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Baked Cheesy Chicken Fillets with Ham, Finger Lickin' Good!

succulent baked cheesy chicken fillet with ham recipes
Imagine having succulent chicken fillets coated with Kraft Cheese, and filled with slices of savoury Ham plus grated Swiss Cheese, and baked to a golden brown crust. Mmmmm…….. it's Finger Lickin' Good, my friends!

heart shaped cherry tomatoes chicken cordon bleu recipe
For a crispy bite, coat the fillets with bread crumbs or panko and fry them before putting into the oven to bake. Well, I am using the Progresso Italian Style Bread Crumbs in my recipe here. Let's get started!

4 Chicken breast meat
4 slices of Ham
4 slices of Kraft Cheese
Handful of grated Swiss Cheese
2 beaten Eggs
3 tbsp Olive oil
Bread crumbs or Panko for coating
Plain flour for coating
Pinch of salt and pepper for seasoning

    butterfly chicken breast recipe ideas
  • Rinse the fillets and butterfly them. Open up and use a meat tenderizer to pound the fillets gently. Flip them over and do the same for the other side. The mallet will soften the fibers and at the same time helps to widen and thin the meat.
  • butterfly chicken breast swiss cheese ham recipe
  • Sprinkle salt and pepper, then top with Swiss cheese and a slice of ham. Close it back.
  • progresso italian style bread crumbs panko recipe
  • Coat the fillets with flour, then eggs, and lastly bread crumbs.
  • delicious pan fried cheesy chicken breast recipe
  • Heat oil and fry the chicken breasts till about half cooked. Drain and transfer to baking tray.
  • baked cheesy chicken fillet recipe finger lickin good
  • Can you see the inside of the meat is still relatively raw? That should be the way. Now, top with Kraft Cheese. Preheat oven and bake at 200°C for about 10 minutes for convection oven.
  • succulent baked cheesy chicken fillet with ham recipes
  • Transfer to serving plate and pair with lettuce and tomato salad. Enjoy your Baked Cheesy Chicken Fillets with Ham!

valentines day strawberry roses baked cheesy chicken fillet
Do you like my Heart-Shaped Cherry Tomatoes and Strawberry Roses? I will be sharing more on these at a later stage. Bon Appetit!


  1. Oh my! This does look so delicious and finger licking good. I am tempting to try this recipe, Shirley. Thanks for sharing.

  2. So yummy, Shirley. Thanks for sharing this recipe!

    Jasmine ♥

  3. Wow Shirley this looks so yummy! I was getting hungry while reading your post, thanks for sharing your recipe <3

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  4. OMG! This looks yummy!

  5. Your food pictures always make me drool.......

  6. so going to have to try this out.

  7. delicious..thanks for sharing the recipe

  8. Super inviting. And this time, I am practically rolling out of hunger.

  9. Soooo delicious this looks Shirley <3

    Serene | I Am Serene L

  10. Thank you for sharing this scrumptious recipe Shirley!
    Coco et La vie en rose fashion blog - Valeria Arizzi

  11. Dear Shirley, these look absolutely delicious!!! Thank you so much for sharing, dear friend. :)

  12. I've made this before and not only is it easy but so delicious and everyone usually loves it! This would be a lovely school lunch too! Love that your tomatos looked like hearts and those strawberries flowers are adorable!! Great recipe shirley!

  13. I guess I have all the ingredients to try this out - looks delicious.

  14. You are great at trying new dishes, Shirley!!

  15. Cordon blue one of my favorite recipes very delicious.

  16. thank you so much for sharing this looks absolutely delicious! The photos are doesn't seem that hard to prepare.
    Yesterday a friend told me how they once sealed two chickens in a pig that they barbecued later...this kind of reminds me of that. I think it is good to mix chicken with ham and cheese because chicken has a neutral taste as far as meet goes.

    1. OMG, I would love to see that for myself! I'm still trying to figure out how the pig looks like with the chickens inside. Hahaha! Thanks for sharing the interesting bite! xoxo

  17. i like chicken,this is very good!!kiss

  18. I was thinking of dinner idea and voila! My boy will love it!
    Thanks for sharing!

  19. Shirley this looks so so yummy yummy yum. Thank you for the lovely comment, darling. Now with the medical filling it's not too bad, still have to take some pain killers, but that's OK. I still am kinda shocked how this mess could even happen, see I see my dentist every three month, tho. Anyway, Happy Friday babe.

  20. It looks super delicious. Yum yum :)

  21. Your current photos always floor me, they are so breathtaking!

  22. lovely post :) have a nice weekend :)

  23. Hi Shirley, this is really superb and appetizing. I would love to have 1 serving please. :))
    Thanks for sharing this wonderful recipe.

    Have a fabulous weekend, regards.

  24. Simply yummylicious, Shirley!! You are one Madam Chef!

  25. mmm this looks delicious, defi will try it! xx
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  26. I thought this is a delicious sandwich of chicken fillet and ham when I looked at the photo but then when I finished reading your post, I realized that there is no bread involved, just chicken meat sandwiching the ham. Wow!

  27. This looks & sounds delightful! ;D

    ♥ | | xoxo

  28. This is a chicken dish the whole family would love. Hope you're having a terrific weekend, Shirley!

  29. Oh yum that sounds really tasty! Looks good too :)

    Away From The Blue

  30. Wow...this is a brilliant twist! ^.^

  31. Wow. You just made me hungry.

  32. Simply delicious. I don't mind someone cooking for me this...hehehe

  33. Yummy...delicious!!


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