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Detox With EKS Spa EKSperience at Jass Hair Design

In recent years, there's been an increasing trend of detoxing for purification and health. Just as we pay much attention to detoxing our bodies, do you realize that our hair requires the same attention too?
jass hair design scalp treatment massage review
You're spending a lot of money on quality hair products in order to achieve healthy and glowing tresses, but seemed to have noticed no improvement. Something appears to be hindering the progress, but you're clueless. You begin to blame the products, for not delivering the results as claimed. Does that sound familiar? But have you actually look deeper into the roots of the problem?

Your hair is just like the beautiful grass, and your scalp is like the soil. If the soil is not properly cared for, do you think the grass will grow strong and healthy? The same goes to your hair. If your scalp is not properly maintained and the pores are clogged, no amount of expensive hair care products you put on your hair is gonna help cause they simply can't penetrate. So this is when detoxification comes in.

Scalp Treatments play a vital part in deep cleansing and detoxifying unhealthy hair follicles due to environmental conditions and chemical processes. Once your pores are cleaned, those nutrients from your hair care products can then be absorbed. Such scalp treatments are highly recommended especially after a hair colouring session.

jass hair design joico vero kpak colours
Recently, I've got a new hair colour plus repair treatment at Jass Hair Design just before my staycation. What do you think of my tri-colour?

joico vero kpak age defy color review
At my age, I'm seeing more strands of gray hair appearing on my head. To cover those gray hair, I need to have a tone that's not too light, yet dark enough to disguise them. Hence, Jass picked a base coat using JOICO Vero K-Pak Colour Age Defy range of colours - the Golden Copper Brown mixed with Bright Red Copper.

jass hair design colouring review
For the highlight, the Rame (copper) and Rosso (red) were chosen to have the contrast.

JOICO Vero K-Pak Colour System is the only colour system in the world that reconstructs the hair while colouring because it contains the patented Quadramine Complex, which reconstructs the hair from inside out.

luxury haven reviews joico kpak age defy colours
The salon-exclusive JOICO Vero K-Pak Colour Age Defy series defies the aging process, and provides the ultimate in vibrant, long-lasting colour result, and is the first and only permanent hair colour that reverses the signs of aging hair!

It's certainly not advisable to colour your hair so often just for fashion sake or to cover up those dreadful gray hairs as you'll end up damaging your crowning glory. So for those who are into hair dyeing, you should just play with retouching the roots. It's also more economical to do that, don't you think so? But how you do know when to retouch, and when to colour the whole head?

* Here's an easy guideline, as advised by Jasmin of Jass Hair Design: Colour your hair after every 3 touch-up!

Easy enough to follow? Also, it's best to detox after a chemical treatment as mentioned earlier. Do you know that mineral impurities can also be responsible for the damage to your hair?

I was delighted to be introduced #Surgivamarine, the product line of EKSperience with a concentrate of seaweed, spring sea water and trace elements that nourishes the hair.

jass hair design scalp analysis
This trip to Jass, I'd combined two treatments together - the EKS Scalp Treatment and the Joico K-Pak Hair Repair. Before the start of my scalp treatment, Stylist Wymond analyzed my scalp and showed me there were some oil clots that needed to be cleansed thoroughly. Other than that, my scalp is rather healthy and my hair is still going strong.

jass hair design scalp treatment massage
Jass' Scalp Treatment kicked off with a 5 - 10 min relaxing massage using the lemongrass essential oil to target the lymph nodes for detoxification. I was beginning to fall in love with this treatment.

jass hair design eks surgivamarine peeling exfoliant purifiant
I was then introduced to the EKSperience Exfoliating Purifying Peeling Cream from Italy.

jass hair eks surgivamarine peeling exfoliant purifiant review
This is a scrub for deep cleansing of the scalp. As the product was gently massaged in, I started to feel a cool minty sensation at this point. A 10-min steam soon followed, then a hair wash.

jass hair design scalp analysis review
jass hair design intercosmo eksperience scalp analysis reviews
Another scalp analysis was done at this point. A vast difference is clearly visible on the screen. Notice how clean my pores were immediately after the peel?

intercosmo eks spa eksperience review
At the stage, the stylist will select a suitable ampoule based on the scalp analysis after the detox. There're 4 types of ampoules from the range of EKS Spa EKSperience by #Intercosmo:
  • Vitality - Revitalizing Lotion Persistent Fall, specifically for the persistent fall of hair.
  • Purify - Purifying Lotion, for hair with dandruff and skin prone to itching.
  • Comfort - Energizing Lotion, for the treatment of sensitive skin.
  • Rebalance- Lotion Sebum-balancing, for oily and heavy hair.

jass hair design eksperience surgivamarine ampoules review
If you're combining the EKA Scalp Treatment and Joico Hair Repair together like me, ampoules will only be applied after the hair repair. An air pump would be used to inject the ampoules into the scalp for better penetration.

infra red hair steamer blood circulation
Then followed by 10-min steam with red infra to promote blood circulation as well as to lock in the nutrients.

luxury haven reviews joico kpak hair colour
Well, look at my healthy and glowing mane after the EKS Spa EKSperience Scalp Treatment and Joico K-Pak Hair Repair! Both treatments took about 2 hrs and it was super rejuvenating especially with the soothing massage. My scalp feel light and cool with a minty feeling like I was floating on air!

Remember, a hair detox is recommended on a monthly basis and especially after a harsh chemical treatment like hair dye. A hair repair is also advised if you want to lock in those beautiful hair colours that you've done.

  • Joico Colour for long hair: SGD 120 - SGD 140
  • 2-Colour Highlight (half head): SGD 120
  • Joico K-Pak Hair Repair: SGD 120
  • EKS Scalp Treatment: SGD 110
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Jass Hair Design
Square 2 #B1-93 to 96
10 Sinaran Drive
Singapore 307506
Tel: +65 6258 1463


  1. This is awesome information I just heard for the first time impressive review you have beautiful hair.

    1. Jackie, thank you dear! Delighted that you've found the above a good read!

  2. Your hair is really beautiful and look very healthy!
    The review is amazing! Many information that I didn't know~ ^^

    ❤ ✿ NEW POST ✿ ❤

    1. Rinako, thanks sweetie! Glad I'm able to give some insights :)

  3. we really need to take care of our scalp if we want health hair :3
    Take care*

    1. Diana, that's so true but sadly, we tend to neglect that......

  4. Yes, I've heard of scalp detoxification long time ago. Looks like Joico have done a very good job in this matter. I just love the minty sensation that you mentioned here, prices at Joico looks affordable too!

    1. DS, it's not easy to find a hair salon to have scalp analysis & treatment services. Very often, we've to visit places like Yun Nam, Beijing 101 to have that done......

  5. I enjoyed this post
    Pretty color
    Will you like to enter my giveaway Sandy Sandhu

  6. Your hair looks stunning! I love the loose curls! That's my favorite style for a feminine romantic look! I really need a hair cut now that I've seen your post! My fringe is over grown!

    1. Sharlynn, as much as I like these bouncy curls, sometimes I envy gals with long straight hair too. Can't make up my mind. Lol!

  7. nice colour nice perm, beautiful.

    1. Candy, I haven't permed yet. Now conditioning my hair, preparing for the perm when it's ready :)

  8. I so agree; hair need the luxury pampering. Your hair looks perfect.

    1. Nava, we certainly need all these treats with the harsh chemical treatments. Lol!

  9. That's a beautiful shade and I really love your curls, Shirley. I'm thinking of a shorter's frizzy all the time now. I've tried several hair treatments. Haven't found the right one. It's either that or I'm doing it! So, a shorter cut it will be for me next!

    1. Sharon, thank you dear! I've very fine hair & easily gets frizzy too, that's why I always make it a point to go for nice salon hair treatments. Best to seek professional advice if you wanna keep long hair :)

  10. this is such a beautiful post! love your hair! Have a great day. :)

    I AM ALSO ON: Instagram @kennydaily, Bloglovin and Facebook (i follow back, just let me know your links)

    What Kenny Hearts a Lifestyle Blog

  11. Your hair looks absolutely beautiful my friend! Love the products you have used :D

    Choc Chip Uru

  12. It's good to detox and pamper our scalp once in a while.

    1. SD, we definitely need some form of maintenance for nice long hair :)

  13. Aww...Shirley, the new makeover is awesome! Long time I have not visiting any saloon and guess what, white strand of hair is growing out. I am getting old ahaha

    1. YL, thank you sweetie! Guess it's time for you to touch-up too :)

  14. You have beautiful locks, Shirley!

  15. Hair detox sounds like a great experience!

  16. Your blog postings always provided me the much needed new eye openers and ideas. Now I am impressed to hear this simple education -
    "Your hair is just like the beautiful grass, and your scalp is like the soil"

    Your hair looked so beautiful and the stylist is really a professional who understands your crown.

    1. Tan, it's always such a delight to read your comments! Don't you think the phrase is so true?? Hahaha!


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