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Keio Plaza Tokyo Duo Fourchettes French & Italian Restaurant

duo fourchettes chef tomokuni half wheel parmigiano reggiano
It's French meets Italian at Duo Fourchettes ( デュオ フルシェット ), a fine dining establishment located on the 2nd level in the South Tower of Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo. The tasteful dining room is harmonized by flawless service and impeccable European cuisine, making a satisfying meal fit for any occasion.

keio duo fourchettes french italian restuarant fine dining
Be welcomed by a warm, charming interior, with diners submerging themselves in both conversation as well as hearty French and Italian cuisines. The opulent ambience and intimate service created an unforgettable dining experience for me, a very special one indeed.

keio plaza duo fourchettes french italian foie gras
My tasting that evening commenced with a generous portion of Sautéed Foie Gras ( フォワグラのポワレ ) at ¥3,700, (¥1,000 approx = USD 8.5). Sitting on a sweet and tangy sauce with berries and prunes, the goose liver with crispy exterior melted in my mouth as I slowly indulged in the French delicacy. Yummy!

keio plaza duo fourchettes chef tomokuni italian prosciutto
Our second course was rather an interesting one with Chef Toshiyuki Tomokuni ( 友國稔行 ) treating us to their Prosciutto con Bomba ( 生ハム カッティングサービス ) at ¥3,000.

keio plaza duo fourchettes italian prosciutto con bomba
Love the name バクダンフォカッチーノ, literally means Bomb Foccacino, an inflated oven-baked Italian flat bread!

keio plaza duo fourchettes chef toshiyuki tomokuni
keio plaza duo fourchettes prosciutto con bomba review
For the price tag of ¥3,000, you will have Chef Tomokuni personally slicing the wafer-thin dry-cured ham from San Daniele ( サンダニエーレ産生ハム ), and placing them on top of the " bomb " before it explodes before your eyes as the chef cuts to release the air turning it into a flat bread.
keio plaza duo fourchettes chef tomokuni luxury haven
Here's Chef Tomokuni presenting one of Duo Fourchettes' signatures dishes - the Prosciutto con Bomba ( 生ハム カッティングサービス )!

keio tokyo duo fourchettes prosciutto con bomba review
The thin and crispy Prosciutto con Bomba was real savoury with the addition of the wild rockets, making it a fun and tasty treat!

keio plaza duo fourchettes french italian restuarant consomme
I always enjoy a Consommé Soup ( コンソメマルミット シェリー酒の香り ) ¥1,850, especially when having pizza-like dishes as it somehow helps to open up my appetite. Love the flavourful clear beef soup infused with a hint of scented sherry.

keio plaza tokyo duo fourchettes parmigiano reggiano fusilli
Another show-stopper is the Parmigiano Reggiano ( パルミジャーノレッジャーノ ) at ¥2,800, a pasta dish tossed in half wheel of Parmigiano Reggiano at your table.

keio plaza duo fourchettes parmigiano reggiano pasta review
It was certainly interesting watching the chef scrapping the cheese from a huge half block of wheel, and stirring in the cooked #Fusilli right in front of you. A simple drizzle of olive oil works wonders to sharpen the distinguished flavour in the fresh pasta made from beetroot and spinach. The dish was especially delectable with the melted cheese, creating the base sauce for the Italian pasta.

keio plaza tokyo duo fourchettes seafood review
Price is unavailable for this Seafood Acqua Pazza ( シーフードのアクア ); it was a special request from me as I was in a mood for some nice seafood. The succulent shellfish, tossed in tomatoes and olive oil, were plumpy and so appetizing. Love the addition of black olives and capers, which are distinctive ingredients in the Italian cuisine.

keio plaza duo fourchettes french italian restuarant hello kitty
While I was still in the European dreamland, a charming guy came and knelt down in front of my with a stalk of rose! How often do you get a man to go down on his knees, let alone at my age? What's going on?

keio plaza tokyo duo fourchettes hello kitty desserts
The sweet gentleman, H. Takamatsu-san ( 高松紘子 ), is actually the Manager of Duo Fourchettes, who had planned my birthday treat. Isn't he such a darling? Check out my adorable and yummy Hello Kitty desserts!

keio plaza duo fourchettes pastry chef izumi hinata
The artist behind is none other than Pastry Chef Izumi Hinata! Don't you adore her Hello Kitty drawings?

Well, I obviously had a splendid time at Duo Fourchettes savouring their food as well as getting to meet the wonderful team behind the French / Italian Restaurant in Tokyo. The marvellous traditional cuisines with carefully selected dishes are matched by their warm meticulous hospitality, and every dish is a mélange of quality, colours and flavours.

keio duo fourchettes french italian restuarant chef tomokuni
The Asian Chef demonstrated remarkable versatility in the European cuisine, bringing Duo Fourchettes to a new level in Tokyo, a city that holds the most record for Michelin-starred restaurants in the world. Thank you Duo Fourchettes, for the unforgettable evening and your kind arrangements! You guys rock!

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South Tower 2F
Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo
2-2-1 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-Ku, Tokyo
160-8330 Japan
Tel: +81-3 3344 0111


  1. OMG, Shirley all of the food looks beyond amazing :D I want to be there & eat it all hehehe!

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  2. Ohhh everything looks good <3
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  3. ohh the food looks delicious, and the detail that they put into the food is awesome!

  4. Oh my... that's so creative of them for mixing the pasta on the block of cheese!

  5. Amazing place to make reservation. Why not have a gentleman gets on his knees for you no matter the age you are.

  6. Everything looks delicious!!!
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  7. Oh wow Shirley! I'm sooo jealous! I would have loved to have a large portion of that pasta salad and the pan seared foie gras! I love love foie gras with sweet fruit sauces! You really had great personal touches with that meal!

  8. You are one lucky girl, to be pampered by all those amazing food.

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  10. Sounds like a fine dining experience! That cheese wheel certainly is cool!

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  11. This is the perfect restaurant for me. I love French and Italian food. Happy Birthday! Such a beautiful gift for you.

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  12. Looks like a delicious night!

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  14. Yum. I like how the chef gets personally involved.

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    1. Hahaha! You're so cute, Tanya! Thanks for the sweet note! xoxo

  16. I am so hungry now it is such a great cuisine marriage here :D

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  17. mmm it looks like a great place. I particularly love pizza bread and ham.

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  19. How wonderful that you get to watch the chef at work preparing your food Shirley! Everything looks so artfully presented and delicious!

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  21. What a great place :)
    I'm happy you can appreciate Parmiggiano Reggiano and the Italian way of cooking!


  22. What a great place :)
    I'm happy you can appreciate the Italian way of cooking and the Italian food!!!


  23. Look absolutely fantastic, Shirley. What a surprise it must be when that manager got down on his knees for you!

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    Hey the man knelt down and gave you a rose.... Errr did your hubby bash him up? LOL

    1. Hahaha! Thank Goodness I was single & available in Tokyo! Lol!

  28. I am so intrigued by the inflated oven-baked Italian flat bread! The food looks yummy and what a nice experience they gave you. :)


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