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Maria Galland Cocoon Mask Treatments and LebeL Hair Therapy

What I enjoy most about visiting Immortelle Atelier is that I can get all my beauty treatments done at one go. Be it facial, make-up, hair styling, scalp treatment or bridal packages, they have it all!

united square immortelle atelier hair facial treatments reviews
Well, it was my 6th visit to the one-stop beauty salon and this time, I had the most rejuvenating session there starting with a luxurious facial, followed by a soothing hand therapy and an indulging hair and scalp treatment. I was totally recharged with my skin glowing, and my scalp all ‘ detoxed “ at the end of my 3-hour+ session!

immortelle atelier maria galland cocoon mask treatment review
In the Maria Galland Paris Cocoon Mask Treatment, everything centers on well-being and relaxation. It is distinguished by a mixture of effleurage and therapeutic massage that accompanies the individual treatment steps, relaxes the facial features, smoothes the skin and energizes the connective tissues.

singapore lifestyle blogger reviews maria galland cocoon mask treatment
singapore lifestyle blogger reviews immortelle atelier beauty services
immortelle atelier maria galland cocoon mask facial review
singapore beauty blogger reviews maria galland cocoon mask facial
Cleansing, exfoliating, an active ingredient ampoule, a soft foam mask which envelops the face like a cocoon, eye contour cooling mask, and finishing off with a hydrating cream. Some of the products used:
  • Maria Galland Intensive Action Hydrating Serum 98 - This highly effective concentrate provides the skin with round-the-clock moisture and simultaneously activates its ability to capture and store water.
  • Maria Galland Hydrating Cooling Mask 92 - A highly concentrated moisturising complex leaves the skin soft and supple, the complexion glows and wrinkles are reduced.
  • Maria Galland Eye Contour Cooling Mask 95 - With this refreshing, cooling and energising mask for the eye area, expression lines, puffiness and under-eye shadows are reduced.
  • Maria Galland Hydrating Cream 190 ( SPF 15 ) - Tinted moisturizing care with the BB factor for a natural, even and radiant complexion.
immortelle atelier maria galland cocoon hand mask treatment
While most of us pay a lot of attention on maintaining the appearance of our face, most forgot about our hands; one of the tell-tale signs of ageing. Besides having the Maria Galland Cocoon Mask Facial service, Immortelle Atelier also offers the Maria Galland Cocoon Hand Mask Treatment which I had talked about it in my previous review at Immortelle Atelier MoroccanOil Hair & Scalp Treatment Promo!

maria galland cocoon hand mask treatment review
immortelle atelier maria galland paris beauty services
This visit, I had incorporated the hand mask therapy into my facial to save time. While waiting for the infusion of the active ingredients to kick in during my 20-minute pampering face mask, the therapist massaged my hands and slotted them into a pair of gloves filled with the Maria Galland Warming Effect Foam Mask. At the end of my face and hand treatments, my skin was smooth, silky and glowing!

Beauty is revived in a cocoon of gauze and foam. The Maria Galland Cocoon Face and Hand Mask Treatments are extravagance at their peak, but without burning a hole in your pocket. The high-end French products supply the skin with highly concentrated active ingredients, giving it renewed energy and resilience and leaving it glowing with health and vitality.

  • Renews skin, improves resilience.
  • Relaxes the face while firming up the connective tissue.
  • Smoothens and moisturizes the skin
iau salon care treatment by lebel review
When I was done with my face and hand therapy, I hopped outside to continue with my next treatment. John, their stylist, recommended me their IAU Salon Care Treatment by LebeL to treat both my hair and scalp.

immortelle atelier iau salon care lebel hair treatment
LebeL, Japan’s leading professional hair care line, helps promote bound water to build a protective “structure” and moisturizes the head and hair from the scalp all the way through to the ends, leaving the hair feeling soft for a long period of time.  I love it whenever my scalp is being massaged by the muscular hands of John, releasing the tension built up in the forehead and scalp areas.

immortelle atelier iau salon care hair care lebel
The front line of salon treatment, " IAU Cell Care " focuses on shiny hair from the " elasticity " of the scalp. The hair and scalp treatments conditioned my hair from roots to tips, leaving it soft and manageable after the 1-hour+ treatment.

  • Maria Galland Cocoon Mask Facial - SGD 128
  • Maria Galland Cocoon Hand Mask Treatment - not available at time of publish
  • LebeL Hair and Scalp Treatment – SGD 110
Recharge your batteries, relax and let yourself be pampered at the one-stop Immortelle Atelier!

Immortelle Atelier
101 Thomson Rd
#02-08B United Square Shopping Mall
Singapore 307591
Tel: +65 62599001


  1. That would be such a lovely day of pampering, it all sounds great! :) Especially the massage before the hair treatment! :)

    Hope you have a great Easter!

    Away From The Blue

  2. Beautiful !
    It seems they are giving a comprehensive beauty package :)
    Happy Easter :), Shirley !
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  3. Wonderful spa day. It must be very refreshing. Love reading this post. :)

  4. Yes so convenient to be able to do everything under one roof.

  5. How lovely, Shirley!!! Happy Easter to you. :)

  6. So much pampering is the best :D Hope you had a brilliant day!

    Happy Easter!
    Choc Chip Uru

  7. Your Hair is looking so pretty <3 *-*

  8. All of that sounds utterly heavenly, including the hand treatment. I hate creams and things on my hands but that treatment looks like a fluffy pillow!


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  14. These treatments look so wonderfully relaxing and rejuvenating Shirley!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  15. sounds like a great day of pampering...the face mask is always good and how lovely to have a hand mask applied at the same time. We often forget to give our hands the care they deserve.

    your hair looks shiny!

  16. You skin looks so shiny and supple after the mask.

  17. This looks wonderfully relaxing and the skin on your hands is ever so beautiful! :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice


  18. it must have been so relaxing
    your hair looks so lovely

  19. You too lucky Shirley:). Looking so amazingly. I'm crying out to have such a free 3 hours of just only myself lol since my twins:).
    Have a lovely week ahead sweety.


  20. Oh my! Your skin is amazing. I need this kind of pampering in my life!!

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    what a marvellous and complet beauty treatment! Wow:)
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    I am very into skin care lately as summer is coming I have to make it look amazing!
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    Raindrops of Sapphire

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