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Top 5 Mouth-Watering Abalone Recipes for Chinese New Year!

chinese new year abalone recipe ideas
Abalone lovers, be fascinated by the round-up of abalone recipes I'm about to present to you, plus tips on how to cook a canned abalone! With the Chinese New Year just round the corner, foodies are snapping up these precious shellfish for the festive occasions. So here's a repertoire of my home-style abalone recipes for your CNY cooking............

chinese new year new moon abalone yusheng salad
New Moon Abalone Prosperity Yu Sheng ( 发财鲍鱼捞鱼生 )
In ancient China, fans (扇子) are not just cooling tools but also artwork symbols for status. The shape of the folding fan is regarded as a lucky symbol, meaning “increasing prosperity”.

chinese new year calmex abalone recipe foodporn
Abundance of Joy Abalone ( 金鲍满屋 ) using Calmex Abalone from Mexico.
Pick up tips on the proper way of cooking this premium delicacy and don't forget to share these handy tips!
(Featured at OpenRice Singapore)

cny abalone braised pork bellies claypot recipes
Braised Pork Bellies With Abalone In Claypot ( 砂鍋卤肉鲍鱼 )
(Featured at PtitChef and FoodWhirl, Spotted at OMY食天堂Eat)

creative chinese new year abalone flower recipe
Chinese New Year Calmex Abalone with Spinach
(Featured @ OMY-食天堂Eat, PtitChef and WhosIn)

cny reunion dinner limpets with spinach recipes
Limpets, The Poor Man’s Abalone
Now that you've seen all the premium abalone recipes, here's an alternative if you're living on a shoe-string - cooking Limpets, The Poor Man’s Abalone!

Well, are you a fan of abalones too? Do you usually buy the fresh ones or those in cans to cook?


  1. awesome dishes with pretty presentation.

  2. Gosh. Really mouth-watering platters. I am drooling...really lovely and creative dishes you made.

  3. Please cook for me Shirley, these dishes are YUMMY <3

    Serene xoxo

  4. Fabulous inventions. Somehow no matter how hard I try, abalone is one of those I can't eat.

  5. Shirley, you must be on cloud nine making and sampling so many dishes with abalone... a favorite of yours... and dreaming up such artistic presentations! Good times in the kitchen... great new year!

  6. Oh I love abalone and these dishes look amazing Shirley! I'm looking forward to my grandfather's abalone with mushrooms this weekend.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  7. Yummy food and great presentation!

  8. I am not a fan of abalone but I like the flower arrangement with the abalone.

  9. If I read only one other post about Chinese New Year I have to emigrate, don't do anything else than dreaming about this delicious food!! :)))

    Have a nice Valentines Day!!

  10. That looks delicious!:)

  11. My family always prefers lightly braised abalones or we sometimes also get baby abalones for a big mix cold dish with cold prawns, jelly fish, sea cucumbers and more! My mom always starts to buy lots of abalones a month or more before lunar new year but all throughout the year we always have at least 2-3 cans in our cupboard for seafood porridge or a quick braise for a special dinner! Love your presentation Shirley, you have such talented hands!

  12. the range is beautiful!

  13. never had yu sheng with abalone before, tempting to try Mama Shirley
    Simply damn delicious!!!
    Dedy@Dentist Chef

  14. Thank you for sharing, Shirley. These dishes are so exotic. Have a wonderful Sunday!

    Jasmine xx

  15. The abalone dishes are really tantalizing, Shirley!

  16. Nice! I'm a huge abalone fan. I like the bowl of pork with baby whole abalone on top.

    Oh, I've had those too - Fortune brand limpets, they have quite a similar texture. Of course, it's not as good as whole abalone but it's good too and you can get it quite easily everywhere since it comes in a can.

  17. Great to have another fan of abalone here & thanks for popping by, Huai Bin! It always nice to hear your thoughts, & Happy CNY to you & family!


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