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SK-II AurActivator CC Cream Review + Tips To Radiant Skin!

shilla duty free sk ii auractivator cc cream
Pix Credit: SK-II
SK-II unveils that women can change their skin destinies by achieving spotless, brighter, more radiant skin through its latest breakthrough science discovery – #GenOptics, inspired by the science of genes and light.

Heartened by this discovery, SK-II launches the latest addition to its award-winning whitening boutique – the NEW AurActivator Complete Correction Cream – through yet another “First-in-the-World” collaboration with Changi Airport Group and an inaugural partnership with Shilla Duty Free.
changi airport skii lee sinje godfrey gao
Hosting an intimate session with SK-II Brand Ambassadors ( Lee Sinje and Godfrey Gao ) and Singapore’s top celebrity makeup artist, the launch event comprises SK-II’s retail partners, Singapore’s top beauty bloggers and representatives from key media.

For the very first time, SK-II has brought together two of its Brand Ambassadors, famous Malaysian film actress and pop singer, Lee Sinje and acclaimed Taiwanese-Canadian actor and model, Godfrey Gao in Singapore to spearhead the conversation around how ‘Skin Changes Destiny’. This is SK-II’s latest campaign to appreciate women for the relentless commitments they face and inspire them to #ChangeDestiny.

skii auractivator complete correction cream larry yeo
skii auractivator cc cream changi airport event
The second half of the session featured renowned celebrity make-up artist and skincare guru Larry Yeo, who treated guests to his veteran beauty secrets and shared how to achieve the hottest Spring/Summer ’15 looks with the SK-II AurActivator CC Cream. He also gave insight into how the breakthrough GenOptics science philosophy helps women bring out their aura glow.

changi airport social tree skii auractivator cc cream
I'm certainly delighted to be at the SK-II's Changi Airport Event to witness the launch of the NEW AurActivator Complete Correction Cream, with its latest TV commerical flashing on The Social Tree made up of 64 giant 42-inch high-definition screens!

skii auractivator complete correction cream review
As an ardent fan of SK-II, I was quick to test out this new product the very next day as I'm intrigued by the holistic brightening technology of this SK-II AurActivator CC Cream.

skii auractivator cc cream review sunblock
In a tropical country like Singapore, we are often beaten by the blazing sun. Daily exposure to UV rays is damaging to our skin and encourages dark spots and wrinkles, so it is crucial to consider a product that gives you protection from the sun and offers you luminosity at the same time.

singapore lifestyle blogger reviews skii auractivator cc cream
UV rays are almost impossible to combat, so with a high SPF 50, SK-II AurActivator CC Cream offers you 50 times longer exposure without burning - 500 minutes!

skii auractivator cc cream sunscreen
The New SK-II AurActivator Complete Correction Cream delivers 5 benefits in just 1 step:
  • Activating aura
  • Protecting skin with SPF 50
  • Evening out imperfections
  • Moisturizing
  • Improving skin's glow with iridescent micro pearls.
luxury haven reviews skii auractivator complete control cream
I love how the rich texture provided me with an instant luminosity and even coverage. I really like the soft radiant aura on my skin. The fact that the #cccream is also working on the inner layers of the skin to reduce melanin and protecting the skin from UV rays is certainly a plus point.

Well, here's some tips to looking radiant by revealing your natural glowing skin:

Step 1: Prep your skin with SK-II Cellumination Mask-in Lotion after cleansing your face. This one-of-a-kind mask in the form of a toning lotion immediately brightens and softens your skin, preparing it to receive the full benefit of the SK-II regimen that follows.

Step 2: Restore with SK-II Facial Treatment Essence, the miracle water for a breathtakingly crystal clear skin!

Step 3: Radiate with SK-II Cellumination Aura Essence. This extraordinary brightening serum containing SK-II’s unique whitening complex Aura Bright Cocktail with Pitera™, brightens and evens out your skin tone to give it an aura-like glow.

Step 4: Apply the NEW AurActivator Complete Correction Cream to get even coverage and soft radiant natural look. It also improves your skin's aura radiance after using for 4 weeks!

skii auractivator cc cream review
The SK-II AurActivator CC Cream retailing at SGD 92 (30g), is available at Shilla Duty Free in Changi Airport from January 2015 and all SK-II counters in leading departmental stores from March 2015.


  1. Can really see the difference on your skin. Yes, really important to protect our skin in this kind of weather in our country.

  2. The blazing sun over here is also killer and this product is perfect. Good and high coverage with the SPF50.

  3. Hi Shirley, the texture look lighter and not so sticky.

  4. THX for your lovley comment on my blog :) but I still follow you on GFC and on bloglovin too for longer :D - but I would be VERY happy if you will follow me there too :)

    Greets from the EDELFABRIK

    1. Chrissie, I'm already following you too & love having you around. ^_^

  5. Great post, Shirley. The texture looks pretty good to me.

  6. This product sound amazing detail rwview and helpful information.

  7. It has already been proven how SK-II have been taking good care of your skin all these while. Now the CC cream that has SPF50, it certainly saves a lot of time and money since the step of applying sunblock could be eliminated and replaced with SK-II CC cream - certainly a must try product.

  8. very interesting product!

  9. Great post dear! I've read a lot of amazing review about sk-ii's products. Have a fun and productive Wednesday! :)

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  10. This sounds like another amazing product from SK-II Shirley! I hope it will be available in the US!

  11. Lovely post , looks great.

  12. Good to use this to start taking care of our skin. My grandmother uses SKII too!

  13. I don t know these products but your review is so great..Thank you for it!


  14. Awesome product
    i always love SK II product

  15. Love this review! Great info! Xx
    Instagram: @littleprettymess

  16. Seems a very interesting product, hope to find it somewhere some day!


  17. it's great, i would like to try it too :)

  18. The advertising this company invests in is amazing.

  19. here ther sun really killing us. sure need all the protection we can get

  20. i love SKII but it has pricey products >.<

    1. I guess that's where quality kicks in. Take it as an investment. :D

  21. I've wanted to try SK-II for ages now, that and LaPrairie!

    Hope you've been doing well lovely and that you had a fabulous holiday season,

    1. I'd love to try La Prairie too, the ala creme of all skincare. Hahaha!

  22. what a great product!

  23. Wow! Great post and thanks for sharing.

    Eye See Euphoria |

  24. I've recently bougth a CC cream, but I've never used it yet. Very interesting outfit.

  25. I've heard a lot about SK-II and I would like to buy some when I go to asia in the fall for sure!!

  26. This looks like a fun launch and has also served as a reminder for me to look into creams as I've really neglected that area of my cosmetic/skincare regime! :)


  27. great review and a good product :)

  28. looks like an amazing product, I love CC creams :)

    (IG: @TheStardustBohemian)

  29. Fantastic product review my friend :D

    Choc Chip Uru

  30. Hi Shirley,

    Great recommendation! I'm a big fan of SKII too.


  31. This is an awesome product, I have tried a sample product of SK2 moisturiser.

  32. I wonder why some bloggers are hesitant & taking so long to try the SK-II's good products. You have convinced me enough to try and thanks. My thrifty wife has sworn that it was the first time she ever used a really good face cleanser that removes clogged pores well and kind to her ultra sensitive skin. Now she agreed that good things don't come cheap.

    1. I'm so glad that you've started to use SK-II after reading my strings of reviews. I'm delighted that their products are working well on both of us as well as your lovely wife. However, SK-II may be too rich for younger skin as I've read that some have experienced breakouts after using. Maybe that's why not all are into it & also the price tags may be another factor :D

  33. Great share, Shirley. I've heard only good things of SK-II and you are walking proof of its goodness ^.^

  34. Hi! Thanks for your review!

    I am currently using the Stempower as mosturizer. Do I still need to use it if I decide to use the cc cream since it has mosturizing benefit?

    Thanks a bunch!

    1. So sorry for the late response, Nynn. Apparently, your comments went into the spam & I must have missed out. Most bb creams & cc creams would have some moisturizing base, but you'll still need to use a moisturizer especially if your skin is dry. Hope it's not too late a reply.

  35. This is really good review I'm read today!

  36. I'd never heard of this product! Great share.



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