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Beauphoria Carousel Curler Is Now At Immortelle Atelier!

hello kitty pink beauphoria wonder women series curler
I've to admit shopping for a curling iron can be a big headache with many not delivering as promised. I'm really bad at using these tongs, and often find myself struggling with one and getting scalded around the ear area when I tried to twirl my hair.

united square immortelle atelier hair makeup services
This festive season, I'm thankful to be able to experience the Beauphoria Automatic Rotating Curling Iron at Immortelle Atelier. It was great to be back at the beauty salon for their Creambath Hair Treatment, which is such an indulgence.

beauphoria professional carousel curler review
After the hair treatment, customers at Immortelle Atelier will be treated to a hair styling session with the option of having your lovely tresses curled using the #Beauphoria Professional Carousel Curler. It's not your ordinary curling iron, but an automatic one!

christmas shopping beauphoria wonder women series curling iron
Christmas is near, with parties and gathering invitations coming in from all corners; the Beauphoria Professional Carousel Curler is a must-have to solve your hair woes! The Automatic Curling Iron is the perfect answer for this festive season!

hello kitty pink beauphoria wonder women series curler
#OOTD Burberry Blue Label Pink Knit
Beauphoria, the pioneer of Automatic Rotating Curling Iron in Asia, has just come up with their Wonder Women Series which is a PINK Curling Iron, and it's limited edition!! Gosh, the eye candy is so pretty; I love pink! Do you like my #HelloKitty guestroom? Oops, I mean do you like my curls? If only Beauphoria has a Hello Kitty version....

beauphoria wonder women series automatic curling iron review
I like that the Beauphoria Automatic Curling Iron comes in a lovely pouch for your travel use. The cute curling tool also heats up in just a little over 10 seconds, making it a real time-saver!

singapore beauty blogger reviews beauphoria automatic curling iron
The automatic curling iron is so easy to use with its left and right turning key for curling in or out.

types of beauphoria automatic curling tongs
beauphoria professional carousel curler tips
The curling iron comes in 3 different applications:
  • Carousel 01 Automatic Rotating ROUND Curling Iron - Diameter 32 mm for a natural wavy look.
  • Carousel 02 Automatic Rotating CONE Curling Iron - Diameter 25mm-13mm for bouncy tight curls.
  • Carousel 03 Automatic Rotating MEDIUM Curling Iron - Diameter 28 mm for everyday use and special occasion.
beauphoria pink automatic curling tong review
The #Pink Limited Edition Beauphoria Wonder Women Series Automatic Rotating Curling Iron is now available at Immortelle Atelier, retailing at SGD 130! Your magic curler carries a 6-mth warranty (covers internal damage only).

Need more pink? Check out their other Beauphoria products:

immortelle atelier beauphoria cotton candy crimper
  • Cotton Candy Hair Crimper at SGD 60.50 - the Instant Root Booster, for flat hair problem! You can now have the big volumize hair with this baby.  Made up of ceramic material that is totally safe for your hair and adjustable heat from 120 - 230 degrees. Pair this baby with their famous Carousel Automatic Curling Iron and voila!
  • immortelle atelier beauphoria mini blowphoria hair dryer
  • Mini Blowphoria at SGD 64 -Super mini hairdryer, perfect for travelling with a cute pouch for easy carry. 2 speeds adjustment with cold function.

immortelle atelier creambath hair treatment
Hop over to Immortelle Atelier for their pampering Creambath Hair Treatment and try out their Beauphoria Automatic Rotating Curling Iron now! The beauty salon even offers make-up and signature facials using high quality products like Maria Galland, Jyunka and more. Read about my facial cum creambath session at Immortelle Atelier Filorga Cryolift Facial & Hair Treatment!

Immortelle Atelier
101 Thomson Rd
#02-08B United Square Shopping Mall
Singapore 307591
Tel: +65 62599001


  1. Love the gentle curl in your hair! So pretty :)

  2. you hair look amazing. Also what a cute curling iron.

  3. That is one pretty pink curling iron.

  4. Gosh! Pink..... real cute pink. Love the effect it produce too.

  5. Great post! Love it! ♥

  6. Loving the curling iron and the convenience to travel with it you look beautiful.

  7. Thse soft curls in your hair are beautifully on you, Shirley. This one looks like a great curler.

  8. Your hair looks really beautiful. I'm very bad at styling my hair. I have a curling iron but can't use it properly. Have a great weekend in advance!

    Jasmine x
    For a Real Woman

  9. Cute curling iron!!

  10. Your hair is absolutely stunning :D
    And the pink curler doesn't hurt!

    Choc Chip Uru

  11. Cute curling iron! Your hair looks really pretty Shirley!

  12. Oh, that's lovely! I like that it's pink too ^.^

  13. My daughter is pulling her hair out trying to find a safe and useful curling iron for my granddaughter. I must check and see if this product is available here in the states. Tabi loves Wonder Woman:) Your hair does look so "purty" Shirley:)

    Thank you so much for sharing...

    1. Louise, you're so funny! You almost got me falling off my seat. Lol! I do hope you can find auto curling iron like this one which is real easy to use, dear! xoxo

  14. I bought a curling tong once but did not do well with it. Ended up put at the side till it is not functioning and thrown away. That was long time ago.

    Nice pink curler you have there. Somehow I feel that your favourite colour is pink. Am I right? ^^

    1. Rose, I'm not surprised as it always happens to me. Lol! I'm glad something is working for me finally. Yap, I've a soft spot for anything pink! Hahaha!

  15. I look no good in curly hair, but the product is very intersting, if somebody like this kind of hair.

  16. hair looks amazing :)

  17. I think u look great there! Very beautiful! :-)

  18. Lovely product though I have to admit that I don't quite curl my hair.

  19. Gorgeous Shirley, I think wavy hair or loose curls looks amazing on you! So pretty and feminine and great for any occasion! I bought a wand that's conical and graduates in size for waves! I love this type of curling wand versus the old fashion type!

  20. This curler is really useful for people with long straight hair and wants temporary curly hair.


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