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PurelyFresh, Singapore Online Grocery Shopping Review

purelyfresh online groceries store promotion
As much as I enjoy buying things online, I have yet to shop for fresh produce. I have no qualms about buying household items online, but fresh seafood and meat, and even fruits and vegetables? Are they really as good and fresh as claimed?

Unless you enjoy spanning through rows and rows of shelves just to find the items you want in the supermarket, I guess it only makes sense to shop online since everything is within the reach of your mouse. Without the help of a bodybuilder or a car, I have to admit it can be quite tedious lugging your goods home especially if you are buying bulky items like rice and laundry detergents.
local supermarket price compare purelyfresh grocery online store
Well, I am running out of cleaning supplies, cooking oil and canned food, and these are really heavy items. Since we don't drive, there is no reason why I shouldn't give online grocery shopping a try. Thank goodness my first experience with #PurelyFresh is pretty awesome, especially when it comes with FREE DELIVERY, saving me all the hassle!

purelyfresh singapore online grocery store review
Shop with Confidence!  Freshness Guaranteed!
I learnt that PurelyFresh owns four markets in Singapore and they have been in this industry for more than 10 years, so all their fresh products are supplied straight from the wet market. With stringent quality checks and chilled transportation, your groceries will arrive fresh and ready to be cooked! And if you ever receive anything you are not satisfied, PurelyFresh will give you a 100% refund!

Let's Check Out My Shopping Experience With PurelyFresh!

purelyfresh singapore online grocery store household cleaning products
  • Softlan Fabric Conditioner - Floral Fantasy - SGD 5.95, 3L
  • Fab Powder Detergent - Colour, SGD 12.90, 5kg
  • Magiclean Kitchen Clean - Green Apple, SGD 4.50, 500ml
  • Dettol Antiseptic Germicide - SGD 12.45, 1L
  • Kao Bleach Colour Liquid - SGD 5.95, 2L

local supermarket price compare purelyfresh campbell soups
I also stocked up on convenient food like Campbell's Soup for my son to make his own meal in case I am not home.
  • Campbell's Szechuan Hot and Sour, SGD 2.65, 295g
  • Campbell's Mushroom Potage, SGD 2.35, 305g
  • Narcissus Pork Leg with Mushroom, SGD 3.95, 397g
  • Narcissus Stewed Pork Chops - SGD 4.55, 256g
  • Narcissus Spiced Pork Cubes, SGD 3.45, 142g
  • Ayam Brand Sandwich Tuna Flake in Oil, SGD 2.95, 150g

singapore online supermarket price compare purelyfresh groceries
  • F&N Soda Water ( Cans ), SGD 3.00, 4 x 325ml
  • Hosen Whole Mushroom, SGD 1.55, 425g
  • Pokka Jasmine Green Tea ( Packet ), SGD 2.60, 6 x 250ml
  • Knife Oil ( 刀标油 ), SGD 8.80, 2 litres
  • Ikan Bilis / Dried Anchovies ( 江鱼仔 ), SGD 6.90, 200G
  • Seedless Red Grapes ( 红葡萄 ), SGD 5.60, 500g
singapore lifestyle influencer reviews purelyfresh online grocery store
Whole Black Chicken ( 黑鸡 ) with special request, SGD 7.55, 700g

My Thoughts:

singapore lifestyle blogger reviews purelyfresh groceries online shopping
As a first time shopper at PurelyFresh, navigation is fuss-free as products are neatly categorized. Also, I placed my orders around 8pm, and was surprised I could still get the 12 - 2pm slot the next day! I thought that's rather fast and efficient!

purely fresh online shopping pork chicken review

Shoppers searching for Fresh Meat for example, can easily filter by the type of meat they want. Gosh, the Australian Wagyu Beef looks good, isn't it? Unfortunately, it was sold out! I am certainly going to add that in my next purchase.

purelyfresh online shopping fresh whole black chicken review
As Black Chicken are not always available in the local supermarkets, I was happy to find it over at PurelyFresh. On their page, they even provide a brief description of the benefits of black chicken. That's right, I am going to make Tonic with my American Ginseng!

purelyfresh customizes your orders like fish meat
Do you know that PurelyFresh also provides customized orders for Fish and Meat like slicing the fish or mincing meat upon request? Well, I am certainly impressed with what I have received!

singapore lifestyle influencer reviews purelyfresh fresh meat
During my check-out, I made a special request: "Please remove skin from black chicken, and separate chicken into 2 bags." Not only have they removed the skin for me, they even put them neatly in two separate trays all nicely wrapped up, and with PurelyFresh Guaranteed stickers affixed! Thumbs-up for the excellent service!

purelyfresh online supermarket fresh fruits grapes
Accordingly to PurelyFresh, every single item will have to meet their stringent freshness criteria before being handpicked and packed. The Grapes I bought are so nice and plumpy, bursting with juices which each bite!

purelyfresh online supermarket product categories
At PurelyFresh, you can order anything from Fresh Vegetables, Meat, Fresh Seafood, Yong Tau Foo, Fresh Fruits, to Cooking Essentials, Beverages and Household Products.

purelyfresh yong tau foo for steamboat online shopping
They even have a Yong Tau Foo section with ingredients like meatballs, fish cakes and stuffed vegetables for a steamboat party!

Price Comparison:

purelyfresh online grocery store fab powder detergent prices
While I did not have time to go through all the prices, these are couple that I have noted like the laundry detergent. The listed price of Fab Powder Detergent ( 5kg ) is SGD 12.90, but a check with our local NTUC Fairprice is SGD 12.60; slightly higher by 30 cents.

local supermarket price compare purelyfresh narcissus pork leg
Although few items over at PurelyFresh are higher, others are comparable with our local supermarket like the Narcissus products. Both their Narcissus Pork Leg With Mushroom ( SGD 3.95 ), and Narcissus Stewed Pork Chops ( SGD 4.55 ) are selling at the same price at NTUC, so I am relatively happy.

sg50 singapore food narcissus pork leg bee hoon
As I was in the mood for my family's favourite Pork Leg Bee Hoon, a popular dish in Singapore, I ordered these canned pork to cook this delicious Singapore dish. Get your recipe at Heavenly Pork Leg Bee Hoon!

singapore celebrity influencer reviews purelyfresh online grocery shopping
For a mere difference in price, I wouldn't mind paying a bit more for the sake of convenience. Plus, for a limited period only, PurelyFresh provides FREE DELIVERY right to your doorstep for all orders above SGD 60, and the delivery charge is just SGD 6 for orders below SGD 60, saving me time and effort! Not to mention they even accept special requests for Fish and Meat like removing chicken skin and cutting them up.

Online grocery shopping is definitely great for the busy executives, mothers with kids and those without transportation like me. I am in love with this virtual 24/7 grocery shopping without leaving the comfort of my nest! No more queuing to pay at checkout counters!

Thank you PurelyFresh, for the wonderful online shopping experience! I will definitely be back for more!

* This is a sponsored post by PurelyFresh. The author only recommends products or services she uses personally which she believes to be beneficial for her readers. Views and opinions expressed in this blog are purely by the author.


  1. The trend is starting in West Malaysia on grocery and fresh produce online shopping. Maybe soon over here.

  2. The convenience of shopping in this website it makes it easy to navigate. Great review.

  3. Wow, Shirley! That IS convenient, and everything looks as fresh as their name implies. Looks like you're on to a good thing! I'm lucky to have help carrying groceries (our grocery store still has "carry out" and my hubby lugs it into the house when I get home :), but "home delivery" sounds very appealing! xo

  4. This service is so practical I really wish we have it here. It would save me so much time!

    I did wear a bun when I was a flight attendant, but it was always hard to position it right once we got our uniforms.


  5. From your purchases, I noticed that PurelyFresh carries a variety of products and you get to receive your order promptly. Definitely worth buying from them especially the purchase amount needed inorder to enter free delivery is just a mere $60. I've book marked PurelyFresh.

  6. Shirley, this is fantastic!!! I love the convenience and selection of great products here! Great post, thank you so much for sharing. :)

  7. I love shopping from home it is so convenient! I really love their flyers better than ours is a little bit plain lol. Thanks for showing us the things you purchased, feels like we all went shopping together :) Have a great weekend Shirley xoxo

  8. Just as with online clothing shopping, online food shopping would certainly take a lot of hassle out of the process, I'm sure! :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice

  9. This is so convenient, Shirley. Great post, darling. Happy weekend.

  10. Interesting website, perfect review!!!
    Kisses, Paola.


    My Facebook

  11. I like these companies that are making life easier for us.

  12. What a great service!! Looks like you can get about anything---so convenient!

  13. Wow that store is the best

  14. Really usefu and interesting post.

  15. Hi Shirley, Thanks for this recommendation. I've successfully placed my 1st order and enjoyed the $15 voucher. But I thought there should be another 5 x $8 voucher code which would be send thru' email per PurelyFresh website advice. However, I didn't get any. Would you be able to check on this? Thank you yah!


    1. Hope you had a good shopping experience at PurelyFresh, Doris! I've already informed them on your query & you shall be receiving an email from them soon. xoxo

    2. Thanks, Shirley. I've received their email with the voucher code and I've just got my purchases. PurelyFresh service is really awesome! The delivery man is very polite and friendly.


    3. Awesome! Thanks for letting us know & enjoy your shopping! xoxo

  16. I've never brought my groceries online either. I don't have an issue with it (except fruits and vegetables, I'm fussy with them lol) I just hate the delivery charges or minimum amount you need to spend to get free delivery!


  17. Yes to buying the heavy stuffs on-line. I struggle to carry and put in my car always on my own.

  18. Yum yum! I usually go to the supermarket and always carry heavy bags. Online shopping is a good idea. Have a great Sunday!

    Jasmine xx

  19. Great review indeed!
    Thanks for sharing, Shirley :)


  20. That's awesome that you get all of that from them!

    Raindrops of Sapphire

  21. I don't think I've ever bought grocery items online. Interesting concept!

  22. Online grocery shopping sure beats going to the stores and dealing with lines and having to carry everything back. I do a mix of online and store shopping for mine.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  23. Hi sweetie
    Online grocery shopping? I need this service in Italy. So useful
    Maggie Dallospedale Fashion diary - Fashion blog

  24. I love the idea of shopping from the comfort of your home. Great concept.

  25. i need to do this for sure!!

  26. Wow how convenient dear Shirley. You have all the very needs reviews:).


  27. I think we have it here too but I didn;t order coz my area not covered

  28. Amazing place! Very useful review darling, thanks for sharing!!
    Coco et La vie en rose - Valeria Arizzi

  29. That's very convenient Shirley! Buy those heavy stuff, like rice and oil :P

  30. Awesome service, esp for the non-veg item.

  31. Great review Shirley, love the concept of buying grocery online, I think is the ideal and smart way to save your time and money. Thanks for sharing, also thank you so much for stopping by! Have a fabulous week ahead<3


    "Health & Beauty"

  32. Fresh products are the best!

  33. fabulous post, these are all delish
    I wish you an happy day
    see my NEW POST
    fashion blogger Pamela Soluri

  34. fabulous post my dear, it looks like a really nice grocery shop online :D

  35. WIth a small difference in price, it's not too bad.
    It's still convenient since you don't have to spend time at the supermarket and take time to travel.
    Could be a time-saver, isn't it?

    Jhem |

  36. I often do my grocery shopping online. Saves me the hassle of finding the items and queuing up to pay

  37. I never see the black chiken !😊nice shop!kiss

  38. This service seems very useful and practice.
    Never seen black chicken before!^^

  39. not bad leh, can order 1 whole black chicken. I don't think our online grocery shopping here provides that yet

  40. I love online marketing. It's convenient! ^.^

  41. My wife calls me a shopping queen as I buy all her dresses online every month without telling her.
    Now this grocery shopping online will be my next hobby since you have convinced me!

  42. This is the trend now but personally i still prefer NTUC. Old school


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