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Immortelle Atelier Filorga Cryolift Facial & Hair Treatment

singapore lifestyle blogger reviews immortelle atelier facial treatments
#Cryotherapy has a long history of use in healing, and it's based on rapidly lowering skin temperature and then immediately transferring the cold to the deep layers of the skin. The cooling treatment is a soothing and relaxing facial, with the new Cryolift III® which introduces Cryotherapy in combination with LED light therapy to offer anti-ageing effects.

The #Cryolift utilizes state-of-the-art non-surgical technology to treat signs of ageing through Cryotherapy or “freeze therapy”. It can be used on both the face and body and is even safe for pregnant women. The treatment takes the skin down to -18 degrees Celsius, with a combination of gels used with more than 12 vitamins, 24 different amino acids and various minerals and anti-oxidants causing the micro blood flow in the skin that reverses the ageing process.

filorga skin perfusion serum review
immortelle atelier filorga cryolift facial review
Filorga Cryolift Facial combines the Filorga Skin Perfusion Firming and Radiance Serums with the beautician's expert movements using the Filorga Cryolift device to go around the face and neck areas.

immortelle atelier filorga cryolift results
This treatment combines Cryotherapy and Light therapy to promote active ingredient penetration. Filorga Cryolift uses the Peltier effect to create stable, constant electronic cold.  This results in three main actions:

1. Controlled analgesia - the rapid inhibition of nerve conduction enables deep massage without any discomfort.

2. Dermocryophoresis - the thermal regulation of the dermis leads to a rapid succession of vasoconstriction and vasodilation in the microcirculation, generating a pumping effect. You can see the difference in the picture above with the left side (nearer to device) already done and with a slight puffy face due to the pumping effect. 

3. Skin oxygenation - the activation of the cutaneous micro-circulation promotes better cellular oxygenation, thereby optimizing their metabolism.

immortelle atelier filorga cryolift facial reviews
luxury haven reviews immortelle atelier filorga cryolift treatment
A lifting mask for the face and cooling eye mask from Maria Galland are given.

immortelle atelier filorga cryolift treatment review
The Maria Galland Cocoon mask will also be added on top of the eyes. During this time, I was given a shoulder and hand massage. The rejuvenating session ended with the Jyunka M+ fluid, eye cream, moisturizer and sunblock.

immortelle atelier creambath treatment review
Immortelle Atelier is a one-stop solution for all your beauty, skincare and hair care needs. After a revitalizing facial, why not try their Creambath Hair Treatment and pamper your tresses at the same time?

immortelle atelier creambath hair treatment
A selection of treatments are given - Nourishing, Smoothing and Cooling.

shiseido bain de terre head spa review
immortelle atelier creambath hair treatment review
Well, I picked the Bain de Terre Head Spa Nourishing Concentrated Creambath to keep my hair strong and healthy.

singapore lifestyle blogger reviews immortelle atelier creambath treatment
luxury haven reviews immortelle atelier creambath treatment
Expect lots of massage on the scalp and shoulders in this hair treatment with Cehcile, Immortelle Atelier's friendly hair therapist!

luxury haven reviews immortelle atelier hair styling
After the treatment, you can choose to blow dry your hair or have your hair curled at Immortelle Atelier.

singapore lifestyle blogger reviews immortelle atelier hair styling
Tada! Looks nice? Feeling fully recharged after my Filorga Cryolift Facial and Creambath Hair Treatment!

Lovelies, catch Immortelle Atelier Promotion now:
  • Filorga Cryolift Treatment SGD 250, now offering at just SGD 98! Package of 5 treatments is at SGD 880!
  • Creambath Hair Treatment - Short hair at SGD 55, Long hair at SGD $60. Package buy 5 get 1 free at SGD 275 for short hair, and SGD 300 for long hair!
Bring along a friend for the Creambath and quote " Luxury Haven " to pay only SGD 60 for 2 people!! Call now at Tel: +65 62599001 to book your slot now to get smooth, luscious locks!

Read more about my previous experience at Immortelle Atelier Intensive Eye Treatment For Dark Circles!

The promo has expired. Check out which Hair Salon I am currently endorsing, and catch our latest deals at Sales/Event!

Immortelle Atelier
101 Thomson Rd
#02-08B United Square Shopping Mall
Singapore 307591
Tel: +65 62599001


  1. they look like really perfect treatments! :)

    1. Carmen, love them all! Wish you could indulge too......

  2. These treatments sound so luxurious! Glad you were able to experience them Shirley! Happy weekend!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

    1. Rowena, I'm in for real treats, huh? Thanks & you've a good one too!

  3. Replies
    1. Subha, certainly good to have my hair styled after a facial :D

  4. Nice Blog :)

    Wanna follow each other on GFC???
    Just let me know and I will make sure to follow ya back

    My Blog: Beauty-Fulll


    1. Bisma, thanks for coming by! Most delight to follow you :)

  5. Woo! it looks like a really nice treatment :o

    1. Diana, can't wait to try my next facial at Immortelle Atelier!

  6. So nice to be pampered this way! :D

  7. Wow! Enjoying again. This really looks so good. Usually when you go for a facial, u always comes out with a messy hair - but with this, problem is solve. And I really loves your hair texture after the pampering session.

    1. DS, that's so true! So nice to hop on to the basin for a good scrub after a facial followed by a treatment!

  8. Your hair looks terrific! Fun pampering!

  9. I need the treatment, esp for dark circles. Wish I was somewhere nearby Singapore.

    1. Nava, you can always check them out the next time you're in SG!

  10. wow that seems to be relaxing! did follow you back dear...keep in touch then! ♥

  11. Next time I go to Singapore, can you treat me to one of those treatments? Lol!

    Nice way to pamper ourselves. You have a great weekend, Shirley!

    1. Rose, good one! You've a wonderful week ahead, dear!

  12. Awesome treatment. Love the results.

  13. Nice? I think your hair looks beautiful ! :D

    1. Sharon, you always have the sweetest things to say! xoxo

  14. It looks like a relaxing day indeed, you got your face and head pampered! So jelly! Love the hairstyle.


    1. Mitch, thanks dear! Looks like you've been busy....

  15. Thats looks so relaxing! I want to go there! Amazing pictures!

  16. the facial session looks very exciting!
    I would like to try out one day!

  17. Wow this treatment seems to relax AND is good for you!

    Choc Chip Uru

  18. This looks so relaxing and your hair is super shiny too!

  19. Wow!!! A new woman, I should say :)
    This combination of chryotherapy and led works very well you your face... and the hair? Fab!!!


  20. Wow.. a good way to relax.


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