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Fytofontana Cosmeceuticals: Swiss Anti-Wrinkle Expert!

singapore beauty influencer reviews rapidoceutical instant wrinkle eraser
( Image with the application of Rapidoceutical Instant Wrinkle Eraser on one side )
Adult stem cell activity deteriorates as we age, and our skin's ability to regenerate is drastically reduced. Count ourselves lucky to be living in the modern world where science and advanced technology exist. Now, with the help from the multi-billion dollar beauty industry, we can easily unlock our Fountain of Youth.

With countless anti-ageing skincare products flooding the market, how will you choose? I guess the trick is finding the right ingredients that work well with your skin. While we can’t turn back the clock, we will need powerful weapons to help us combat against the visible signs of ageing.

fytofontana cosmeceuticals stem cells ceutical cc creams
Well, I am privileged to receive some really awesome skincare products from Fytofontana Cosmeceuticals recently. A division of Herb Pharma AG Switzerland, Fytofontana Cosmeceuticals were developed based on the research of Dr. S. Fiker who also studied the Nobel Prize winning discovery of the epidermal growth factor in 1986 and the research of stem cells. The scientists at Herb Pharma continued his legacy following his recent death. Today, I will be introducing you to the following awesome products:
  • Botoceutical Gold Anti-Wrinkle Serum
  • Stem Cells Hydro
  • Rapidoceutical Instant Wrinkle Eraser Biotechnology Emulsion
  • CC Ceutical Biotechnology Complete Correction Creams

fytofontana cosmeceuticals botoceutical gold anti wrinkle serum
Botoceutical Gold Anti-Wrinkle Serum 30ml, USD 139.90
Finally, I've found a product that's well suited for my age group! Botoceutical© Gold Anti-Wrinkle Serum is a revolutionary skin serum developed specifically for those 45 or over, which relieves your skin after 15,000 facial expressions performed during one day!

One of the most striking signs of skin ageing is the increased appearance of lines and wrinkles on the face, especially around the eyes, lips and on the forehead. I know I don't look 50, but the hard truth is that the process accelerates after 45, and I am seeing how rapid these lines are appearing on my face.

BOTOCEUTICAL GOLD Anti-Wrinkle Biotechnology Serum: an incredible 85.6% reduction in wrinkles! This Serum contains high concentrations of four different peptides, hyaluronic acid, DMAE, retinol and even real gold!

fytofontanacosmeceuticalsbotoceuticalgold anti wrinkle serum review
The Botoceutical Gold Anti-Wrinkle Serum is certainly one of the most effective anti-wrinkle products I have tried to date. Since I am not into Botox, this is definitely a great alternative and it is pain free!

The anti-wrinkle serum has a luxurious texture and a pleasant scent. It is non-greasy and easily absorbs into the skin. I am sure every one of us wants to stay younger and beautiful for long, and this is a product that I would recommend without doubt!

fytofontana cosmeceuticals stem cells hydro review
We have heard a lot about the wonders of Stem Cells. Medical researchers have long studied the ability of stem cells to treat numerous chronic diseases and their potential is evident. So can it deliver the same powerful results in the cosmetics industry?

Stem Cells Hydro 30ml , USD 109.90
Fytofontana Stem Cells Cosmeceuticals incorporate decades of research carried out by Dr. Fiker who also studied Nobel Prize winning research on stem cells by John B. Gurdon and Jamanaka Sinja (2012) and the discovery of the epidermal growth factor by Stanley Cohen (1986).

As a result of Dr. Fiker’s research, a unique active complex was born, in which the active substances specifically affect skin renewal in a synergistic manner. The secret of the innovation: the unique combination of TrioStem3 Complex and peptides in the Fytofontana Stem Cells line.

TrioStem3 Complex is a new innovation in cosmetology that contains human stem cell activator, bitter orange stem cells and Swiss apple stem cell extract, which activate stem cells, thereby renewing the skin. In order to address all skincare issues, Dr. Fiker added intensive anti-wrinkle and regenerating peptides and other ingredients to his recipe. The result is visible: the skin is transformed and rejuvenated.

skincare fytofontana cosmeceuticals stem cells hydro trioStem3 complex
As I visit my aesthetics clinic on a regular basis for laser treatments targeting on my pigmentation, I need lots of hydration. Hence, I am particularly fond of skincare products containing Hyaluronic Acid, which has a high water-binding property and plays an important role in the maintenance of skin hydration levels.

I like how Stem Cells Hydro deeply hydrates my skin, leaving my face looking healthier and totally recharged. The light, non-greasy complex containing fruit stem cells, peptides and Dead Sea minerals provides intensive deep cell hydration, skin renewal, acts against wrinkles and supports natural collagen formation in skin.

celebrity beauty blogger reviews rapidoceutical instant wrinkle erasers
The Rapidoceutical Instant Wrinkle Eraser Biotechnology Emulsion at USD 99.90 has got to be the highlight of the day! As the saying goes, " Picture speaks a thousand words ". I have applied the Instant Wrinkle Eraser on one side of my face. Can you see the difference? I shall let you decide if the product is worth buying too.

instant wrinkle eraser skin tightener biotechnology emulsion review
Instant Wrinkle Eraser and Skin Tightener Biotechnology Emulsion:
  • Contains Argireline© (Acetyl Hexapeptide-8)
  • Immediately removes fine lines and wrinkles
  • Smooths even deep wrinkles by up to 63%
  • Visibly firms skin
  • Provides ongoing care for skin
Rapidoceutical Instant Wrinkle Eraser smoothes wrinkles, thanks to an active ingredient containing sodium polystyrene sulfonate which provides a perceptible firming effect on the skin. It delivers flexible films that contract during the absorption and therefore firm the skin. The film tightens the skin and smoothes fine wrinkles.

fytofontana cosmeceuticals rapidoceutical instant wrinkle eraser
The Instant Line Smoother is so easy to use, and totally fuss-free. It is best to start on a clean and dry face. Apply a pea-sized amount on your fingertips and smooth over skin, paying attention to problem areas. Massage gently and wait till product is completely absorbed. I actually applied a second layer under my eyes and also over my laugh lines. Wait for magic to happen!

rapidoceutical instant wrinkle eraser biotechnology emulsion review
While it did not completely erase all my wrinkles, I thought the wrinkle eraser did a pretty good job in disguising the appearance of the lines especially around the eye area. Do not expect a dramatic difference, but the Instant Wrinkle Eraser can smooth even deep wrinkles by up to 63% according to their studies! Unlike similar products, Rapidoceutical also treats and firms the skin, so results last longer, not just until the product is washed off. * To see the difference more clearly, I would suggest that you apply on just one side of your face, wait for a few minutes, then take a photo of yourself and compare.

Skin Care Tip: Use Rapidoceutical© before that great event, or any time you have to look your best, or if you need to disguise that you have just spent the night working or partying.

fytofontana cosmeceuticals cc ceutical biotechnology complete correction creams
Besides having a wide range of impressive skincare products, Fytofontana Cosmeceuticals also carries the CC Ceutical Biotechnology Complete Correction Creams which come in 6 different formulas precisely tailored to the needs of specific skin types:
  • CC Cream Anti-Acne
  • CC Cream Day with SPF
  • CC Cream Moisturising
  • CC Cream for Oily Skin
  • CC Cream Anti-Ageing
  • CC Cream Night Life
Isn't it great to have a CC Cream developed for specific skin types rather than the usual one-formulation-for-all? For myself, I have picked the following two:

fytofontana cosmeceuticals cc cream anti aging night life
CC Ceutical Biotechnology Complete Correction Cream Anti-Ageing 30ml, USD 39.90
CC Cream Anti-Ageing combines multi-peptide anti-ageing benefits with micro-encapsulated pigments for a flawless complexion with a natural glow.

CC Ceuticals CC Cream Anti-Ageing formula contains a potent mix of anti-ageing ingredients:
  • Hexapeptide - reduces mimic wrinkles caused by facial muscle contractions.
  • Tripeptide-10, Tripeptide-1, hydrolyzed wheat and soy proteins and pseudoalteromonas antarctica extract - help renew the extracellular matrix and promote collagen production to restore elasticity and firmness.
  • Anti-oxidant Vitamin C - protects cells from free radical damage.
  • Color pigments cover imperfections and even out skin tone for a flawless complexion with a natural glow.
I am one that is not too fond of products wtih thick and greasy texture, so I am delighted the CC Ceuticals CC Creams are light-weight but enough to cover imperfections and even out skin tone. Skin’s overall appearance is brightened, giving me a natural healthy glow.

CC Ceuticals CC Cream Anti-Ageing is recommended for normal to slightly dry and mature skin types. This formula contains a higher percentage of pigment particles to provide increased coverage.

These lightweight formulas contain peptides, hydrating ingredients, anti-oxidants and sunscreen to protect and perfect skin, while color pigments even out skin tone, eliminating imperfections and providing a luminous, natural glow. CC Ceutical CC Creams are available in one universally flattering shade.

celebrity blogger reviews fytofontana cosmeceuticals ceutical cc cream
You may be delighted to know that their CC Ceutical Biotechnology Complete Correction Cream Night Life is currently on sale at only USD 19.90! CC Cream Night Life lights up the skin with a gentle, fresh shimmer while eliminating the signs of fatigue - perfect for a night out!

I found the product minimizes the appearance of the existing discolorations of my skin. Upon application, I did not notice any glitters on my face except for the soft glow. It was during one of my food tasting sessions that my friends had noticed and commended on the " star-studded " sparkles. They love it!

CC Cream Night Life is an oil-free formula that will not clog pores. Thanks to its unique composition of active ingredients, this CC Cream hydrates and protects skin, erasing signs of fatigue. Colour pigments cover imperfections and brighten complexion, imparting a gentle, fresh shimmer to light up skin and make it look younger all night long. Suitable for all skin types.

Overall, Fytofontana Cosmeceuticals are of certain quality and standard. I adore the above items which work well on my skin, giving me radiance and very natural results. So have you taken steps towards a younger-looking skin?

fytofontana cosmeceuticals swiss anti wrinkle expert giveaways
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* This is a sponsored post by Fytofontana Cosmeceuticals. The author only recommends products or services she uses personally which she believes to be beneficial for her readers. Views and opinions expressed in this blog are purely by the author.


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