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Hello Kitty Cakes At Sanrio Puroland Sweets Shop In Shinjuku

sanrio puroland hello kitty cake shop shinjuku
Kawaii Hello Kitty Mochi, anyone? Be awed by the cute Sanrio Puroland Characters that's lining up for you in this whimsical Sanrio Puroland Sweets Shop in Shinjuku with lots of Hello Kitty Confectionery items in the store! かわいいでしょ。

keio department store sanrio puroland hello kitty cafe
Hello Kitty fans, be sure to visit this haven located in the Shinjuku area if you are in Tokyo. I was like a child once inside this Sanrio Puroland Sweets Shop, going ga-ga with my favourite Japanese #HelloKitty character. Stuff there are too endearing!

keio department store hello kitty almond cookies
Couple of months ago, Keio Plaza Hotel hosted my stay in Tokyo. Besides that, the generous KPH also included a shopping trip in my itinerary to visit their Keio Department Store and the Hello Kitty Paradise! They even got me these Hello Kitty goodies! You can imagine how happy and thankful I was!

tokyo sanrio puroland hello kitty confectionery
The shop is like a Hello Kitty Cafe loaded with all the pretty Hello Kitty pastries and souvenirs. Aren't they cute? Let's hit the store to check out the Sanrio merchandise and their prices!

kawaii japanese sanrio puroland hello kitty biscuits
Hello Kitty Biscuits ( ハローキティサブレ )

keio department store sanrio puroland hello kitty donuts
Hello Kitty Donuts ( ハローキティドーナツ )

japanese sanrio puroland hello kitty mochi
tokyo keio department store hello kitty desserts
Hello Kitty Mochi ( ハローキティもちもち食感の大福を、4種の味 )

keio department store sanrio puroland hello kitty cups
Hello Kitty Mousse in Cup ( ハローキティマグカップ、バニラムースが中に入っています )

cute sanrio puroland character cookies kawaii
Sanrio Puroland Character Cookies ( サンリオピューロランドキャラクターチョコラングドシャ )

my melody sanrio puroland sweets shop in shinjuku
The Sweet Shop also carries popular Sanrio character goods such as My Melody and Little Twin Stars.

hello kitty sanrio puroland sweets shop in shinjuku
The Sanrio Puroland Sweets Shop is located near the Keio Department Store in the Shinjuku ( 新宿区 ) area. Look out for this Shinjuku West Gate Signage which is just next to the shop.

You can also find lots of Hello Kitty souvenirs in the Sanrio Shop on the 7th floor of Keio Department Store, which is directly connected to the Shinjuku Station. Shinjuku is a shopping paradise with the JR Shinjuku Station, whether you exit the station to the east or the west! Other interesting shopping malls include Seibu Shinzyuku PePe, Takashimaya and Tokyu Hands.

keio plaza hotel tokyo hello kitty shopping
shinjuku keio plaza hotel tokyo hello kitty shopping
If that's not enough, just walk over to Keio Plaza Hotel, and you can find Seikatsu Saika, a convenience Store located on the 2nd Flr of the South Tower.

tokyo nishi ginza questina hello kitty ladies
Find out where to shop for Hello Kitty stuff when you're in Tokyo. Go crazy at Hello Kitty Shopping In Japan, ハローキティ ショッピングへ行きましょう!

Want more of Hello Kitty? Check into one of the Hello Kitty Hotel Rooms below:

celebrity blogger reviews keio plaza hello kitty room


  1. Incredibly cool shots!
    Have a nice week end!
    Photographer Gil Zetbase

  2. Omigosh Shirley, all these adorable HK treats almost look way to cute to eat!

  3. OMG I so so so want some of those Hello Kitty cakes. Gorgeous!

  4. OMG! How cute is that! Love it, Shirley.

  5. Oh my god! This is absolutely gorgeous! I love the Kitty items!

    ♘ ♘

  6. Your pictures are absolutely gorgeous!!!!! Love the sweets, the Japanese have really great ones!


  7. Ohhh everyhing is soo cute *-*

  8. Girl, this has been my favorite post on blogger for a long time! So cute, loved everything!

    1. Thanks so much for your kind words, sweetie! Love having you around! xoxo

  9. They are so cute! I won't have the heart to eat them.

  10. How awesome Shirley! I think the japanese make the best and most delicate and detailed things! Love the mochi and all those desserts in the case in the shop! I know a couple friends who may not be able to leave that shop without spending a bomb!

  11. These cakes are so cute, I couldn't bring myself to eat them :P

    Choc Chip Uru

  12. So sweet!

  13. beautifull cake shop!!!
    it's heart breaking to eaten it...

  14. I love mochi but those HK mochi are just too cute to be eaten. A true HK fans' paradise outlet.

  15. Wow! This is great!

    I'm a hello kitty fanatic and I love the idea of you sharing all this in a single post, Shirley!
    I bet, it'll make all hello kitty fanatic's eyes pop. :)

    Would love to visit there one day. This place is definitely #1 on my list!

    Jhem |

  16. I love Sanrio products since I was a kid
    and I guess I'll always love Hello Kitty.
    So cute ♥

  17. Pretty pretty and cute cute. Very nice. In fact I went over the pictures many times.

  18. oh so lovely so can I eat that??? but it still look delicious too..

  19. wonderful! would buy a lot of things in this shop :)

  20. This is an amazing place! Love everything there and truly feel like a child in heaven!

  21. They are so cute! I hate to think of what ingredients are inside though. Is there anything recognizable as food? ;-)

  22. Woww...the treats are so cute!! I will have a hard time deciding which to buy -_-

  23. Those are the cutest mochis ever! Never seen mochis with design before. Love all your Hello Kitty posts!

  24. Oh...dear. Everything looks so cute. How to eat just looking already feel so good.

  25. wow it looks so yummylicious yet I'm not dare to eat as they are too cute
    I hope I will have such treats in future ^^


  26. Everything is soooo cute :D

    Serene xoxo

  27. This is sooooo tempting!! I don't know whether I'll keep it as a bottled souvenir or eat it, lol. XD

  28. The pastry are just too adorable to be eaten.


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