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Maria Galland Paris and Jyunka Facials at Immortelle Atelier

Do you enjoy having pampering facials? How often do you visit your beauty salon? Well, certainly slapping an extra potion of luxurious moisturizing products on your face under skilful hands does no harm, doesn't it?

immortelle atelier maria galland jyunka facials review
I have been visiting Immortelle Atelier for some months now, and I love how my beautician transports me to a world of total relaxation to recharge myself. I have explored some of their luxe facial treatments and with each visit, my skin is revitalized and toned with high-performance ingredients from Maria Galland Paris and Jyunka.

immortelle atelier maria galland cocoon facial review
This visit to Immortelle Atelier, I had the Maria Galland Luxe Facial for the second time. Only difference was that I had the collagen mask previously, and my therapist put on the whitening mask this time round. Using the most superior products from MariaGalland, the treatment contributes significantly to reduce wrinkles, regenerate and firm the skin.

Oh, did I mention that Immortelle Atelier is a one-stop beauty salon that does hair and make-up too? Click on the respective links to read more about my reviews below:

immortelle atelier guasha meridian eye massage reivew
Immortelle Atelier Intensive Eye Treatment For Dark Circles
Suitable for those with dark circles, tired and stressed eyes.

immortelle atelier jyunka whitening facial treatment review
Jyunka Whitening Facial Treatment At Immortelle Atelier
Let Jyunka's range of products transforms your skin and let it glow almost immediately. Perfect for those with tired and dull skin!

immortelle atelier filorga cryolift facial review
Immortelle Atelier Filorga Cryolift Facial & Hair Treatment
The #Cryolift utilizes state-of-the-art non-surgical technology to treat signs of ageing through Cryotherapy or “freeze therapy”. Suitable for those who wish to turn back to clock on their face and body.

award winning lifestyle blogger reviews immortelle atelier services
MoroccanOil Hair & Scalp Treatment and Maria Galland Cocoon Hand Mask!
While the Moroccanoil® Hair and Scalp Treatment gives you brilliantly shiny and manageable hair plus a cleaner scalp, the Maria Galland Cocoon Hand Mask is a soft foam mask which envelops the hand like a cocoon giving you soft and silky hands.

singapore beauty blogger reviews beauphoria automatic curling iron
Be sure to check out their pretty styling tool gadgets such as the Beauphoria Carousel Curler when you are at Immortelle Atelier!

immortelle atelier promotion beauphoria hair curler
Catch their latest promotion at only SGD 88 now!! (UP SGD 204)

Suitable for:
Those looking for a relaxing and rejuvenating spa experience as well as makeover session all rolled into one, can look forward to pampering their skin and getting a top-to-toe makeover with our 3 in 1 Indulgence treatment – the ultimate indulgence for the senses!

Pick 3 from these treatments:
  • Cocoon Instant ‘Anti-Stress’ Facial Treatment
  • Nano Instant Lift Facial Treatment
  • Instant Radiance and Glow Facial Treatment
  • Professional makeup
  • Hair-styling session
  • Cream Bath, Wash and Blow
  • Meridien Eye Treatment

Immortelle Atelier
101 Thomson Road
#02-08B United Square
Singapore 307591
Tel: +65 6259 9001


  1. I do enjoy getting pamper never no time. This place does an amazing job.

  2. Incredible and your skin looks absolutely flawless after the treatments! x x

  3. Who would ever say no to such beauty treatments. No me for sure. Your glowing skin speaks loudly about why its important to maintain it.

  4. Oh that loook like a completely and great treatment dear
    Thanks for share your experience
    For second time there

  5. Awesome! Love this so much. Hope you have an awesome new week (and month) :)

    Facebook / Bloglovin

  6. Looks like a nice place to get a beauty treatment.=)

  7. Lovely treatments, I need to visit this place!!!!
    xo Paola
    My Facebook

  8. wow, they really seem like great treatments because your skin looks fantastic!
    getting pampered by skilled hands...that's always delightful!

  9. I haven't been to a beauty salon in ages, just don't have the money available for that...


  10. Looks like a great day of pampering.

  11. Oh how you make me want to have a treatment like this!! Must be gorgeous!!


  12. What gal doesn't enjoy a little pampering?? I think I'm overdue :)

  13. Ooo..what a great way to unwind ♥ ♥ ♥

  14. This looks so relaxing and a great way to relax, Shirley. :)

  15. I have not been to a beauty salon forerver. I only ever had one facial and i found it painful- althugh looking at your expereince I might reconsider.

    Mrs in London | lifestyle | fashion | travel

    1. So sorry to learn about your experience, dear. Other than extraction, almost all the facials done are soothing & very relaxing. You should give it another try! :D

  16. I know and i love this brand it's so good!

  17. Wow! This really looks very convenient to get yourself pamper from head to toe. Can definitely spend a day there - totally worth it.

  18. love the pampering session! its about time for me to get one session like this.

  19. You look so beautiful, I'm green with envy. Have a wonderful week!

    Jasmine xx

  20. Wow your skin looks so smooth haha.

    And I know I'm a guy but I really wanna try a beauty salon someday. I know there are salons for guys out there. I have to find them. lol.

    1. Thanks, dear! There're lots of guys visiting beauty salons these days, so you shouldn't' be to shy :D

  21. You look so pretty (: and this is so cool. x

  22. Consider how amazing your skin looks, these treatments are working for you Shirley :)

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  23. i oly know abouty cryosurgery for doing incision or to removed tissues and now there's also technology for beauty treatment, kinda made me curious....
    Dedy@Dentist Chef

  24. Oh I wanna get pampered like you, skin almost glow. Beautiful.

  25. This treatment looks quite good :o

  26. that looks so relaxing.
    great post dear

  27. i need this!!!! awesome!



  28. Oh my goodness, Shirley, your skin looks radiant! This looks like such an interesting experience as well :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice


  29. Ohh This pampering facial sounds amazing and you look flawless Shirley <3 :)

    Serene xoxo

  30. Shirley, your face is absolutely luminous and line free!!

  31. I love your skin! And this facial sounds interesting.

    Janelle | Styles & Prints

  32. Wow your skin looks amazing!

  33. Pampering yourself is always a good idea! Your skin looks great. Xx
    Instagram: @littleprettymess

  34. Wow, your face look amazing from the facial xo

  35. Your skin is glowing! I haven't been pampered in a while now. I think I need to make an appointment!


  36. Your skin looks stunning, way to go.


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