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AMC Premium System Healthy Cooking Demo + Readers' Discount!

Health and delight under one lid with the most intelligent cookware unit in the world? AMC is the global market leader in the field of premium stainless steel cookware, a pioneer in innovation cooking system for more than 50 years history!

amc premium system cooking studio toa payoh
I have heard about the many goodness of AMC Premium System like cooking food with zero oil, and vegetables without adding water, so I was exhilarated when invited to attend their Healthy Homemade Cooking Experience at their Toa Payoh Cooking Studio.

amc premium cooking system jubilee set sg50
Thanks to #AMC Singapore, I am now a proud owner of the AMC Premium Cooking System from Germany!

amc premium system cookware intro kay low
The AMC Cooking Demo kicked off with an introduction to their intelligent cookware by Kay, Head of Sales and Marketing.

Check out the dishes for the day by Catherine with 29 years experience and Kay:

amc premium system cooking class curry chicken demo
1-Minute Curry Chicken

singapore amc premium system cooking demo char siew
Char Siew

amc premium cookware cooking class grilled chicken
Grilled Chicken with Spicy Herbs Crust

amc premium system cooking class japanese cheesecake
Japanese Cheesecake

amc premium system multi talent pot visiotherm audiotherm
Let's take a look at my Sponsored AMC Cookware:

amc premium cookware stainless steel multi talent pot
AMC Multi-talent 20 cm, 2.3L Pot, about SGD 450 ( approx USD 340 ). * Pot not sold as a single unit, but only in sets as featured at the end of the post.

The AMC Pot is the multi-talent among all the AMC units that meets all cooking needs of a family. The Thermoblocs in the stainless steel handles prevent spreading of heat to them from the body of the pot. . In this way, you can effortlessly remove the pot from the stove and carry it to the table.

amc premium system cooking pot akkutherm base
The Akkutherm-Base allows swift absorption and distribution of heat, while the Sensotherm measures temperature inside the pot.

amc premium system visiotherm review
The Visiotherm® is an AMC patented thermometer inside the knob of each lid, indicating the temperature that Sensotherm measures inside the pot. This feature allows effective control of the temperature inside each unit during the cooking process. Using the Visiotherm® makes cooking in AMC child’s play as the revolutionary Visiotherm® gives you the following advantages:
  • It assists you in cooking food at the ideal temperature
  • You save energy and time
  • Makes the application of waterless and fat-free cooking methods easier.
amc premium system audiotherm review
AMC Audiotherm, SGD 138
The AMC Audiotherm is a high-tech designer item with integral radio module that acts as the voice of Visiotherm and indicates when cooking process is completed. In combination with the new Visiotherm and Visiotherm S, it monitors the whole cooking process. In radio contact with the Navigenio, it provides fully automatic cooking with a guarantee of success.

* Practical cooking tip: The simplest way when cooking, frying or rapid cooking is always to use the Audiotherm to monitor the ideal cooking temperature range.

amc premium system cookware combi bowl review
AMC Combi-bowl with Cover Seal, SGD 238 ( 20cm + 24cm )
As part of the perfectly designed AMC Premium System, the Multi-talent 20 cm, 2.3L Pot can be perfectly combined with the Softiera insert, Grater-Shredder-Slicer Insert and Combi bowl to do multi-cooking like steaming, boiling pasta / noodles, and double–boiling.

amc premium system guarantee akkutherm sensotherm visiotherm
The AMC Premium System is suitable for all types of cookers – from gas to induction. The interplay between the Akkutherm, Sensotherm and Visiotherm means the AMC Premium System® provides a 3-fold guarantee that every meal will be a success – with the Navigenio and Audiotherm even fully automatically.

AMC World Guarantee
The top quality of the products allows AMC to give a worldwide guarantee of 30 years for their AMC cookware units, combi bowls and serving bowls, and platters in stainless steel, and the stainless steel parts of the AMC Secuquick softline from the date of handing over to the buyer. Two years of guarantee are offered on non-steel parts.

amc premium system singapore mom bloggers event
My Hair Sponsor: Naoki Yoshihara by Ash
Come, join the happy mummies with our AMC Premium System Intelligent Cookware!

amc premium system sapphire set discount

amc premium system ruby set discount

amc premium system emerald set promo

amc premium system diamond set promotion

Luxury Haven is collaborating with AMC Premium System to bring you a special promo ( valid until 31 July 2015 ):
  • Quote “Luxury Haven” to enjoy 10% discount on any single unit or basic sets purchase!
  • FREE personalized demo at your house or at AMC showroom! Call +65 6278 7388 or email for prices or to arrange for your free demo now!
amc premium system healthy bittergourd chicken recipe
amc premium system recipes vegetables cooking without water
Tried and tested! Here's my cooking experience with AMC Premium Cookware at Bittergourd Chicken Recipe ( Winner of Tasty Healthy Recipe Contest by SingHealth ), and Cooking Vegetables Without Water!


  1. I'm sure this makes the cooking process a lot easier! such a lovely post...I'm sure it was a nice experience to be there. The photographs are outstanding!

  2. I very much look forward to seeing your experiment of Bitterground Chicken! Lovely post Shirley and great photos that told a story :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice


  3. AMC rocks! We are still using the older generation ones and they are still well-functioning!

  4. I bet the food comes out tasty and cook fast awesome pot. Congrats doll.

  5. awesome going to check it out.. since everyone loves healthy diet.

  6. Looks quite good and interesting :o

  7. This sounds like an awesome cooking system! Lucky you Shirley :)

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  8. I want my own set of these in my kitchen:). Have a lovely new week dear Shirley.


  9. What a wonderful post, Shirley!!! :)

  10. I don't think I've ever seen pots like this over here. I have heard of air fryers though it's specifically for making french fries (I think). I like the sound of these. Anything that uses less oil always sparks an interest for me.


    1. Yap, I'm using my Air Fryer for making fries too, but other than that, food doesn't taste as good with air fryer :<

  11. Great product!
    Good discount too. :)

  12. Hi darling,
    cute event! Really interesing products!!
    Coco et La vie en rose - Valeria Arizzi

  13. Love such an event to get to know the products and to learn how to cook healthy dishes.

  14. It looks really like a perfect system!


  15. Oh my Shirley that brings back memories. I grew up with them, so to say, hahaha. When I was a kid my Mother got a complete set, I remember how excited she was. These pots last a lifetime, tho.
    kisses babe

  16. that japanese cheesecake though.. yum!

  17. Looks like some good quality kitchen tools here.

  18. Lucky you!! It looks like a great system---can't wait to see what you cook up at home :)

  19. Their cookware is amazing. Loves that it saves time and energy.

  20. What a clever cooking machine! I need one

  21. Hi Shirley,

    These cookware is amazing! There is so many combinations and possibilities that these system can create.


  22. Omigosh..I can't wait, Shirley! Looking forward to seeing the bell pepper recipe! ^.^

  23. this is awesome
    i wish to attend the cooking event like this :D

  24. looks like you had a lot of fun and this makes cooking a lot more enjoyable I think!!

  25. My sister-in-law bought a whole complete set some 20 over years ago and she have given me the mini 1.3L pot but I'm not sure which set it belongs to... So blessed, isn't it? Therefore I'm lucky to be able to had use AMC pot for many years already and I really loves how food turn out to be when using AMC pot.

  26. Woww...this cooking system seems like a dream come true, I'm going to check it out! Awesome post Shirley, and the photos are amazing as always :)
    Thank you so much for stopping by! Have a fabulous week ahead<3


    "Health & Beauty"

  27. Very cool! It looks like their cookwear is great!

    Raindrops of Sapphire

  28. Loved this post, Shirley. However I'm scared of this kind of pots. Have a great day!

    Jasmine ♥

  29. Thanks for introducing me to this cookware...
    Have a great week Shirley :)

  30. This cookware made full use of technology.

  31. Wow..Intelligent Cookware, healthy and fast.. and your food yummy..
    Have a great week ahead Shirley!

  32. One my cousin has this one, but she is yet to try it.

  33. I want to sell this kind of cookware, who should i contact?

    1. The info are all above, Rico. Have fun & Happy CNY!


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