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Burberry Blue Label At Odaiba VenusFort ( ヴィーナスフォート ), Tokyo

luxury haven ootd burberry blue label pink knitwear
If you have been following Luxury Haven, you would have known that I am a huge fan of both Burberry, and Burberry Blue Label. It is one of the must-do things whenever I visit Tokyo, to check out the Burberry Blue Label boutiques.

For those who are not familiar with Burberry Blue Label ( バーバリーブルーレーベル ), these designer products are actually made for the Japanese market, and prices are a lot more affordable than Burberry itself. I was really eager to shop at Burberry Blue Label during my last trip to Tokyo to review Keio Plaza Hotel Hello Kitty Town Rooms. Reason being, it may be my last chance to shop there; there will be no more Burberry Blue Label come mid of 2015!

My Japanese friend sent me a news article some time ago saying that Burberry Blue Label will lose its license to use the Burberry brand this year. After that, the company behind will still continue to offer " Burberry Black Label " menswear and " Burberry Blue Label " womenswear, but will drop the Burberry name from both brands. So if you are also an avid fan like me, be sure you make a trip to Tokyo before the brand is gone.

odaiba venusfort burberry blue label outlet shopping
There are several Burberry Blue Label boutiques in Tokyo, but the biggest one is located at #VenusFort, a shopping mall with a medieval European village concept. If you are a tourist, you will be delighted to know that Tax-free service is available at about 50 stores in VenusFort, so don't forget to bring your passport along! Check out some of the great buys at Burberry Blue Label!

odaiba venusfort burberry blue label quilted short coat
Fell in love with this Red Burberry Blue Label Quilted Short Coat at ¥43,000 (¥10,000 = USD 85)! It's just about SGD 500! Well, you can expect to pay at least 50% more for the Burberry brand itself.

odaiba venusfort burberry blue label knitwear dresses
How about this Beige Burberry Blue Label Knitted One-Piece at ¥26,000? Do you like the patterns on the dress?

luxury haven ootd burberry blue label pink knitwear
I was so excited with my new #OOTD Pink Burberry Blue Label Knit Wear at ¥13,000 that I had to wear it that evening to my Akasaka Kitafuku Red King Crab Dining Adventure ( 赤坂きた福 )

Besides shopping at Burberry Blue Label, you can also find factory outlet stores like Franc Franc ( フランフラン ). Singaporeans who enjoy shopping at this Japanese home furnishing store will have to visit their stores in Japan in the future when it ceases operation in Singapore by May 2014. Other factory outlets at VenusFort include #Zwilling Brand Outlet, #Wedgewood Factory Shop, and Levi's Outlet Store etc.

aomi venusfort levis outlet shopping revel collection jeans
Can you believe that this pair of Levi's Jeans is only ¥3,500, down from the original price tag of ¥16,000? Plus tax, it is ¥3780 for this pair of jeans from the Levi's Revel Collection, which is a steal!

aomi venusfort levis outlet shopping bargains
Levi's is really cheap in the US, but prices are crazy in Asia. If you shop at this Levi's Outlet Store at VenusFort, you can even get 1 Free with every 2 pairs! Too bad, I could only find one pair. Sigh!

aomi venusfort shopping mall medieval european village
venusfort shopping mall fountain plaza medieval european village
Shoppers will fall in love with VenusFort's enchanting skyline expanding overhead the mall, creating a magical and romantic ambience. The place is beautiful!

venusfort venus family jokers town tokyo pet paradise
Venus Family on the 1st floor is one great place for pet lovers besides selling lifestyle products. Joker's Town is a huge place with pet groomers, and lots of shopping for doggie stuff; it is certainly a pet paradise!

venusfort venus family village vanguard japanese anime souvenirs
Fans of the Japanese Anime will find Village Vanguard interesting too with lots of toys and souvenirs up for grabs!

odaiba venusfort aomi shopping mall
shimbashi yurikamome aomi line venusfort
To get to VenusFort, you need to go from #Shimbashi Station ( 新橋駅 ) to take the #Yurikamome ( ゆりかもめ ) line to #Aomi Station ( 青海駅 ).

odaiba beautiful views from yurikamome train
tokyo yurikamome odaiba landmark view of ferris wheel
yurikamome palette town ferris wheel odaiba landmark
odaiba rainbow bridge yurikamome line
Be sure to pop by Odaiba ( お台場 ) too if you are in the area, a popular shopping district for tourist where the famous Rainbow Bridge ( レインボーブリッジ ) lies. I would pop by that area sometimes when I am in Tokyo. I have always enjoyed my scenic ride on the Yurikamome train, where you will get lots of picturesque views of the city. My son loved it so much the last time I brought him to the Gundam Fair in Odaiba.

beautiful views yurikamome train tokyo automated transit system
The Yurikamome train is Tokyo's first fully automated transit system, controlled entirely by computers with no drivers on board! It is like Singapore's monorail in Sentosa, or the Skytrain in Changi Airport.

odaiba landmark ferris wheel of palette town
Here is a close-up of the gigantic Ferris Wheel of Palette Town, a landmark in Odaiba. It is one of Japan’s largest Ferris Wheel, and this is one of the most famous destinations in Odaiba.

Well, if you are making a trip to Tokyo soon, be sure to check out the following posts:
Venus Fort ( ヴィーナスフォート )
〒135-0064 東京都江東区青海1-3-15 2F
1-3-15 Aomi, Koto, Tokyo 135-0064, Japan


  1. Didn't know about this label, sounds great, love the things you pictured!!!
    And you made gorgeous pictures of Tokyo!!!!


  2. I would love to ride on that Yurikamome sounds like an awesome experience and judging by your pics also a nice opportunity to enjoy some views.

    sorry to hear about that label losing its name, but at least it will still be available (if I have understood well).

  3. You got name brand without breaking the bank my type of shopping. Pink looks stunning on you.

  4. I've been to this place before! I was near to being broke, didn't get to shop any there, spent a lot on food :(

  5. Love Burberry. Is one of my favorite brand.
    Great purchases.

  6. That looks like a great shopping mall Shirley! I wish Burberry Blue label was more readily available in the US.

  7. Tokyo is an amazing city, I would like to visit it!!!
    I love Burberry too!
    Keep smiling!
    Kisses, Paola.


    My Facebook

  8. Tried to get something from Burberry in Hokkaido but nothing that I fancied.

  9. I have been to Odaiba but not this branded shop, just to the bridge. My aunt loves burberry brand too.

    P/S Congrats for passing level 789. How did you pass it? I am still stuck there. :(

    1. What a pity, Mun! Should've visited this mall too. 789? I'm still stuck there, dear. The nearest I could hit was left with 3 greens. Sigh! Wonder if it helps if I play via desktop............

  10. VenusFort sounds like a very attractive shopping destination. Levis are also more expensive in the UK than in the US. I would like to visit Tokyo some time and I shall certainly look back at your recommendtions!

  11. Burberry is awesome, especially Prorsum.

    ♘ ♘

  12. I didn't know about the blue label, tho. You got really nice stuff. Love the knitted one. Beautiful pictures, Shirley.

  13. Burberry it awesome, their scarf is so classy and the checked pattern iconic!
    Great photoshoot!

    Choc Chip Uru

  14. Hi honey! Love the pictures! Everything look´s amazing n.n

  15. BeautifuL photos of Tokio!
    Instagram: @littleprettymess

  16. Everything is so nice!
    Levis jeans are top quality!
    Take care*

  17. We still haven't visited, but would love to go.

  18. I do like the knitted piece. Ok. I must check the outlet out if I have a chance to visit Tokyo.

    Btw you look great in that pink outfit.

  19. Hi Shirley,
    I love the Burberry brand clothes that we can find here in stores like Nordstrom. I wonder if there is much of a difference with the blue label. It doesn't look like it.

    I'm in awe of those Levi's. They look exactly like the color tone I'm looking for lol...which are so hard for me to find here. Most times they have been bleached so much the colors are a mishmash! Levis for me need to be Levi blue!!!

    Looks like quite the shopping arena, Shirley. Which reminds me, I really need to do some shopping for little ol' ME!!! If only Tokyo was just around the corner {{sigh}}

    Thanks for sharing, Shirley...

    1. Louise, I've to admit it's not easy to find a pair of dark blue jeans, most are wash-out. Chinese New Year is fast approaching. More excuse for us to shop. Hahaha!

  20. Love what you found.
    Thanks for sharing.

  21. A little off topic but I really like your hairstyle in that pink barberry knit wear!

  22. Looks like you're having an amazing time!


  23. That is a lovely pink outfit, Shirley. You look great in it! ^.^

  24. You must have had a good time shopping there and I also noticed that besides shopping for yourself, you also shopped for your princess Candy.

  25. Burberry!!!

  26. Lovely photos!! Looks like you had a fantastic time! :)

    New post on GIRL ABOUT TOWN BLOG

  27. Shopping paradise!

  28. I love shops that are tax free!!

  29. Being in that train with view at the bridge is a great journey, the place for shopping is big and very nice decorated. Thanks for sharing. xoxo

  30. Oh what some great brands! I love levi's jeans...they're amazing and the fit perfectly!


  31. hmm Burberry Blue label! Never heard that until now! it looks nice, I like the white sweater you picked out there!

  32. How interesting! I never knew that Burberry outlets even existed and I'm glad you found some Levi jeans at a good price, too :)


    1. Gabrielle, I thought there are Burberry outlets in London? I know there is one in Paris tho.....

  33. Guapura!!encantada de conocer este blog tan maravilloso, me quedo aquí como seguidora. Te invito a pasar por el mio y quedarte conmigo.
    Millones de Besitos

    1. Thanks for your kind words, Maitane! Will pop by as soon as I get the time :D

  34. Love Burberry & loved reading this post Shirley :D

    Serene xoxo

  35. Their clothing line look so pretty and cute (: x

  36. Great photos
    Looks like you have a amazing time

    New post in

  37. What a great post :)))
    I love Burberry as well!


  38. Wow! The price is just amazing, this is why I love shopping at outlets :D


  39. lovely post!!



  40. Great purchase dear.Love that brand

  41. Hi Shirley,

    I saw a Blue Label shop when I was in Kyoto/Osaka earlier this month. What do you mean by 'will drop the Burberry name from both brands.' does that mean that there will be a new brand called Black Label/Blue Label only? I will be in Tokyo at the end of next month and hopefully will still have Burberry Black Label...huhuhu

    1. Yap, that's what I've been told. The brands will continue but without the Burberry label. But will they sell as well considering the prices without the designer tag? Mmm......

    2. aiya...nvm will just go and hunt first..otherwise without the Burberry tag, a bit useless..hehe


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