • Always steam the crabs belly side up.
  • Timing - Approx. 16 minutes for crabs less than 200g, and 18 – 20 minutes for those over 200g. Increase steaming time by 2 minutes when there are more than 4 crabs.
chinese mitten crabs home delivery singapore
See how beautiful the colours turned out! Love the flashy orange!

singapore food blogger reviews hairy crab at home
Time to dig in but before you do that, there are some important points to take note when consuming these crabs:
  • Make sure you remove the inedible parts - heart, intestine, stomach, gills / lungs.
  • According to TCM, it is not advisable to be consume with other "cold" food such pears and ice-creams. It should never be eaten with persimmon as it is thought to be a poisonous combination.
  • Pregnant woman MUST NOT consume Hairy Crabs; it is not healthy for the baby.
hairy crab eating tips premium vinegar ginger
You may like to dip the hairy crab claws into the prepared premium vinegar with ginger for an added zest.

ge xian weng old ginger tea hairy crabs
Why Do You Need Shiso or Perilla Leaves and Ginger Tea?
For the non-Chinese, Hairy Crabs are considered “ yin ” food with cooling properties which may lead to dizziness etc. Hence, the leaves are used for steaming with the crabs to disperse the yin. Sipping freshly prepared hot ginger tea or Chinese yellow wine after the meal is another method to counteract the excess yin.

Tips: Never Eat Dead Crab!
  • Use your finger to gentle tap the eyes of the crab. If there is some response, the crab is alive.
  • Straighten the “Finger Tips” of the crab. If it retracts back into its original position, the crab is alive.
  • Submerge crab into water and lift it up. If there is bubble seen, the crab is alive.
  • If there is no reaction from the Hairy crab after above methods, release the crab to check if it is still moving. If the crab does not move, refrain from eating.
My Thoughts:

luxury haven hairy crab cooking tips
Besides knowing that you are getting fresh hairy crabs at Hairy Crabs At Home, I love it that it comes in a package with all the necessary ingredients like Perilla Leaves for your cooking, Premium Vinegar for dipping, Meat Pickers, Ginger Tea, plus an Informative Guide.

shanghainese hairy crabs eating tips
With the cooking tips provided, it is a no-brainer job to prepare these hairy crabs at home. The entire process is really no-fuss. The only troublesome part is to look for the inedible bits as these are usually taken care of if you are dining in a restaurant. But then again, you have to be prepared to pay at least double the price.

hairy crabs inedible parts heart intestine stomach gills
If you are a glutton like me, you probably would prefer a 250g crab, that's the size I would usually order in a restaurant. For the 200g size, some crabs came with a teaspoon full of nice and creamy milt, while there were few that couldn't fix our greedy palates. It is a pity they did not have the 250g size crabs due to the bad weather condition in China, else it would have been perfect. I was told hopefully end November bigger crabs will come in, and I am definitely looking forward for more.

With a vast selection of packages for consumers to mix and match, starting from SGD 108 for a Mini Package of 2 Pieces of 200g Male Hairy Crabs + 2 Pieces of 120g Female Hairy Crabs, right up to their Gold Package at SGD 198, it is definitely worth rounding up your family members and friends for a crabby feast! Be sure to check out their latest promotion for the best deal!

* This is a sponsored post by Hairy Crabs At Home. The author only recommends products or services she uses personally which she believes to be beneficial for her readers. Views and opinions expressed in this blog are purely by the author.

** I will be travelling around Eastern Europe for two weeks, but I have scheduled some posts during my absence for your reading pleasure. Thanks so much for coming by Luxury Haven and sharing with us your thoughts! I shall pop by your blog if time permits or will resume my blog hopping when I return. xoxo


  1. Oooh. I am salivating over the crabs. Heard of it but never taste before.

  2. Hairy crabs??? Drools though my knowledge is so little about what you have shared. Good. At least now I know. Have a wonderful holiday Shirley and tc.

  3. Hi Shirley, I love crabs but yet to try hairy crabs. The Gold package look wonderful, come with meat pickers, tea, etc....if don't convert the currency, its consider cheap.
    Thanks for sharing the crab info.

    Have a wonderful holiday, regards.

  4. Nice post dear!


  5. Hello Shirley, I do love crab, but have only eaten it in the form of a salad that was made right at my local supermarket. It was delicious. Fascinating post, and so cool to see the difference between the male and female. :)

  6. I was reading this when my girlfriend jumped to my side and said, "What a big crab!!" Seafood is really not my kind of food but these look really good and fresh. I never know there are so many things that one could learn from this. Awesome post!! :-)

  7. cooking crabs is a tedious task for me..I have never cooked crabs at home and hardly eat any cholesterol is on the high side :(
    Enjoy your Europe trip.

  8. It has been ages since I had crab. You inspire me to give it another try. Maybe I'll give it a go. Crab can be great and we have quite a few fine speciments here, but my favourite one is a bit hard to catch.

    what places do you plan to visit on your Eastern Europe tour?
    Have a nice trip!

    1. I'll be off to Budapest, Bratislava, Prague & Vienna! It's a pity I couldn't visit Croatia this time else we may have chance to meet up. Thanks & you have fun too! xoxo

  9. Awesome service! love those extra items that complement the crabs!

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  11. OH DELICIOUS SHIRLEY! I haven't had hairy crabs in a long long time! My family does indulge in crab for special occasions but we're happy with the regular sri lankan mud crabs! I totally must give hairy crabs a go in the near future! I love freshly steamed seafood, nothing better than dipping it in some soy or vinegar when it's so sweet and fresh! Have a great time in europe Shirley! Can't wait to see your travels when you're back!

  12. I've never eaten hairy crab----but I've never met a variety of crab that I haven't loved. What a nice package!

  13. This is a dream come true for people who love to eat hairy crabs. My grandmother who is 99 years old this year loves to eat hairy crabs and she used to visit China just to eat them!

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    Seems delicious!

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    This looks so yummy *w*

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    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice

  19. Delivery services seem to becoming more and more popular in KL too.

  20. omgggg. look so delicious. i am craving for it right now. :(

  21. You always have mouth watering food! yum!

  22. How convenient! My relatives love hairy crab but I'm not a fan of shellfish. Have a wonderful vacation!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  23. I love home delivery, but I prefer food to be cooked ahahaha! I also don't eat crab and the thought of having live ones arrive at my door creeps me out!


  24. Whoa shirley!! I have never exactly eaten crabs before, but your post is so tempting me to try it!! :)

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  40. I'm a vegetarian so I can't have any of these. But, regardless, this photo quality is stunning! Sorry if I missed it somewhere, but what camera do you use?

    Little Moon Elephant

    1. Oh, such a pity! Wish you could try this yummy delicacy, Amy. I'm using Olympus EPL6. Just bought it & I'm still struggling with it. Hahaha!

  41. Looks good although I am not a great fan of hairy crabs. Find them tedious to eat :-P

  42. Wow this is an amazing service especially for someone like me that hates to cook lol xoxo

  43. Replies
    1. You can also freeze crabs first if you're not comfortable steaming them alive. 😊


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