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Luxury Haven Singapore Lifestyle Blog: 10 Most Popular Posts

luxury haven most popular blog posts review
It is always interesting to check what the popular posts are over at Luxury Haven, and most often they come as a surprise. Well, it is certainly nice to know that the Top 10 Blog Posts are a mix of food, beauty and travel reviews being a lifestyle blog.

nippon paint mailer luxury haven
I am thrilled that the post earning the most number of reads is none other than Nippon Paint Momento Special Effects Paint! I had a $6,000 home makeover some time ago fully sponsored by Nippon Paint, and this review has emerged as the top post with a total of 47,309 pageviews! Did you get the series of islandwide mailers in your mailbox too?

hair story korean concept chris luxury haven
I have written many hair salon reviews, but the Korean rave seems to have helped this post score one of the highest reads. If you adore Korean hair styles, check out my Aveda Hair Colour, and PhytoStory Hair Treatment at Hair Story, The Korean Concept Salon At 313 Somerset!

korea shopping for authentic designer labels ferragamo shoes
Shopperholics, if you planning to visit Korea, here are tips to Shop Till You Drop At Dongdaemun ( 东大门 ), including where to buy authentic designer labels like this pair of Ferragamo shoes at very attractive prices!

woodlands terrace seafood bargain review
Chinese New Year Shopping At Woodlands Loop has always been a popular post especially during the CNY festive season where bargain hunters are out to hunt for seafood. Have you been there?

where to shop eat in korea
Back to the Korean rave, here is another one telling you Where To Shop & Eat In Seoul, Korea!

korean happy call pan review
It is interesting to find that out of 10 top posts, 5 are related to Korean. Lol! Have you heard of the most-wanted kitchen gadget at one time - the Happy Call Pan? Wanna know what's so special about this cookware, or do you own one too? Read about My New Toy, The Happy Call Pan!

happy call pan minced pork omelette recipes
( Recipe Featured at PetitChef and Taste Spotting )
With the Happy Call Pan emerging as one of the 10 Most Popular Posts, I am not surprised that my Happy Call Pan Recipe: Fluffy Minced Pork Omelette ( 肉碎煎蛋 ) is also a favourable pick.

dbs indulge underground supperclub hashi japanese restaurant review
Having done a series of DBS Indulge Underground SupperClub food tastings jointly organized by DBS Bank Ltd and the Asian Food Channel, I wonder why Hashi Japanese Restaurant ( 箸 ) is one of the top choices……….

odaiba venusfort burberry blue label quilted short coat
Fans of Burberry, are you aware that the designer label has a cheaper line for the Japanese market? Be sure to head to Burberry Blue Label At Odaiba VenusFort ( ヴィーナスフォート ) Tokyo if you ever visit Japan.

delicious salted egg yolk prawns recipe
( Recipe Rated 5-star, and Featured at Allrecipes Asia and Munaty Cooking )
If you are travelling to Singapore or Malaysia, you can find this yummy dish is most Chinese restaurants. Or, you can learn How To Make Your Own Salted Egg-Yolk Prawns!

Did you miss any of these popular posts? Which do you enjoy reading most?


  1. This is a wonderful summary of your success, Shirley! Love reading your posts.

  2. I have to laugh that my most popular post is from a very popular blogger who guest posted for me! Love seeing yours---still wishing Burberry's Blue Label would head my way :)

    1. That's cute, Liza! Perhaps I should try having a guest post too ^_^

  3. nice fashion and nice product.

  4. Wow, those numbers are truly amazing!! A wonderful mix...and a pleasure to read your posts!

  5. Your blog is certainly raving. Congrats Shirley.

  6. Oh that is great sweetie

  7. It s really so interesting to read your pist..


  8. I checked on my blog. The most popular post is about callanetics.

    1. Callanetics? I can't imagine myself doing it tho :)

  9. Woww...this an awesome idea for a post, great job dear!! I love all your posts, but my favorites are about food, because you always post delicious and healthy recipes together with great photos. Thank you so much for stopping by, I'm so sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you, but the exams season is starting and I've been insanely busy :P
    Have a happy weekend<3


    "Health & Beauty"

  10. Congrats darling, I love your blog!!!
    Kisses, Paola.


    My Facebook

  11. Congrats on so much views i barely get traffic on my blog :/ so thats amazing ♥

    1. It takes time, I guess. Thanks for coming by & hope to see more of you here! xoxo

  12. This is great, Shirley, I am so happy for you. And I love the photos in this post! :) Your posts are always fun, informative and the photos are fantastic.

  13. I have to check my most popular post. Congrats on those views, it takes so much effort and dedication!! Baby is doing well, some days are fun and some tough but in all that a smile on her face makes my day.

  14. Ooh, seems you must have a lot of do-it-yourself readers with Nippon being the most popular post! ;-)

  15. Congratz Shirley! More travel posts!

  16. It was really interesting to read. I must check on these posts, they all seem so interesting.

    For me it is interesting to see what posts get the most visits and from time to time, I check my blog statistics.

    Thank you for sharing all of these...and congrats on so many page views. That's awesome!

    1. Thanks so much for posting your sweet notes in all the posts, Ivana! You rock, sweetie! xoxo

  17. Congrats, Shirley. You are doing an outstanding job on your blog, girl. Your post are always informative, very detailed and done with love and profession. They always represent your personality. That's why I love coming here. Happy Sunday and you go girl!

  18. this post absolutely interesting, beautiful pics
    have a nice day darling

  19. what a lovely article - great moments

  20. i always check my popular too :)
    your work is great

  21. That's great recap, Shirley. Looking at my own blog popular post, still long way to go to achieve that amount. Anyway, keep up the great work and you are indeed one of the best lifestyle blogger in Singapore. Cheers

  22. You are a very popular blogger who covers all topics to suit ladies and gentlemen. I have learned a lot of new ideas and lifestyle topics from you. Thank you Shirley.
    Your monthly pageviews is very high and I bet the total could hit a million anytime.
    I am no where near yours but I was surprised that I have just one post that have hit over 58K views.

  23. Looks like quite a number are so into Seoul.... btw, I'm awaiting the new show of your idol Lee Min Ho - Bounty Hunter....

  24. Interesting to see that your top ten posts comprise different subjects.

  25. Congrats Shirley, so well deserved xoxo

  26. Muchas felicidades guapa..muy merecido!!

  27. I always enjoy your fashion posts. Congratulations on your success!

  28. Lovely post. It's always fun to see which posts are the most popular.

  29. you've done some amazing work on your blog x

  30. Nice and interesting post :) That's a great recap, my dear Shirley.

  31. too checked on my top 10 post too. I am not surprise if my Lee Min Ho post remain no.1 like forever now. Really wish it drop but it never did. haihhhh!!!!

  32. Fab posts - informative and well written no wonderful they are the most popular!

  33. This is a great post Shirley and great way to check out the posts I missed on!!

  34. You've done an amazing job in giving value to your readers, Shirley. I enjoy coming here. ♥ ♥ xxoo


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