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Georgina's Salon, Your One-Stop Beauty Parlour + 25% Off!

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Spanning across 2,200 sq ft is Georgina's Salon, nestled in the lush greenery at the Parklane Wing of the 5-star Goodwood Park Hotel in the heart of the shopping belt of Singapore. The entire landscape was bathed in the warm glow of the sunny sky, and I could hear the wind rustling through the leaves as I took a slow walk to the classy hair salon.

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Georgina's Salon is a one-stop fix for your hair, face, body and nails! The discerningly decorated salon offers a full suite of hair and beauty services, from cuts and perms to scalp therapy, using the best products available. Experts are also on hand to offer you luxurious manicure, pedicure and other nail treatments.

singapore one stop beauty hair georginas salon review
With 3 distinct hairstyling sections offering 15 seats, 2 facial rooms, and 1 traditional massage room, the sanctuary is an ideal escape from the tropical heat, making it a relaxing stop-over before setting off for more retail therapy. Now with the 25% off all hair services just for readers of Luxury Haven, isn't it a good time to pamper your hair and scalp?

georgina hair salon costume jewelleries
Georgina's Salon even has a counter for costume jewellery carrying designer luxury costume jewellery by Les Nereides Paris for those last minute dinner or cocktail parties!
goodwood park hotel menu georginas salon review
Not to mention guests at the stylish salon can have their food orders delivered from Goodwood Park Hotel to fix their hunger pangs!

Georgina's Salon caters to a strong base of well-heeled clientele who are willing to splurge on quality hair care and beauty services, with a pool of regular locals and Indonesian Tai-Tais making the bulk. * Tai Tai is a Chinese colloquial term for a wealthy lady of leisure.

singapore goodwood park hotel georginas salon review
Let's hear from the lady boss of Georgina’s Salon: “You must have an outgoing friendly personality and always ready to serve customers. My customers said that I am a very caring person and love to do hair more than business. It is also important to be technically great, but customers nowadays don’t just find hairstylist who is good in techniques, you must deliver a great service too.” Well, we can certainly spot the vivacious side of Georgina attending to one of her regular clients.

beauty influencer reviews goodwood park georginas hair salon
Following the closure of Naoki Yoshihara's outlet in Orchard Road, here I am embarking on another " hair-raising " journey with Georgina's Salon as my next hair sponsor at Goodwood Park Hotel. I am really excited to have Jaren as my hair stylist taking care of my hair from now on, as he carefully examined my scalp before deciding which products are suitable.

Jaren has been a hairstylist for almost 12 years now, with experience in countries like China and Hong Kong other than Singapore, styling hair for fashion models. "It is very rewarding to make a person look and feel great with the new hairstyle. And for me this is not just business or career, it is my life and my heart always go along with it.” remarked the warm and friendly Jaren.

So there I was, for my first scalp treatment indulging in a René Furterer Paris therapy using essential oil for clean scalp and beautiful hair, followed by the Fiole Hair Repair System from Japan to revitalize damaged hair.

georgina hair salon rene furterer complexe 5 scalp treatment
In the René Furterer Scalp Treatment, the shampoo girl employs an effective massage technique to ensure deep penetration of the high-performance essential oil. I could feel a warm sensation on the scalp as the oil purifies the scalp. Leng has excellent massage skills and I had the most relaxing head massage for about 5 - 10 minutes.

georgina salon rene furterer complexe 5 essential oil
The René Furterer COMPLEXE 5 regenerating plant extract is a weekly scalp treatment essential for a healthy scalp and beautiful hair. It strengthens hair from the root while deeply cleansing the scalp and optimizing the effectiveness of René Furterer treatments by 10 times. Formulated with a unique concentration of 53% pure essential oils of Orange and Lavender, this scalp treatment purifies the scalp and increases micro-circulation to reveal healthy and beautiful hair.

georgina hair salon rene furterer scalp treatment review
I was then put on 20-min heat with infra-red light to allow deep penetration of the active ingredients.

rene furterer melaleuca anti dandruff exfoliating gel review
The René Furterer MELALEUCA Anti-Dandruff Exfoliating Gel is a gentle pre-shampoo scrub applied after the René Furterer COMPLEXE 5. The exfoliating gel gently exfoliates the scalp with micro-ionized apricot extracts for lasting cleansing action. The soothing oxygenizing sensation is reinforced by the cooling properties of menthol. Another quick head massage was given after the application.

singapore goodwood park hotel georginas salon hair wash
Georgina's Salon has 2 separate shampoo sections with roomy space where you can simply relax on their comfy seats.

georgina hair salon rene furterer curbicia shampoo review
singapore georgina hair salon rene furterer curbicia shampoo
René Furterer Curbicia Lightness Regulating Shampoo is a oxygenating shampoo that deep cleanses the scalp while eliminating and regulating excess oil production. When used regularly, it helps to reduce the frequency of shampooing and the hair regains its natural volume and radiance.

georgina hair salon fiole neoprocess mf treatment system
Next, we moved on to the Fiole Hair Treatment. The Fiole NP 3.1 Hair Repair System is a 3-step penetrating professional hair repair system offering a complete overhaul of your hair condition lasting 28 days with three texture options:
  • AF for normal texture
  • MF for heavy and flattening texture
  • DF forairy-light texture.
georginas salon fiole neoprocess mf treatment system review
fiole neoprocess mf treatment system anti dandruff review
fiole neoprocess mf treatment system for damaged hair
georgina singapore top hair salons review
I was given the Fiole NP 3.1 Hair Repair System (MF) for damaged dry hair with a heavy and flattening texture. The Fiole Neoprocess MF Treatment System is specially for coloured treated or straightened hair. The Japanese professional hair treatment instantly repairs damaged and dry hair, giving deep moisture from hair surface to hair fibre.

georginas salon nakano foliage medicated essence for scalp
singapore top hair salons in orchard road
Nakano Foliage Medicated Essence for the Scalp was applied before blow drying my hair. The essence penetrates the hair roots and activates hair papilla cells fostering a beautiful hair as a result.

Total Time Taken: Approximately 2 hours
Total Price: SGD 330 ( Estimated USD 236 )
  • René Furterer Scalp Treatment: SGD 150
  • Fiole NP 3.1 Hair Repair System SGD 180
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For a long sustainable effect to a cleaner scalp and to regain shiny fresh and young hair, book your appointment now at Tel: +65 6737 5251 or Tel: +65 6737 4562. Thanks to Georgina, all readers will get a generous 25% off all hair services! Simply quote LUXURY HAVEN to get your special price!

The promo has expired. Check out which Hair Salon I am currently endorsing, and catch our latest deals at Sales/Event!

Georgina's Salon
22 Scotts Road,
Singapore 229221
Tel: +65 6737 5251 or +65 6737 4562

Monday - Friday (10:30am - 8:00pm)
Saturday (10.30am - 7:00pm)
Sunday and Public Holiday (Closed)

* This is a sponsored post by Georgina's Salon. The author only recommends products or services she uses personally which she believes to be beneficial for her readers. Views and opinions expressed in this blog are purely by the author.


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