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Prima Taste Singapore Curry LaMian, Award-Winning Noodles!

prima taste premium noodle in aromatic curry soup
Created from premium high-protein wheat flour, Prima Taste LaMian ( 新加坡百胜厨拉面 ) are steamed and air-dried, healthier than conventional fried noodles. Its award-winning Singapore Curry LaMian ( 新加坡咖喱拉面 ), made up of a sumptuous blend of herbs and spices with their gourmet Prima Taste Singapore Curry Paste, is certainly a time-saver winner!

ramen rater top instant noodles prima taste curry
It was another cold and rainy day. Having tried their scrumptious Laksa LaMian ( 新加坡叻沙拉麵 ), I was tempted to have a bowl of piping hot spicy noodles on the wet afternoon. Hubby was all for it, and in just 7 minutes, our Prima Taste Singapore Curry LaMian was out!

We enjoy our food with lots of ingredients. Hence, we added slices of grilled chicken meat, quail eggs and taupok ( dried beancurd / tofu puff ) to our noodles.  Yum yum!

prima taste curry noodles fried wonton
Try adding a little crunch to your curry mee, pair your spicy noodles with some deep-fried wonton for that extra punch. You're gonna love it!

tasty singaporean cuisine prima taste curry mee
Of course, nothing beats making your own curry from scratch. But in terms of time-saver, the #PrimaTaste Singapore Curry LaMian is certainly a winner. With its robust flavour and rich curry soup, there's really nothing much you can complain about.

prima taste curry lamien blogger review
Do you know that Prima Taste LaMian are Halal certified? My dear Muslim friends, now you've more alternatives when it comes to "fast food"!

You can also scan the QR code to watch a video tutorial on how to cook the noodles!

singapore top ten instant noodles prima taste lamian
The Ramen Rater ranked Prima Taste Laksa LaMian and Curry LaMian as the 1st and 2nd in the “The Ramen Rater’s Top Ten Instant Noodles of All Time 2013 Edition”, giving both perfect scores of 5.0 out 5.0 stars! Don't you think if you give it a try?

prima taste curry lamien review
Retailing at SGD 10.23, you'll get 4 packets of Curry LaMian in one package. Get a taste of authentic Singaporean cuisine with Prima Taste now! Luxury Haven is pleased to collaborate with Prima Taste bringing you great discounts off their products!

Simply quote " LUX0114 " during check-out to enjoy 15% off Prima Taste Online Store! FREE delivery within Singapore with orders of SGD 30 and above! Valid till 21 Dec 2014.

* Prima Taste ships to anywhere in the world! Do you know that some of their products are also available in the US, and are well received by the taste palate of Americans? For those living in the US, you may wish to purchase Prima Taste products from Amazon. Happy shopping!

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  1. I will not mind having a award winning noodles as Curry with delicious qual eggs this sound very tasty and satisfy for the tummy.

  2. This post literally me me soooo hungry. Happy Monday! :)

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  3. This looks delicious Shirley, reminds me I should get me something to eat ;)
    Happy Sunday Shirley

  4. You get loads of noodle variety there, my co-sister use to bring some to me when she visits India.

  5. These noodles look amazing! I am getting hungry even though I just ate!

  6. Oh my Shirley, my mouth is watering by looking up the picture of those yummier noodle soup! how I would want on my noodle too:).


  7. So yummy , i wanto to try it!


  8. Really admire how you turn plain instant noddle to such delicious meal. You sure are tempting everyone to try it out....

  9. It looks scrumptious, Shirley! :)

  10. Those noodles look so so delicious!! And it's lunch time right now!! So i know exactly what to have now!! Haha!! Some hot spicy laksa it is :p

  11. Oh man, I love noodles so much!


  12. Hmmm I don't know about making my own curry paste lol, it all seems so fiddly and difficult for me. And I've never been a fan of the ones you buy at the supermarket, I can't say anything about the brand you speak of above though, it's probably not even stocked in Australia! Hehehe! I leave to the professionals and just eat out!


    1. Sonia, I've to admit it's quite a hassle making your own curry from scratch. I'm not too sure if you've Prima Taste in Aust, but you may like to try ordering from their site since they deliver worldwide :D

  13. Shirley The Singapore Curry looks YUMMY! :)

    Serene xoxo

  14. What a terrific meal! Love that you found a shortcut, too...perfect for this busy time of year!!!

  15. Definitely a stunning bowl of noodles with all those delicious ingredients you added on! A funny thing that I don't think many patrons of hotel buffet restaurants don't realize is that 100% of the time they are using laksa paste from a big food company or even prima taste! They don't have the time to prepare laksa stock from scratch, it's impossible and so when we make this at home and add all the lovely additions like yourself we can save ourselves that price tag of eating that small bowl at a buffet!

    1. Sharlynn, coming from someone in the hotel industry, this is indeed enlightening. Never thought hotels would outsource their paste. Lol! Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us again! :D

  16. I like all the ingredients you put in your bowl of noodle. Must be really tasty!

  17. yummy!!!! it looks so good!!


  18. yummy la mian for cold weather is perfect.

  19. I can see why they are award-winning, delicious and so gorgeous!

    Choc Chip Uru

  20. Curry Lai Mian...I think we have something similar here too. I yet to try this version though but it looks yummy.

  21. It looks so good ! I will try some when I went there :) Thanks for the info


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