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Ham and Cheese Sushi Rolls and Cute Pinwheels Party Recipe

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Organizing a home party and looking for cute fuss-free recipes? Look no further as these yummy Ham and Cheese Sushi Rolls with Fragrant Roasted Sesame Seeds will delight the eyes and palate of your guests as they sink their teeth into these melted cheesy handrolls! Nothing is gone to waste, as the ends of these sushi bread rolls are turned into Cute Playful Pinwheels Bites, sending your guests reeling for more! Check out how easy it is to make!

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tasty pinwheel sandwiches recipe for kids
kraft cheddar cheese bread rolls party recipe
2 Beaten Eggs
5 slices of Bread
5 stripes of Japanese Seaweed ( Nori )
5 slices of Cheddar Cheese
5 slices of Mushroom Ham, or half the amount if you prefer less salty
Sesame Seeds for coating
Butter for pan-frying

    how to make delicious pinwheels bread
  • Cut off the skin from the bread, and flatten them with a rolling pin.
  • healthy kraft cheddar cheese recipe ideas
  • Top bread with cheese, and half a slice of ham. To cut down the saltiness, I only use half a slice of ham for each sushi roll.
  • how to make cute party food
  • Roll the bread tightly and press down towards the end.
  • Chop off the two ends of the bread roll for a neater presentation. Do not throw them away. Set aside to make #pinwheels later.
  • delicious ham cheese breadrolls with sesame seeds recipe
  • When you have finished rolling the bread into sushi rolls, coat them evenly with eggs, then sesame seeds.
  • fake sushi rolls tasty ham cheese breadrolls
  • Wrap the nori around the bread rolls, and wet the ends to seal it. Heat pan with butter on low heat. Place the rolls with the sealed ends down.
  • delicious ham cheese sushi rolls party recipe
  • Quickly turned the rolls to ensure all sesame seeds are well roasted. Be careful not to burn them. You will smell a hint of roasted scent, and that's the time to turn. Your cheese will also start to melt, and you will get nice and crunchy Ham and Cheese Sushi Rolls ready for your guests!
kraft cheddar cheese panda pinwheels for kids
For a healthier version for kids perhaps, make these adorable Ham and Cheese Pinwheels.

cute panda cocktail sticks kraft cheddar cheese pinwheels
healthy kraft cheddar cheese recipe ideas cute food
Remember I asked you not to dispose the ends of the bread rolls earlier? Simply insert your favourite cocktail sticks into the pinwheels to make great party snacks! I love these charming panda cocktail sticks! They are real cute, aren't they?

ham cheese sushi rolls cute pinwheels party recipe
So, what do you think of my 2-in-1 recipe? It's not difficult to make, right?

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Certainly a pleasure to have both my Ham and Cheese Sushi Rolls featured at #Foodwhirl together with my Healthy Steamed Dang Gui Chicken with Black Fungus ( 当归黑木耳蒸鸡 )! Hop over for some TCM bites!


  1. It is very simple and delicious snack. Could not wait to try it.

    Good luck to the participants.

  2. Ohhh, these rolls are delicious, great job!
    xo Paola
    My Facebook

  3. so going to have to make these for my next party.

  4. I also love cooking but I hate cleaning after I have prepared a meal...this cleaning service seems like a wonderful solution for that problem.

    I would love to try this! I think I will serve the adult version to my husband while I might adjust the kid recipe for me. I really like your 2 in 1 recipe.

  5. It looks easy fast and delicious great presentation.

  6. Love the presentation! This is the perfect party food!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  7. this is one of my favorite snacks!!! you're making me so hungry at 2am! hehe. also, very cute presentation :3

    xoxo, rae

  8. Ohh these look amazing for parties!!
    Take care*

  9. Pinned on my cooking board!

    Yayy.. this is absolutely a must try!
    I guess I can do this, well I'd love to do this and see if I'll make it right too :)
    Thinking of cheese on it, that's a yummy thing to think about right now.

    Thanks for sharing this recipe, Shirley! Very much appreciated :)

    Jhem |

  10. Oh yuuuum:). If I could have one:).


  11. fuyoh i havent have my breakfast yet :P

  12. Aiyo!! Torturing to see these rolls as this time. You always make me hungry Shirley.

  13. Gorgeous presentations and they look very tasty, too!

  14. Looks yummy! Love the healthier version.

  15. These rolls look so yummy. You always post delicious recipes. Have a great Sunday!

    Jasmine ♥

  16. Looking so delicious!
    Have a nice week end!
    Photographer Gil Zetbase

  17. That photo of the cheese dripping... drool.

  18. they are so pretty and sure very good too :)

  19. Super creative and cute Shirley! I'm sure everyone from kids to adults will find this a tasty treat! I always loved how white bread is so malleable. I remember being a child and making the soft white center of the slice bread into balls and other shapes before eating them! I bet you would make the best host for a dinner or tea party with the cutest yummy canapes! I just don't have the patience to make cute food although I'd probably really enjoy the process.

  20. Oh hungry now....look at the melted cheese. Nomnomnom!!!

  21. These are so cute, they would be perfect for a weekend gathering. Loving the giveaway, too bad I'm between places right now otherwise I'd be so on it!


  22. Thanks Shirley. Have bookmark this recipe

  23. OMG, everything seems so cute and delicious!!!!
    Great done! :D

  24. The ham and cheese sushi rolls look utterly delicious and like nothing I've ever seen before! Yum!

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice


  25. It's great idea! I feel, I love this!

  26. OMG! Shirley thse pandas look just too cute to eat. Another great one of your ideas.

  27. The rolls look so pretty. I would not have been able to guess that it is made of bread.

  28. Those look delicious! The little pandas on top are a cute touch.

  29. This menu looks very delicious!

  30. Ohmygosh. These look delicious and so easy to make. Definitely trying it out. Great post.


  31. Yes, is simple and look delicious.. thanks Shirley.

  32. OMG! Those rolls are too cute to be eaten! ;)

  33. simple and looks cute!
    shall try it soon, thanks for sharing :D

  34. Innovative recipe! And I love those panda cocktail pick too!

  35. Simply damn deliicous n quicky starter dish!!!
    Dedy@Dentist Chef

  36. OMG....the rolls look so yummy and delicious, and the pandas are adorable. What a great idea, you're really creative Shirley!! Thank you so much for stopping by! Have a fabulous week ahead<3


    "Health & Beauty"

  37. OMG!!! These are so freaking adorable!! I need to make these for my toddler!!! <3 -

  38. Both versions look delicious!!!

  39. so very yummy
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    would you like to pass from my blog?
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    I wish you an happy day

  40. ooohhh what lovely pandas bears <3
    great idea for a kids party!!!
    love panda!! :))
    thank you for inspiring me !! :****
    have a great day my friend! :****

  41. Omgosh...the recipe is definitely super simple, and yet at the same time, it looks absolutely delicious!!!! My mouth is watering just looking at those delicious roles!! (and I've just had my lunch!!) :( :p

  42. looks so tempting
    would like to try one day :D

  43. this looks amazing! Simple and yet very unusual! I adore the healthier option as well.

  44. Kids will surly love it, awesome.


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