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Bellabox Christmas 2014 Quarterly Review is Out!

bellabox beauty boxes christmas shopping reviews
Hello Sunshine, with the festive season kicking in, are you all prep up for your year-end parties? Ringing in the Christmas cheer, here is our 4th quaterly review for the #bellabox beauty boxes!

bellabox october bday blowout review
Bellabox October Bday Blowout:

bellabox garnier sakura white cream skinbiotics even whiter
As you may already know, I'm a sucker for anything pink so I was intrigued by the 2 sachets of the Garnier Sakura White Moisturizing Day Cream (7ml). #Garnier products are dermatologically tested for tolerance and designed for Asian skins. Enriched with Sakura Extract, your skin will become 60% more pinkish radiant in just 4 weeks with their blend of Sakura Extracts, Vitamin B3 and Vitamin CG! Retail: SGD 19.90, 50 ml

#Skinbiotics is a revolutionary nutri-beauty system that is personalised for the needs of individual skin conditions. If you are looking at having whiter skin, you may wanna check out Skinbiotics Even + Whiter (Pack of 7 capsules) which is clinically tested to restore skin luminosity in just 4 weeks! Retail: SGD 89, 21/box

physiogel trial kit officina de tornabuoni crema sapone
#Physiogel, a dermatology skincare brand which has over 165 years of commitment to dermatology and skin science around the world. Trial Kit Range:
  • Cleanser (10 ml) - Cleanses and softens dry and sensitive skin for clearer skin that reflects vitality. Retail: SGD 34.90, 900 ml
  • Lotion (10 ml) - Soothes dry, tight skin by supporting and enriching the skin’s moisture barrier. Retail: SGD 60.90, 400 ml
  • Cream (3 ml) - Enhances skin’s elasticity and hydration. Retail: SGD 23.90, 75 ml
This exfoliating detergent-free cleansing cream is a variant on the best-selling Crema Sapone Non Sapone. Officina de’ Tornabuoni Crema Sapone Non Sapone (30 ml) is a unique detergent-free cleansing cream that extensively cleanses, purifies and pampers all skin types, washing away all traces of dirt, grime and makeup. Retail: SGD 48, 50 ml

My Picks for October:
bellabox spectraban sensitive sunscreen review
#SpectraBAN is a dermatology sunscreen brand established under Stiefel Laboratories, and their range of sunscreen products, like the SpectraBAN Sensitive 30 (20g), is tough on sun protection, yet gentle enough for daily use on sensitive skin. Retail: SGD 19.95, 60g

sleek lip gloss benefit cosmetics push up liner
As I rarely wear lipsticks, I was delighted to find the tube of #Sleek Shimmer Glaze Lip Gloss in Iridescence at SGD 12.50, 14 ml. Scented with the delicate aroma of vanilla and fortified with jojoba oils, the champagne tone lip gloss with a pearlescent finish will be the new item in my handbag this Christmas!

The Benefit Cosmetics They’re Real! Push-Up Liner (0.10g), the FIRST EVER lash-hugging gel liner in a pen! This matte black gel formula won’t smudge, budge or dry out! As much I'm impressed with the liner, I was a bit put off when the cap refused to return to its original place when I tried to close it after the photo shoot. Such a pity! Retail: SGD 38, 1.4g

bellabox november insta glam review
Bellabox November Insta-Glam:

cathy doll sweet dream watersplash essence salcura antiac
Made in Korea, Cathy Doll Sweet Dream Watersplash Essence with L-Gluthathione (5g) special nano technology fuses onsen water from the mountain ranges of Korean into its cream texture. Upon application, it remarkably transforms into mineral water droplets for gentle, soothing nourishments. Retail: SGD 18, 30g

#Skeyndor by Theresa Beauty and Slimming, a line of products that ranges from body sculpt and body serum, to soft cleansing milk and SPF sun protection cream. Formulated with a selection of red flower extract (orchid, ylang-ylang, wild rose and poppy) with purifying abilities, the Caresse Body Serum (30 ml) helps to re-balance and perfume your skin at the same time.

Established in 2002, #Salcura is a British skin therapy brand specializing in bio-medical research and science. The Salcura Antiac ACTIV Liquid Spray (15 ml) is a hassle-free anti-acne spray packed with a multi-action anti-bacterial formula for born-again skin clarity. Retail: SGD 29.90, 50 ml

My Picks for November:
coastal scents revealed palette sleek duo liner mascara
Experienced in creating Bath and Beauty Products since 2005, the Coastal Scents Revealed Palette (2.4g) is a slim palette that holds all twenty eye shadows, allowing for easy on-the-go application. Retail: SGD 51.50, 30g

For party perfect eye makeup with Sleek Dip It Duo Liner Mascara in 24 Karat at SGD 13.90, brighten your top lash line with the sleek metallic gold liner taking it to the outer corners, and volumize your top and bottom lashes with the mascara.

nuxe huile prodigieuse intercosmo il magnifico review
#Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse® Multi-Usage Dry Oil (10ml) is a cult product loved by Nuxe fans the world over, the Multi-Purpose oil infused with Vitamin E works for hair, body and face! Retail: SGD 70, 100 ml

A multi-functional hair treatment with 10 benefits, Intercosmo IL Magnifico (12 ml) is your innovative spray-on hair mask that protects and nourishes the hair. Retail: SGD 50, 150 ml

bellabox december ring in christmas belles review
Bellabox December Ring In The Christmas Belles:

bellabox curel moisture face milk intensive cream review
#Curel, Japan’s No. 1 brand for sensitive Asian skin, introduces a new moisture intensive moisture skincare range with their Curél Moisture Face Milk (8 ml), Curél Intensive Moisture Cream (4g), and Curél Moisture Lotion II (8 ml). The Ceramide functioning ingredient and Eucalyptus extract penetrate deeply into the stratum corneum so skin stays soft, deeply moisturized and resistant to external irritation.

bellabox naturvital hair loss shampoo review
Combats hair loss with efficiency tested up to 83%, and maintains the scalp's natural balance with the NaturVital Hair Loss Shampoo (100 ml)! Strengthens, moisturises and protects normal hair, the shampoo also helps improve elasticity and shine. Retail: SGD 23, 300 ml

My Picks for December:
uriage isoliss juice beauty laura mercier foundation primer
Laura Mercier Cosmetics is a luxury line of Cosmetics, Skincare, Body and Bath and Fragrance. What I like about this Laura Mercier Foundation Primer (7 ml) is that it is water-based and does not clog pores. Enriched with Vitamins A, C and E for antioxidant power, it is ideal for all skin types and leaves makeup looking fresh all day. Retail: SGD 55, 50 ml

For active and dynamic young women who want a first anti-aging skincare products for fatigue, stress, pollution, #Uriage is your answer! Enriched with Rose Fruit extract, with a pore-refiner effect, the Uriage Isoliss Fluide (5 ml) is a 24-hr moisturizer and an effective skin ‘perfector’. Apply morning and/or evening on face and neck, the Uriage Isoliss Creme (5 ml) helps delay wrinkles with a smoothing action. Retail: SGD 70.90, 40 ml each

Bestselling, patented daily Green Apple peel, the Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel Sensitive (7.8 ml) exfoliates, evens skin tone and improves skin texture. It is enriched with glycolic acids to brighten and visibly minimise hyper-pigmentation and dark spots. Retail: SGD 63, 60 ml

bellabox beauty christmas shopping review
Well, are you intrigued by the products in our round-up of bellabox beauty items? Have you tried any of the above? Sign up to receive 5+ beauty and lifestyle products in your box for only SGD 19.95 at bellabox shopping now!

bellabox december ring in christmas belles giveaway
Head over to our Christmas Giveaway to be one of the lucky 3 to walk away with December Bellaboxes now!


  1. Love how bellabox and you introduce us to new products. There's always some that catches my attention and would certainly look out for it.

  2. The lip gloss and mascara are what I would love to have. Currently I am in Japan and am almost going crazy with the skin care and make up products. Hopefully I can stop buying before I burn a hole in my credit card.

    1. Nava, you're so hardworking to be blog hopping even when you're in Japan. Gotta take my hats off you, dear. I'd probably be so busy shopping & eating. Lol! Have a fun-filled holiday! xoxo

  3. I like the mascara and eye shadow from the box. I will check out their site now.

  4. What a lovely box for Xmas!
    A great present :))


  5. I love posts like this as you get an insight into a box before investing in it yourself - I don't recognise many of the brands, although I'm familiar with Nuxe and the mass of positive reviews it receives! :) I hope your month is going well so far, Shirley!


    1. Gabrielle, Nuxe is certainly one of my favourite items in these boxes; love the multi-oil! Thanks sweetie, & I hope you're having a fabulous time as well!

  6. You got some lovely items in this box Shirley! I'm so intrigued by the Skinbiotics!

  7. Anyone who is using beauty products would be pleased with the bellabox beauty items.

  8. Wow. Great gift box. Have an amazing day.

    Eye See Euphoria :

  9. So many wonderfu products! I'm sure you'll enjoy them all.

    PS: Wishing you a Happy and safe Holiday season!

  10. Now that's one beau...ti...ful box of goodies!!! I recognize quite a few of the names but am delighted to learn of the others. You know me and this kinda stuff Shirley, however, there are even a few tempting things I'm intrigued by.

    Thank you so much for sharing...

  11. Thank you for introducing the wonderful products to us, Shirley! =)

  12. So many lovely goodies! I am so tempted.

  13. i love beauty boxes! this is very cool!

  14. Such a great beauty box, It has very interesting products. I love Garnier, it's one of my favorite beauty brands. Have a wonderful rest of the week!

    Jasmine x

  15. Bellabox has such wonderful products!

  16. great review, the products look very nice..

  17. Amazing products, absolutely to try!


  18. You have such a nice blog! Thanks for commenting on my blog, I follow you on GFC, hope you'll follow back <3


  19. Wow, beautiful box and really cool stuff!

  20. Physiogel, Laura Mercier, Uriage so many good products, a great beauty box.

  21. Great review, Shirley. So many wonderful products.
    hugs my friend

  22. Love the lipgloss!! Great beauty box.

  23. This month bellabox seems amazing (: , love all the products inside! And would actually love to get my hands on some of them. x

  24. Ladies' Faithfuls... cannot leave home without them on our face.. :)

  25. My god, Shirley!! You sure got lotsss of good items in this bellabox!! I had a really bad experience with them the last time, and haven't been ordering from them!! But dannggg it, I should have this quarter :p

  26. Lots of products and brands I've never heard of, always interesting to learn of new ones! :)

  27. Love it! It's like a treasure chest of goodies! ^.^

  28. My pick will be that physiogel! love the way you introduce the beauty box.

  29. Such a lovely set, really like the neutral tone of the eyeshadow! :) xo~ Lena


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