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EHA Clinic: Take Years Off With Crystal Lift Therapy!

eha clinic visia skin analysis imaging system wrinkles
EHA Clinic launches the exclusive Crystal Lift recently, and if you are one of those in need of a skin booster to help in lifting your sagging skin or lighten your pigmentation, this therapy may be for you.

As we age, our facial muscles naturally begin to lose tone and elasticity, and those tell-tale signs of ageing starts to slither in as I'm hitting the big 5. So Dr Elias Tam of EHA Clinic suggested that I should try the Crystal Lift as the product works on the superficial layers of the skin causing protein denaturation and the stimulation of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid production.

singapore celebrity influencer reviews eha clinic face lift
So I was at the aesthetics clinic sometime middle of this year for the therapy at an interval of 3 weeks apart, completing 4 sessions of my treatment. I am most delighted to share with you my results as well as Complimentary Crystal Lift Neck just for you readers!

singapore beauty blogger reviews eha clinic crystal lift
eha clinic visia complexion analysis review
To begin, your face will be cleansed thoroughly before you start Crystal Lift and you will be required to take photos at every angle. After which, you will be put on the #VISIA Complexion Analysis to register images of your face to document the progress of your treatments.

eha clinic promotion anti ageing crystal lift therapy
eha clinic promotion aesthetics face lift
Your therapist would be wearing a surgical glove and applying the " secret potion " on your face, then your neck (optional). The treated areas will be massaged using a swift and upward strokes, creating the lifting effect.

eha clinic crystal lift review singapore aesthetics promotion
Here is an image with one side treated. As you can see, the left side appeared slimmer and lifted, and the eye brow seemed higher than the untreated side. The can be achieved in just one session. Although slight results are visible after the very first treatment, a full course of treatments is generally recommended to attain better results.

eha clinic visia skin analysis imaging system wrinkles
Here's the comparison between the 1st and 4th sessions using the VISIA Skin Analysis Imaging System. Due to the lifting effect of the treatment, the wrinkles on my face seemed to reduce with an obvious percentile improvement from 69% to 93% (the higher the score, the better result ).
eha clinic visia skin analysis imaging system pigmentation
While I can hardly see any dark spots on the surface of my cheeks except for one stubborn spot which refused to go away, I was alarmed to see the all the pigmentation hidden under my skin. Gosh, this image is giving me goose pimples! Although there is no drastic improvement, I am quite pleased to see the percentile going from a 66% to 74%. It is definitely good to see some changes.

eha eco2 mask red light therapy review
Since Crystal Lift is also a peel to eliminate dead skin, there may be mild peeling on the treated areas the next few days depending on individuals. If your face is extremely dry, it is recommended to add on a CO2 Mask coupled with the Red Light Therapy to help repair and hydrate the skin at the same time.

While the EHA e-CO2 Mask helps to boost cell metabolism and suppresses any inflammation like post-laser irradiation, the Red Light Therapy easily penetrates the dermis and assists with a variety of skin conditions, bringing more blood and nutrients to the area.

The combination of both mask and red light assist in creating new collagen & elastin fiber cells as well as stimulating the fibroblasts for wound healing. Check with your therapist at EHA Clinic for these extra treatments.

The Prices:
  • Face - usual SGD 300, trial SGD 250
  • Neck- usual SGD 200, trial SGD 150
  • Face + Neck - usual SGD 500, trial SGD 400
  • 10 Face Sessions - SGD 2,500
Just for readers of Luxury Haven, you will get complimentary Crystal Lift for Neck if you sign up the 10-session package!

EHA Clinic
1 Scotts Road
#15-01 Shaw Centre
Singapore 228208
Tel: +65 6235 3325 or +65 8168 7235


  1. Great treatment:) You look very nice:)

  2. sounds like a interesting treatment. Have a great weekend.

  3. Sounds like a great treatment to try out, Shirley! I can see the results. ^.^

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    Rowena @ rolala loves

  10. Fascinating post, Shirley, and you look radiant!

  11. Good news for those living in Singapore who intends to go for this treatment, now they can get this deal from you.

  12. This looks amazing!

    God bless,
    Xo, Claire

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    Skin treatments really do look nice, although I have to say that you have a really amazing skin no matter what ^_^
    Take care and have a nice day!

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    La Flò ♥ blog

  16. Shirley, You're truly glowing in that first pic!

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    Have a nice week!
    Photographe Gil Zetbase

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    Have a great week,

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    Keep in touch

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    1. I agree, Doris! It scared me out of my wit too. Better take care of our skin. Hahaha!

  24. wow you really can see the difference... and the treatment package also affordable.

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    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice

  31. You look really wonderful Shirley!
    Lovely treatment indeed :)



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