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Celebrity Skin Secrets at Rexults medSpa: GLAM-GLOW Program

rexults medspa celebrity skin secrets review
If ever you need to have a “ celebrity moment ” whereby your skin has to look awesomely radiant, check out the GLAM-GLOW program at Rexult medSpa!

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You may recall from my earlier post that I had described Rexults medSpa’s Age Resist+ Face Therapy ( experienced during my first visit ) that worked marvellously to “ re-educate ” my facial muscles for improved lifting and tone. Mind you, no surgery required at all – that’s what we all want to avoid!

No skin can look fabulous every single day, without some boost. So, Rexults medSpa’s GLAM-GLOW program actually preps your skin for that big day to look smashingly perfect! All you’ve got to do is to stay consistent in going regularly for the series of therapies ( mainly three carefully designed face therapies ). Now I know the secret to what some celebrities are doing behind closed doors to keep their skin glowing!

So here's what happened on my second visit to Rexults medSpa:

rexults medspa lymphatic release promotion
Lymphatic Release
Not everyone is aware, but to attain healthy skin, celebrities know that you need to also improve your body system. That’s why facials are never enough and incorporating a suitable body therapy for good measure is encouraged. What’s more, if you think only high-tech facial equipment does the trick, think again. There are some things a machine simply cannot do – just picture the unmatched skills of a therapist’s hands working on you.

I was introduced to the 60-minutes “ Lymphatic Release ” ( SGD 180 ) to help regulate the lymph – which in turn reduces water retention and detoxifies the body. Not many people are aware of this, but this kind of manual lymph drainage massage technique is used by nurses, physical therapists, aroma therapists and aestheticians in hospitals, spas and Wellbeing Institutes around the world. Research in Australia, Europe and North America show that it can be an effective stand-alone treatment or performed in combination with other therapies.

What Happens During the Lymphatic Release?
Rexults medSpa’s Lymphatic Release uses a gentle, non-invasive manual technique that has a powerful effect on the body. I am told that this technique aims to assist lymph flow and aid in drainage of tissues. The gentle, rhythmic, pumping, massage movements follow the direction of lymph flow and produce rapid results.

What to Expect
The aim of the massage is to move fluid from the swollen area into an area where the lymphatic system is working normally. When you have the massage you feel a gentle pressure. It is not a deep massage. If it is too deep it won’t work because it flattens the small lymph vessels so that the fluid can’t drain. The movements are slow and rhythmic so the lymph vessels open up.

Benefits of Lymphatic Release at Rexults meSpa:
  • Activating the elimination of toxins and accumulated residues of the interstitial liquid ensuring a smooth lymphatic system flow.
  • Increasing the body’s immune defenses by clearing congested lymph nodes ( which lessen their natural defense activity ).
  • The gentle circular strokes provide a therapeutic effect and induces a feeling of relaxation.
  • Reduce oedema - especially in maternal care prevention.
  • Relieve for heavy legs, fatique legs.
  • Improvement in skin conditions like acne, facial oedema and rosacea.
  • An effective therapy for pre and post surgery.

rexults medspa celebrity skin secrets multi nutrient infusion
Multi-Nutrient Infusion
After the “ Lymphatic Release ”, my Rexults medSpa therapist gave me a terrific 90-minute skin-boosting face therapy called the “ Multi-Nutrient Infusion ” ( SGD 300 ). You literally let your therapist work on your skin, wake up and look awesome!

rexults medspa multi nutrient infusion cocktail epiderma serums
What I loved most about this face therapy is the fact that after a custom-formulated peel exfoliant has been used to remove dead skin cells, there is the deep infusion of a cocktail of three high performance Epiderma serums using state-of-the-art equipment. Cellular renewal and change takes place with intense nourishment - just what my skin needs to be revitalized!

I can’t wait for my next “ skin education ” and therapies from Rexults medSpa Talents. Follow me on my path to achieving luminous skin with the results-driven GLAM-GLOW program. I am determined to get my skin red-carpet ready. Watch this space!

rexults medspa glam glow program
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  1. SGD 180 for 90 mins Rexults medSpa " Multi-Nutrient Infusion ” (U.P. SGD 300).
  2. SGD 100 for 60 mins Rexults medSpa “ Lymphatic Release ” (U.P. SGD 180 ).
  • Price includes GST.
  • Valid only for new customers and one-time purchase only from now to 31 Aug 2015.
  • Appointment / booking is required.

Rexults medSpa is located at 302 Orchard Road #17-02 Tong Building ( Beside Paragon ).
Call +65 7380988 or Email:


  1. your skin is flawless. I hope you are having a great week

  2. relax...
    i really like to try this programe

  3. that massage sounds great and it makes perfect sense what you say about the body needing to function well for our skin to look better! I can't wait for the final result of your beauty ritual.

    The face treatment also seems like a fantastic one...and a very relaxing process it must be!

  4. that's look fabulous pampering moment! I am going for lymphatic massage this weekend. My first time...

  5. So is this the secret to your beautiful skin Shirley ;)

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  6. That's really a good... lymphatic message and you have flawless skin....

  7. I love a good facial and skin therapy.

  8. The Lymphatic Release sound very convincing to me and I think I really need such a treatment to release all the toxic accumulated in my body.... by the way, I just wonder how did you managed to snap all those awesome photographs while being pampers at the same time.... hmmm....

    1. Thanks to the therapist, some of the shots turned out quite well! This is certainly a pampering hoslistic wellness program :D

  9. You look refresh and pretty after these spa another place to consider for anyone who reside in your country or visit.

  10. Very interesting. I have to find something like this in Poland.

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  12. I so love this. Thank you for sharing and have a great day! :)


  13. Simply such a nice way of keeping the skin supple. Your skin is glowing for sure.

  14. So this is your secret on how to preserve young-looking skin? :D

  15. Proper massage can do wonders to the body

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  18. Really interesting program darling! Thanks for sharing!!
    Coco et La vie en rose - Valeria Arizzi

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  22. What a luxurious treatment you have been getting to pamper your skin. No wonder you are getting younger looking each year while I bloat and age.
    I badly need anything like this peel exfoliant that can be used to remove dead skin cells.

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    I would love to try.


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