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Maria Galland Le Essence Launch Event at Spa Symphony

maria galland le essence skin care blogger review
Caviar, Black Orchid, Malachite, White Truffle, Silver and Gold - Don't they sound so tasty, aromatic and precious?

maria galland event spa symphony 313 somerset
spa symphony maria galland le essence media launch
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Maria Galland has recently launched Le Essence, a luxurious skin care range. Together with beauty editors, I was at Spa Symphony to witness the scented event and got to take home the Maria Galland Le Essence kit too!

maria galland international trainer odile singapore spa symphony
The event saw Maria Galland's International Trainer, Odile, introducing Le Essence to the exclusively invited guests with product testing. Soon, we were completely hypnotized by the whiff from the luxurious droplets on our hands.

maria galland le essence product review
Imagine a bonus potion of luxury onto your skin, specially customized for you by Maria Galland. These pure essences contain concentrated innovative ingredients which are so precious and highly effective:

Caviar – Luxurious Anti-Wrinkle Care
Caviar, one of the most valuable and sought-after care ingredients, makes this highly effective essence an essential and luxurious anti-ageing care product. It supplies the skin with everything it needs, leaving it feeling soft as velvet.

Black Orchid – Relaxing Care For Skin In Need Of Regeneration
Precious oil of the black orchid combines with valuable macadamia nut oil to help the skin unwind and allow it to quickly regenerate. This exotic beauty pampers the complexion, leaving it soft and supple, and smoothes the skin contours.

Malachite – Soothing Harmony For Sensitive Skin
Malachite is the gentle care solution for sensitive skin prone to redness. The extract of this precious stone soothes and calms irritated skin and instantly brings it back into balance. The light, pleasant gel texture gives the skin an instant feeling of well-being.

White Truffle – Moisturising For A Fresh Complexion
White summer truffle, a rare gem from the forests of the South of France, is the key ingredient of this moisturising essence. The hydrating properties of this culinary treasure moisturise and refresh the skin, giving a radiant complexion.

Silver – Purifying For A Clear, Matt Complexion
A special creation of high-quality silver relieves the skin of excess sebum and refines the pores, making for a beautiful, clear complexion. A special micro-silver complex protects against irritation and blemishes and has a mattifying effect.

Gold – Revitalising Energy For Tired Skin
Gold, the symbol of eternal beauty and everlasting radiance, re-energises tired skin. The most precious element of the GOLD essence, 24-carat gold, revitalises and smooths the skin, transforming it into the most beautiful accessory.

Hyaluronate – Anti-Ageing / Lifting, Moisturising Silky-light Eye Gel For Radiant Eyes
Hyaluronic acid, the main component of this essence, intensively moisturises the sensitive area around the eyes, smooths fine lines and reduces puffiness. It regulates the skin cycle and supplies the skin with vital nutrients, thus restoring its radiance. This multifunctional anti-ageing concentrate is ideally suited for the delicate eye area.

maria galland le essence review
The above essences, in flacons of 3 lasting 6 days, will be put together specifically for you by your beauty therapist, and is completely tailored to the condition of your skin so that it can be optimized within this period of time.

maria galland international trainer odile le essence preview
For one application, use half of the contents of the flacon. Apply to neck, face and décolleté in the morning or evening, and massage in gently. Then apply care cream.

My Thoughts:
maria galland international trainer odile le essence launch
maria galland le essence white truffle orchid gold
As I am currently undergoing laser treatments for the pigmentation on my cheeks, I sought the advice of Maria Galland's International Trainer, Odile, on what is best for my skin. Odile selected the White Truffle ( moisturising ), Black Orchid ( regeneration ), and Gold ( revitalising ), and arranging them in sequence for my use.

maria galland le essence white truffle review
I followed the instructions diligently, pampering my skin with the serum starting with Maria Galland Le Essence White Truffle 004 as advised. I adore truffles as you can see from my strings of food posts, but putting them on my skin was an exciting experiment.

The White Summer Truffle is rich in amino acids, minerals and trace elements, and provides the skin with an intensive and continuous supply of moisture. I am also an aficionado of products with hyaluronic acids to treat my dehydrated skin, so I am delighted to learn that the essence is made particularly effective by an exclusive combination of hyaluronic acids on different molecule levels that builds a long-term store of moisture in the skin.

celebrity beauty blogger reviews maria galland le essence
The Maria Galland Le Essence White Truffle is light and refreshing with a pleasant scent. I love how the serum is easily absorbed into my skin, acting like a thirst quencher and leaving my skin revitalized.

maria galland le essence black orchid review
Next, I moved on to my favourite Maria Galland Le Essence Black Orchid on the 3rd night. The rare extract from the black orchid protects against environmental influences, temperature and moisture changes, making the essence an indispensable travel companion.

maria galland le essence black orchid review regeneration
With a composition of roses, hibiscus, frangipani, jasmine and almond, the Black Orchid smells so good, turning me into a bottle of walking perfume. This essence is suitable for any skin susceptible to dryness and whose hydrolipidic barrier needs to be brought back into balance.

The texture is quite different from White Truffle. I found it rather oily due to the cocktail of argan oil, macadamia nut oil, jojoba oil, and a little goes a long way. Although the instruction calls for ½ bottle for each night, I cheated! Not sure if my face is too small cause I had divided the potion into 3 parts and it was still more than sufficient. Subconsciously, it could also be because I love the scent so much, I wanted to stretch it out for another night.....

maria galland le essence gold review
Following the black orchid, I jumped onto my last serum - the Maria Galland Le Essence Gold. An exclusive energy extract of 24-carat gold makes this essence truly unique. The gold-coloured gel has a refreshing fragrant resembling alcohol. Although I like the scent and how it helps to replenish my skin making it more radiant, I found the serum a little sticky for my liking.

luxury haven reviews maria galland le essence gold
Interesting to note though, the Maria Galland Le Essence Gold contains extract of Amber, which is known for its remarkable powers with detoxifying effect and revitalizing properties. Tripetides, with a Botox-like effect give the facial expressions a softer and more relaxed appearance. This essence is certainly great for skin lacking energy and lustre.

Inhale as you apply these " perfumed " essences for an uplifting aromatherapy session at home. I like the fact that the 6-day intensive treatment can be combined with your usual skin care products so you won't have to put away your usual beauty regimen.

maria galland le essence luxurious skin care review
With LES ESSENCES, Maria Galland is revolutionising its legendary Modelling Mask Treatment and setting new standards in the world of beauty with the next generation of this unique method of treatment: Depending on the present needs of your skin, the essences are applied to the different skin zones in accordance with the “mosaic technique” before the mask is applied. This intensifies the effectiveness and the instant visible effect.

maria galland le essence modelling mask treatment
To prolong the effect of the treatment, your Maria Galland beauty therapist will put together your own individualised intensive treatment set for use at home. Priced at SGD 228, your Home Treat Set comes in an empty coffet whereby your beautician will slot in 3 essences + the Hyaluronate Eye Gel for a 6-day intensive home cure treatment.

maria galland le essence hyaluronate eye care
Sadly, the stock for the Hyaluronate eye care was not available at the time of press but I am certainly looking forward to receiving the Essence 007.

maria galland luxe collagen facial immortelle atelier review
Are you a fan of Maria Galland too? If you have been following my blog, you would have read some of my beauty reviews like the Maria Galland Luxe Collagen, or the Maria Galland Cocoon Hand Mask, each delivering promising results. Well, I am certainly looking forward to my next facial with my beauty therapist using Maria Galland Le Essence. Contact your nearest beauty salon now for a truly extraordinary experience!


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    1. Gift for your mom, perhaps?? Be a nice boy, Dedy :D

  5. How lovely to have attended this event launch, it looks like a lot of fun! The presentation of the products is really luxurious, as well! :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice


  6. Whatever your regime is, it's working!!!

  7. Maria Galland is really a great beauty brand; i ve tried for 1 month caviar luxury treatment and results were so good!


    1. Lucky gal, Dania! I would love to have the luxe caviar pampering too! xoxo

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