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Restore Your Skin and Feel Renewed at Rexults medSpa!

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Restorative Radiance
With technological advances in skincare in this age and time, there’s no excuse not to look good – as long as you invest in your Skin Health and Well Being.

You may recall that I have been on the GLAM-GLOW program at Rexults medSpa, and on my recent visit to the posh holistic wellness medSpa, located at #17-02 Tong Building ( beside Paragon ) in Orchard Road, I was introduced to their 90-minute Restorative Radiance Face Therapy ( SGD 300 ). I must say that this is the ideal treatment to prepare you for an important event. It is everything you would expect in a bespoke face therapy - a great reparative fix for any skin!

rexults medspa restorative radiance facial review
rexults medspa therapeutic grade mask serums
Effective & Visible Results
What you will receive in this full face therapy is an intensive restoration. A special delivery system activates deep infusion of the therapeutic-grade mask and serums. The ' High Touch ' deeply relaxing face massage combines the High Tech to give you the absolute face therapy experience. This therapy repairs and restores skin for the glamour event - bringing back tone and luminosity. Definitely great for tired, lacklustre skin that needs to look red carpet ready. So, if you think your skin deserves a rejuvenating treat, I give my thumbs up to this anti-ageing face therapy that produces effective and visible results!

rexults medspa glam glow program restorative radiance facial
More Than Mere Aesthetics
What I also like is the fact that Rexults medSpa Talents take the time to understand your lifestyle and needs, and thereafter they fully explain the aim and the benefits of the therapy. It is wise to be educated on the benefits of key ingredients as well as the state-of-the-art technology that will do wonders for your skin. In this manner, I found the consultation to be leaning towards the innovative and scientific, not just about beauty but Skin Health - definitely more than mere aesthetics.

holistic wellness aesthetics rexults medspa intuitive massage review
Rexults Intuitive Massage
Do you have days when you feel rather sluggish and that you need some bodywork to tune yourself up? I am a firm believer that a great massage is about the skills of the therapist, and Rexults medSpa Talents certainly do not fall short in that department. In fact, I was amazed by the ‘ healing touch ’ of my therapist who provided me with the 60-minute Rexults Intuitive Massage ( SGD 180 ).

I found relief in the massage which incorporates various modalities and techniques customised to suit my needs. In particular, my areas of concentration were the back area – especially my lower back. I would recommend Rexults Intuitive Massage because it incorporates the ‘ feel ’ with the objective of improving Body Health and Well Being. I love the stretching, pressing, kneading and stroking, knowing that these would do good for my muscles, joints, blood flow and even lymphatic system. This positive effect on the circulatory system can improve the functioning of the immune system. My body felt ‘ lighter ’ with less tension after the massage. In brief, these are its benefits:
  • Releases tense muscles
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Helps to lower blood pressure.
Promotion for Luxury Haven followers:
  1. SGD 210 Restorative Radiance ( Usual Price: SGD 300 ) 90 mins.
  2. SGD 100 Rexults Intuitive Massage ( Usual Price: SGD 180 ) 60 mins.
• Price quoted includes GST.
• Valid only for new customers and one-time purchase only from now until end August 2015.
• Appointment / booking is required.

Rexults medSpa is located at 302 Orchard Road #17-02 Tong Building ( Beside Paragon ).
Call +65 6738 0988, or email:

rexults medspa therapies giveaway
In addition, Luxury Haven is most 8delighted to collaborate with Rexults medSpa, hosting a giveaway where winners will be able to experience bespoke treatments in this luxurious wellness medSpa. Hop over to Giveaway: Win Rexults medSpa Luxury Face and Body Therapies now!


  1. Ohhh the treatment looks really good :3

  2. your skin is flawless.

  3. I wish I could pamper my skin once a while. You have beautiful skin. Envy of every women. ;)

  4. This is surely some indulgence! You must have felt super relax.

  5. This mask looks so great!

  6. Wow fantastic!!!
    Thank you for your visit!!! I follow you by bloglovin too!!!
    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  7. omg it looks so fun and relaxing
    I will yes perhaps after I work full time later to invest money for beauty part

  8. Such treatment would be a fine luxury :) Glad you enjoyed it yourself. Maybe you've already noticed but I follow you back via g+, twitter and instagram :) Keep in touch. xx Maja

  9. Looks like a nice treatment.=)

  10. Oh that sounds super relax Shirley. Beautiful skin you have.


  11. such luxury. need to intro to my partner ;)

  12. wow,that sounds really awesome

  13. That looks so relaxing! I could use a massage right about now!

  14. You look so peaceful in this pic Shirley.

  15. This treatment sounds so wonderfully relaxing!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  16. Another beautiful experience! So

  17. This looks so soothing, Shirley, and you look so lovely and relaxed. You have beautiful skin, too!

  18. Your skin looks flawless Shirley, thanks for sharing xoxo

  19. amazing treatment
    I wish you an happy day
    see my new post
    <<< fashion blogger Pamela Soluri >>>

  20. this is relaxing :)

    xoxo, rae

  21. This is the kind of treatment we need! :-)

  22. during summer I really need this sort of treatment.

  23. This seems like a great way to restore our skin. The treatment itself seems very relaxing and it is additional plus that the staff there is willing to take time to understand one's lifestyle and needs and offer advice accordingly.

    I must say your skin look radiant and absolutely beautiful. Wonderful shots!

    The massage seems like a fantastic experience. I'm a bit advocate of massage, I believe it is very healthy as it can not only improve circulation but improve our muscle tones. A good massage is like exercise and sleep all in one- it makes us feel rested but it also helps to get us in shape. What is there not to love?

  24. The treatment did wonders to your skin Shirley. Anyway your skin has always been good.

  25. This treatment sounds wonderful, Shirley and you look beautiful, girl. I would loved to get such an amazing treatment (thinking of moving to your place ;) Happy start into a new week, Shirley.

  26. beautifull is quite expensive, so i guess the effort of getting such a catch like yours is totally worthed mama Shirley.......

  27. This sounds so relaxing and enjoyable.Your skin looks amazing too!! Thank you so much for stopping by! Have a fabulous week ahead<3


    "Health & Beauty"

  28. What a treat for the skin! I am sure most women would love to go for this. You look great!

  29. Seems so nice :)
    Maria V.

  30. Your skin looks amazing hi doll I'm back from vacation

  31. Anything that improves blood circulation is good in my book! Your skin looks incredible, Shirley!

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice


  32. I love a good massage, and this looks brilliant! ^.^

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  34. I am so jealous of your glowing skin.

  35. Spa treatments in singapore is quite awesome, I will try this place during my next visit.

  36. awesome relax time <3

    have an amazing day :)
    keep in touch :)

  37. wow! so relaxing! :P

  38. How come I missed this post? Hmm.. I'm visiting your blog like a late comer hihi, wish I could subscribe to your blog so I'll get the email notification once you have a new post, sadly I can't find a subscription box.

    Looks like you had an amazing self-pampering time in MedSpa, and oh.. back massage, I like that too :)

    Jhem |

    1. Thanks so much for the sweet words, dear! The subscription box is on the right side banner, just above the GFC box, xoxo

    2. No worries, Shirley!

      But that sub box seems like playing hide-and-seek with me..
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    3. So sorry, Jhem! There's also a subscription box at the end of every blog post (just slightly above the comment box). Hope you can see that. Thanks for being patient, dear! xoxo

    4. NO worries, Shirley!
      I'll just pay a visit more often to check out your new post.
      I'm your fan stalker lol

  39. Hi Shirley! pampering like a Queen. I heard about this treatment. it sure does make a different to skin.

  40. You look so fresh, radiant and relax...
    i love to have that massage too...
    great post!

  41. Great post!
    Have a nice evening!
    Photographer Gil Zetbase


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