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Hong Kong Stanley Market, Certainly Worth A Visit ( 赤柱市集 )

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Enjoy a day of yummy food, chic cocktails, souvenirs shopping, or an evening of sunset at Stanley Market ( 赤柱市集 ), one of the must-go places especially for first-time visitors to Hong Kong.

hong kong tourist attraction stanley market
Located on the southern side of Hong Kong island, the quaint village of Stanley is quite different from other parts of Hong Kong.

hong kong stanley market shopping art gallery paintings
hong kong stanley market shopping ladies fashion
hong kong stanley market accessories costume jewelleries
hong kong stanley market shopping ladies bags
hong kong stanley market lace blouse shopping
Well known for its bargains, you will find an appealing array of little shops selling art pieces, silk garments, toys, sportswear, costume jewellery and lots of souvenirs at Stanley Market.

luxury haven hong kong staycation stanley waterfront
travel blogger hong kong vacation stanley waterfront
After shopping, take a slow walk along the waterfront boardwalk while enjoying the sea breeze. Here with me is my 20-year-old son who will be joining the army soon for 2 years. I'm gonna miss my boy........

hong kong tourist attraction stanley market restaurants
hong kong stanley market spiaggia new zealand ribeye
hong kong stanley market spiaggia pork chops
hong kong stanley market spiaggia salmon
Time for lunch! You may be wondering why we were taking western food since we were in Hong Kong, which is known for their fame Chinese cuisines. Although you can find a variety of Chinese and Western restaurants along with some pubs at Stanley Market, the place is flooded with Western restaurants and only a couple of Chinese outlets are seen. Food is not too bad though. If you prefer fast food, Delifrance, Mc Donalds and Starbucks are also spotted there.

hong kong stanley plaza al fresco seating outdoor
hong kong stanley plaza chugurt ice cream
There is also the Stanley Plaza for you to continue with your retail therapy if the open market is not enough. After a tired day out, it was really nice to tug into some nice ice-cream at the Chugurt store with al fresco seating area. Errrr, but at 15° C, anyone?? Other than shopping, you can also visit temples, museums and historic monuments, as well as a beach in the area.

luxury haven reviews ovolo southside hong kong hotel
I was invited to review a couple of hotels in Hong Kong last Christmas, and had a wonderful vacation there together with my family. One of the hotels we had stayed was the Ovolo Southside Hotel ( 奥公馆酒店南區 ), which is a close proximity to tourist attractions like Aberdeen Harbour, Repulse Bay, Stanley Market and Ocean Park.

hong kong tourist attraction stanley village
hong kong tourist attraction repulse bay stanley beach
hong kong tourist attraction repulse bay luxury apartments
I have to admit I am a rather spoilt traveller who enjoys riding in cabs even when I am overseas like in Hong Kong as cabs there are pretty affordable, but I love getting on the double-decker bus whenever I visit Stanley. En route, you will get to see the picturesque views of the South China Sea along with luxury apartments in Repulse Bay ( 淺水灣 ), one of the most expensive housing areas in Hong Kong.

ovolo southside stanley market repulse bay bus guides
It is relatively easy to get to Stanley Market by bus. Just opposite the Ovolo Southside Hotel, there is a direct bus to Stanley Market.

hong kong stanley market bus guides
If you are in the town area, just take bus 6, 6A, 6X , 66 or 260 from Exchange Square ( 交易廣場 ) Bus Terminus in Central Hong Kong; the ride is approximately 45 minutes. You can also find the bus guide over at Stanley Market if you want to get to the city from there.

hong kong stanley market bus ride info
how to get to stanley market by bus
I highly recommend you to take the double-decker bus and sit at the top front for a clear view and a thrilling ride. Nonetheless, I have to warn you that the bus ride goes through a long and winding road up to Stanley, and please avoid taking buses if you get motion sickness easily as the drivers are pretty rough. I am always amazed at the fast speed the buses go despite the narrow winding road.

Other than the rough ride, it is a very scenic drive and you can spot luxury sports cars like Porsche, Lamborghini and Ferrari since many Hong Kong celebrities own apartments in the luxurious Repulse Bay.

hong kong tourist attraction tai o luxury-haven
Well, I will be introducing more of Hong Kong attractions next so watch this space!



  1. Amazing photos!

    Check out my new post Here!!!

  2. All of these photos are lovely and transport me to another place entirely! The food looks delicious and I love the floral arrangement :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice


  3. Hong Kong is really such a wonderful place for food and shopping. I haven't visited in many years and would love to get back there.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  4. Been planning a trip to Hong Kong all this time and nothing happened. I know its a food haven, that's why I am still planning to go.

  5. I agree with you that HK stanley market is definitely worth a visit!

  6. So cool! I would love to visit Hong Kong!! Maybe someday :)

  7. wow,that food looks so yummy
    great pictures dear

  8. Oh, I think I've fallen in love with the place just by reading your adventures, Shirley. The ice-cream looks heavenly and it is funny that you're having this outside in chilly weather..! ^.^

    1. I enjoy eating ice-creams in winter & having them for breakfast as well. Hahaha!

  9. Thanks for sharing this Shirley. I've been to Hong Kong a couple of times and I haven't been to Stanley Market.

    Janelle | Styles & Prints

  10. Oh wow Shirley! Your holiday was sooo gorgeous! I would love to buy a few pieces of those modern art pieces and I know my mom would have gone crazy on those hand bags! Great shots and eats! I haven't been to hong kong in many years!

  11. How nice!

    I've only been to Stanley Market once.... ages ago.

  12. Thank you for sharing all the fabulous pictures Shirley! I love how you let me know more about your country :-)
    Coco et La vie en rose - Valeria Arizzi

    1. I live in Singapore, Coco. Just went to Hong Kong for vacation. Glad you like the place too :D

  13. I like this kind of markets. They are always very interesting.

  14. Wow! Stanley market looks like a good place for retail therapy and a shopping paradise.

  15. What a lovely travel post. Hong Kong is one of the places I definitely want to visit. To take a walk and enjoy the sea breeze...that's one of the best feelings!

    The food looks yummy...and how interesting there are so many Western food places. Maybe because of all the tourists?

    The market looks like the place to visit...and taking a bus a nice idea for sight seeing...Speaking of bus drivers that speed up, I remember being scared to death in Italy. Their cab and bus drivers really drive insanely fast, especially early in the morning (maybe because there is no police then?).

    Anyhow, all the photos are delightful...and you two are such a cute couple!

    1. I've not tried the buses in Italy, but the cabs were ok during my trips there. Thank goodness! Hope you've the chance to visit HK someday........

  16. Hong Kong is beautiful as well as your family love the shopping in the street is awesome.

  17. Wonderful pics and place.... an explosion of colors!!!!
    xo Paola
    My Facebook

  18. Hi sweet Shirley
    These photos are so amazing. I love hong Kong
    Maggie D.
    Fashion Blog Maggie Dallospedale fashion diary

  19. Beautiful pictures. Hong Kong looks amazing and I'd love to visit one day! x

    Beyond The Velvet | Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

  20. Wow that place looks amazing! Stunning photos :)

    We followed you on G+ & twitter, hope you follow back :)

  21. Beautiful pictures, Shirley. I hardly can believe you have twenty year old son. Girl you look twenty-something yourself. I love those kind of markets, it's always fun.

    1. Thanks so much for the sweet note, Lenya! I'm already more than double that age. Lol!

  22. Very interesting! definitely a place I'd love to visit!

    Inside and Outside Blog

  23. I have fond memories of my first visit to that market - nearly 20 years ago now!

  24. The food and the views are spectacular Shirley :)

    Serene xoxo

  25. Your son has really grown up! What a handsome young man! I know it will be tough on you to have him away from home. Looks like a terrific market!

  26. Beautiful place and yummy food. Your son is so handsome.

  27. Shirley, what a fun post and I love your photos. Your son is very handsome, and you both look wonderful. I love seeing all the art, the clothes, the looks succulent. And that bus! :) I really enjoyed this tour, dear friend, thank you so much for sharing.

    1. Thank you, Linda! Jonathan will be happy to hear that. Hope you've the chance to visit Asia some day, dear!


  29. I have been to HK twice but never get to visit Stanley Market. Been to Yuen Long though just for the wife biscuits.hahha

  30. brings back my memory...Stanley Market certainly worth to visit in HK.

  31. amazing shots!!!


  32. such a nice review!
    Love it! Gonna include Stanley Market in my visit list
    if I have a chance travel to HK

  33. Happy Belated Birthday to Jon. He is a man soon :)

    You and hubby can go pak tor everywhere lah :)

  34. I am planning to travel to Hong kong this year, waiting for other posts from you.

    1. Cool! My HK posts are all out, Subha. You may wanna click on those links above to check them out before your trip :D

  35. Thanks for the nice reminder. Time to revisit Stanley soon :-)

  36. Thanks for sharing this info Shirley. I'll be visiting HKG solo in coming May 2017. I will still prefer to stay in Kowloon. The traveling info was very detailed. Stanley Market, you are in my list now.

    Thanks again.

    1. Thanks for popping by! Just got back from a media trip to Perak; understand you're also from M'sia? Solo trip to HK gonna be fun. Enjoy your vacation! xoxo


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