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Succulent Claypot Kung Pao Frog Legs Recipe (砂煲宫保田鸡)

My parents used to live in Indonesia for over 20 years, and my brother and I used to visit Jakarta often as kids. Frog legs were one of our favourite dishes then, deep-fried with ginger.
claypot kung pao frog legs recipe
To tell the truth, I haven't had these amphibians in the longest years. There were few occasions in Singapore when I tried frog legs kung pao style. It was really good! So I got really excited when I spotted JFF (Jurong Frog Farm) selling frozen frog legs.

kranji countryside jff jurong frog farm recipe
Couple of months ago, I had a little fun at the Kranji Countryside Adventure, Singapore's Wild Wild West. We did some shopping besides touring the area. The packet of frog legs were going at SGD 15 for 500g, compared to SGD 18 at NTUC Fairprice. Although the frog legs turned out real tasty, we found them to be too big for our liking. Strangely, my family prefers smaller ones.

geylang claypot kung pao frog legs recipe
Geylang in Singapore is really famous for frog leg dishes. I really enjoyed the Kung Pao Frog Legs Porridge there. So I tried my luck and googled for Geylang frog legs to see if I can find any tips. Bingo! I found an article by SoShiok:

Kung Pao frogs at Geylang Lor 9 (a restaurant chain that serves frog dishes), is cooked in claypot using dried and birdeye chillies, and a secret recipe oyster sauce.

The frog is then cut into pieces and tossed into a claypot with a liberal amount of oyster sauce. If it is kung pao style, dried chilli and cili padi will be added, and after a drizzle of sesame oil, it will be left on the stove for five minutes.

"It shouldn't be cooked longer than that because the meat will become tough," Chef Alex Ang says.

delicious kung pao frog legs recipe
Working along those lines, I started cooking my version of Claypot Kung Pao Frog Legs and it was so darn good! The three of us, plus a guest, cleaned out the entire claypot of American Bullfrogs! Everyone of us love the kung pao sauce which was so appetizing especially drizzled over a plate of fragrant Jasmine rice. This spicy, sweet and sour dish will leave you clamouring for more!

cook for family kung pao frog legs
What I cooked that night - 三菜一汤:
- Hairygourd Pork Ribs Soup
- Crunchy Japanese Cucumber Appetizer (蒜泥黄瓜)
- Wakame Omelette with Prawns
- Claypot Kung Pao Frog Legs

succulent claypot kung pao frog legs recipe
500g Frog Legs (4 pairs)
8 Dried Chillies (remove seeds)
2 Chilli padi / bird-eye chillies (remove seeds and cut)
5 Szechuan peppers
1 small Onion
2 sprigs of Spring onion
5 slices of Ginger
4 cloves of Garlic
1 tbsp Oyster sauce
2 tbsp Sugar
2 tbsp Black Vinegar
2 tsp Dark Soya sauce
1 tsp Light Soya sauce
2 tbsp Chinese cooking wine
1 tsp Sesame oil
2 tbsp Cornstarch
Pinch of Salt
150 ml Water
Oil for deep-frying
singapore claypot kung pao frog legs recipe foodwhirl
Foodwhirl Features Claypot Kung Pao Frog Legs Recipe

claypot kung pao frog legs recipe kitchen artistry
Kitchen Artistry Features Kung Pao Frog Legs Recipe
1 tsp Soya sauce
1 tsp Oyster sauce
Pinch of Sugar
½ tsp Cornflour
½ tsp Sesame oil
Dash of Pepper and Salt

    chinese claypot kung pao frog legs recipes
  • Separate the pairs of frog legs, and marinate the frog legs for at least 30 mins.
  • cooking frog legs
  • Slice onions, garlic and ginger.
  • Heat oil and deep fry the legs till half cooked to seal in the juices. Drain and set aside.
  • claypot kung pao frog legs recipe idea
  • Heat 2 tbsp of oil in claypot. Sautéed rest of the ingredients till fragrant, except spring onion.
  • chinese claypot recipe ideas
  • Add water and seasonings, and simmer for about 3 mins.
  • claypot kung pao frog legs recipe ideas
  • Add frog legs and cook for about 2 mins.
  • chinese claypot kung po frog legs recipe
  • Throw in spring onions and mix well.
  • claypot kung po frog legs recipe
  • Serve your delicious Succulent Claypot Kung Pao Frog Legs (宫保田鸡) hot.

kung pao chicken with macadamia nuts

Do you enjoy frog legs too? Which method of cooking do you like? If you prefer a different style of spicy dish, try my Tantalizing Kung Po Chicken With A Twist (宫堡鸡丁), a drier version with Macadamia Nuts!


  1. i love claypot but not frog.

  2. Hmm, frog legs !
    May be delicious :)
    How they taste ?

    1. Rajiv, a lot of people say frog legs taste like chicken. You just gotta try it to compare :)

  3. Hi Shirley, wow.... very delicious and frog legs is my favorite too. Yours look so scrumptious... I need extra rice please! LOL Thanks for sharing your recipe, I haven't cook this for the longest time.

    Have a nice week ahead,regards.

    1. Amelia, thank you dear! Oh yes, the sauce was super delicious with the rice! You have a good week too!

  4. Nice!!! wow, so fast ah! 2mins and its cooked! the frog is so meaty leh! shiok la!

    1. FC, finally it's out! 2 mins is enough since I've already deep-fried the frog legs before hand to seal in the juices. Too long will become tough.

  5. I love it so much. Wish I can find the legs over here too.

    1. Nava, I'm sure they're available in the supermarkets......

  6. Wow shirley that looks so damn delicious! I'm a huge fan of claypots and I do love frogs legs! Recently had a claypot frogsleg with my mom and dad at a porridge shop and now I'd love to make something like this at home with extra shallots and lots more meat!

    1. Sharlynn, me too! Anything claypots! Hahaha! Looking fwd to your cooking too, sweetie :)

  7. That looks extremely good! I don't think we have frozen frog legs here but we do have those fresh ones. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Ken, I'm sure you can find them in the supermarkets. Look out for them the next time you go shopping!

  8. I never try frog legs a unique dish we could embrace. thanks for sharing.

    1. Jackie, do try it when you get the chance in future :)

  9. I have not tried frog leg yet, looks good.

  10. I love kung pao dishes, but not sure if i could eat frog legs. they look delicious,though.

    1. Bal, they're real delicious! Try it some day :)

  11. I would like to have good cooking skills to try this!
    Take care*

  12. Looks nice but I dun eat frog legs.

  13. Hi Shirley,
    I love it when you get in the kitchen and cook deliciousness for us:) We don't have easy access to Frog Legs here in Pennsylvania but, I did have the pleasure of dining down South a few years back and Frog Legs were on quite a few menus. I "chickened" out then but I've become much more adventurous now and would try them in a minute. Yours sound tangy and delicious. I'l love to try them! Thank you so much for sharing...

    1. Louise, mmmm...... wonder what style of cooking they employ. You could also try them in French cuisines.

    2. Crispy Southern Fried Frog Legs, Shirley. They are usually heavily spiced with Cajun seasonings!

    3. Louise, ooo lah lah! That sounds real awesome!

  14. Love the claypot you have there... and I love this dish too! When my kids were very young, I used to make frog porridge for them.. my mom said that frog meat is good for our skin... :)

    1. Reana, frog legs have a lot of nutritional value I heard. It's a healthy dish!

  15. Wow..I love frog legs and you've got the juiciest looking ones, Shirley! Thanks for the step-by-step. I may just attempt this ^.^

  16. I have frog legs as a kid and I simply love them. Exactly like how you cook them. Lots ginger, onion and dried chilli. Simply tasty.

    I havent had them for few months now. Usually, I steam or stir fry with onion and leek. Less spicy for the kids.

    1. Rose, great having another fan of frog legs here! xoxo

  17. I don't eat frog legs
    hmm I just came back from a frog race in Kuching
    and saw yours writing about frog
    what a coincidence

  18. looks super yumy!


  19. This looks very interesting and yummy!! I know my mommy and most of my family love frog legs! I always see them eating it at those big family get togethers!
    I personally am a vegetarian haha!


    1. Mindy, wow! So you just watch them eat? Hahaha!

  20. I've never eaten frog's legs, but it sure looks like a delicious recipe!!!

    1. Liz, try it French style if you don't like Chinese :)

  21. Not sure about the frog legs, but the rest looks good!


    1. Kati, thanks for coming by! Gonna pop by your blog as soon as I get time :)

  22. Replies
    1. Kathy, me too...... at the thought of those spicy sourish sauce.......

  23. What an interesting life you had for visiting Jakarta so often!!
    I love to eat frog legs very much be it fried or in porridge but I hate the way they kill and skin it in the restaurants here. Urgh!
    Grandmas swear that they are good for healthy reasons.

    1. Tan, we used to visit Indonesia during our school holidays, but I haven't been there since I left the airline. Yap, the elderly believes it's good for our health :)

  24. My daughter is a great fan of this dish too although I have never try. Well, I could still learn to cook this dish for my daughter's sake. :)

    1. DS, thanks to me....... your daughter will have something to feast! Hahaha! Thank you, dear!

  25. Hi Shirley,

    I prefer yours because the portion is bigger. The claypot portion looks small, i don't think it's enough for food cravers :D

    1. Hong, my claypot is actually quite small too but I tried to load it up. Hahaha!


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