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EHA Skincare Launch and Bloggers' Event at Shaw Centre

eha skincare shop at shaw centre orchard road
With a range of skin care products from Japan, US and France, beauty junkies will now be able to indulge in EHA Skincare with their newly-launched boutique located at Shaw Centre, right in the heart of Orchard Road!

Besides a comprehensive range of skin care specially formulated for the humidity of Asia and sensitive Asian skin, here's introducing some of EHA Skincare’s products made in Japan including their best sellers.

eha gentle exfoliating gel review all skin types
EHA Gentle Exfoliating Gel, 50 ml SGD 68
Unlike traditional scrubs, this exfoliating gel is so gentle it can be used even on sensitive skin, but still packs a punch, removing old keratin and keeping skin fresh and clean. With ingredients like Evening Primrose oil for its anti-oxidant and whitening properties, Algae extract for its moisturizing and whitening properties and Glycerin for its hydrating properties, skin looks brighter and cleaner without any greasy after-feel.

eha restore review anti ageing antioxidant whitening properties
EHA Restore, 50 ml SGD 88
A light textured gel-cream with anti-aging, antioxidant and whitening properties. This Japan-made night gel-cream is perfectly suited for Asian skin. Its light water-like texture melts upon application and is perfect for those who don’t like the heavy feeling of conventional night creams. EHA Restore is best suited for those with dry, mature or dehydrated skin and is great post laser as it keeps skin quenched but not greasy.

eha whitening eye gel review
EHA Whitening Eye Gel, 15 ml SGD 108
Easily absorbed and fast acting, this gentle eye gel keeps your delicate eye area hydrated and wrinkles and fine lines less visible. This product is safe for use even on sensitive skin.

luxury haven reviews eha sun shield 24hr
EHA Sun Shield 24hr, 30 ml tube SGD 98 / 5 ml travel size pump bottle SGD 38
EHA Sun Shield 24hr with SPF 100 has been proven to block both UV-A and UV-B rays by 99%, for a period of 24 hours, with just one application! The protecting ingredient also prevents spot generation, keeping the skin cool and resistant against sunburn. The main ingredient used in Sun Shield 24hr to block UV rays is called the "Y titanium particle", a kind of Titanous Oxide coated with silicon. A very thin application of this product (10-15 microns) is all you need to maintain its effect.

Sun Shield 24hr can also be used by both adults and children and is a great product post laser or IPL as it protects the skin from sun exposure and the risk of pigmentation!

Other products seen at EHA Skincare Boutique includes:

eha skincare bioderma purifying foaming gel
Bioderma Purifying Foaming Gel, 200 ml at SGD 29
A purifying gel that gently cleanses and prevents blemishes from the cleansing stage.

eha skincare bioderma atoderm pp gel moussant
Bioderma Atoderm PP Gel Moussant, 500 ml at SGD 41
Emollient, intensive bio-repair daily care for the cutaneous barrier, to restore the hydrolipidic film and restructure for severe and recurrent cutaneous dryness and very dry reactive skin.

eha skincare renokin hair revitalizing shampoo
Renokin Hair Revitalizing Shampoo, 150 ml at SGD 40
Clinically proven formula that helps promote longer, thicker healthier hair. Stimulates and fortifies the hair and scalp condition, creating a healthy environment for hair restoration.

eha neera detox madal bal natural tree syrup
Neera Detox Kit, SGD 120
Each Neera Detox Kit includes key ingredients to make the nourishing Neera Drink to support, detoxify and neutralise toxins during the Programme.

Madal Bal Natural Tree Syrup, SGD 105
A blend of pure grade C maple and wild palm syrup rich in potassium, calcium and zinc; the Madal Bal Natural Tree Syrup can be mixed with distilled water, fresh lemon juice and Cayenne pepper to make a delicious, refreshing Neera Drink. This is a perfect mix with all the necessary nutrients and compounds to support, detoxify and neutralise toxins during your Neera Detox Programme.

eha derma collagen review for skin hair nails
Well, bloggers at the event were given products to choose and I got myself the EHA Derma Collagen, SGD 128 for 60 capsules. Benefits:
  • Important nutrient for skin, hair and nails
  • Acts like a hydrator which helps to retain moisture of the skin
  • Assists natural healing of soft tissues
  • Restores skin’s energized and firming appearance
  • Made In Canada

aesthetics eha derma collagen review anti aging
At my age, I definitely need some form of collagen for maintenance, and I like the fact that EHA Derma Collagen comes in capsules form which make it so much easier to swallow. Its antioxidant effects help protect the skin from ageing by combining the deterioration of collagen and elastin fibres.

Well, the above products are available at EHA Skincare, located at 1 Scotts Road, Shaw Centre # 03-28 Singapore 228208. Be sure to check out the boutique the next time you're in the area!


  1. Will take a look if I find this products here too.

    Greets from the EDELFABRIK

  2. I am all in for anything to keep my skin soft and supple. These products are doing justice to your skin. Let me see if they are available over here.

  3. Lovely products!

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  4. Lots of greats products!


  5. These products look great. I've always taken care of my skin and now even more. Have a wonderful day!

    Jasmine xx

  6. I don't think the EHA brand is available in the US but the product line sounds great.

  7. This sounds amazing - I really like finding different brands out and never heard of this before! I love it :) x x

  8. Sounds like really great products, Shirley. Beautiful pictures. Looks like it was an awesome event.

  9. Nice products :) I'm fascinated that Natural Tree Syrup :) It looks really fine ;) Greetings :*

  10. The beauty products look amazing, thanks for sharing. Also I love your picture that is listed with the other bloggers xoxo

  11. Looks quite interesting :o specially the gel!

  12. The photos are great, and Shirley, you always look so lovely in photos. You are very photogenic. :)

    1. Thanks so much for the kind note, Linda! Happy weekend! xoxo

  13. Nice products

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  14. haha it sounds like something edible
    coz it reminds me of EPA and DHa combination xoxo

  15. Interesting read. I never realised that people living in humid climates would require different skin solutions. And it makes sense. I'll have to take this into consideration during travels!


  16. The Derma collagen has amazing benefits. Great post dear.

  17. Wow, the presentation of this skincare line is spectacular and it's great that they work to prevent any sunburn of the skin! :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice


  18. great review.
    the products looks lovely

  19. A so interesting post :)))
    I would like to give a try to everything!


  20. (belated) happy chinese new year to you x

  21. I would go for collagen-enhanced product too. Need to preserve my skin before I am hitting 40 in 2 years time.

  22. Seem to be lovely products, even if unfortunately I don't know any of them!


  23. Thanks for sharing, Shirley. These products sound amazing! I love that they framed a picture of you with a testimony too. ^.^

  24. Cool products :D
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  25. very interesting products!

  26. Nice event!!


  27. So EHA have used your photo as one of their spoke person - very convincing "tool".

  28. they sound like great products!


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