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Rilakkuma Inari Age Bento Potluck Fun Party Food Recipe

Are you also a fan of Rilakkuma (リラックマ), the cute Japanese teddy bear? Do you know that Rilakkuma ranked as the fifth most popular character in Japan?
cute teddy bear inari age bento recipe
I had a potluck party recently, another gathering with my childhood friends. I'm always looking forward to meeting this group of friends as we've shared many wonderful childhood memories together. Party food need not be boring, it's not just kids that will appreciate fun food. You too, can create appetizing and colourful food that will entice your guests.

delicious rilakkuma sushi appetizers kids recipe
To add some glitz to my Inari Sushi ( 稲荷寿司 / いなり寿司 ) Bento tray, I also had Caviar added to my appetizers. Look at how the eyes of Rilakkuma sparkle with joy! Well, a few good places in Singapore to order the black gems would be Delicia, Culina, or the Gourmet Shop.

yummy mango prawns inari sushi bento recipe
To inject some varieties, I prepared two types of appetizers; one using apples and crabsticks, and the other with prawns and mangoes to cater to the different palates. Don't you think the party tray is rather aesthetically appealing to the eyes? Does this party tray stimulate your appetite?

cute caviar inari sushi bento recipes
16 Inari Age
1 packet of Rilakkuma fish cakes from Japanese casual restaurants
12 medium Prawns
2 Mangoes
1 Green Apple
5 Crabsticks
2 tbsp Caviar for mango prawns mixture
1 tbsp Caviar for toppings
1 tbsp for making the eyes of Rikakkuma bears
Sprigs of Rosemary Herbs

cute rilakkuma inari sushi potluck recipe foodwhirl
Recipe Featured at #FoodWhirl

rilakkuma bento party food prawn salad petitchef
Also featured at #PetitChef

(Egg Mayonnaise)
7 Hardboiled Eggs
7 tbsp Salad Cream
Dash of Ground Black Pepper

    egg mayonnaise recipe
  • Peel and dice eggs. Mix with salad cream and pepper. Mix well, and divide equally into two containers.
  • dodo crabstick recipe
  • Blanch crabstick in boiling water. Drain and chop them up.
  • delicious apples appetizer recipe
  • Rinse and remove apple skin. Cut into cubes and put them in salt water to prevent browning.
  • delicious crabstick apples appetizer recipe
  • Add apples and crabstick to egg mayo and mix well.
  • yummy egg mayo caviar recipe
  • Stir in caviar gently into egg mayo mixture.
  • yummy egg mayo caviar appetizers recipe
  • Squeeze out excess juices from Inari Age, and fill 8 pockets with the apple crabmeat mixture. You can fold in the beancurd skin if you like.
  • cute rilakkuma inari sushi appetizers recipes
  • Slice the rilakkuma fishcakes and place them on top of the inari age.
  • how to cook succulent prawns
  • Shell and devein prawns. Rinse and blanch in boiling water. Drain and transfer to ice water to stop the cooking process, and to keep the prawns succulent.
  • delicious mango prawns appetizer recipe
  • Butterfly 4 prawns and set aside for presentation. Dispose mango skin, rinse and dice. Mix well with the rest of the prawns and egg mayo.
  • delicious mango egg mayo inari age appetizer recipe
  • Fill the other 8 pockets of the inari age with the mango prawns mixture.
  • mango prawns inari sushi party food
  • Put the appetizers into a nice Japanese bento tray. Top them each with half the prawns and then caviar. Add rosemary for aroma and presentation.
  • japanese inari sushi bento appetizers
  • Transfer the Rilakkuma Inari Age Sushi to the party tray, and add caviar to the eyes. Add them last as the caviar may move due to the smooth surface of the fish cakes.
  • cute rilakkuma inari sushi appetizers
  • Decorate the tray with Baran Sushi Grass Dividers. Cover and refrigerate until you're ready to serve.
  • yummy mango prawns inari age bento appetizers
  • If you're bringing it to a party, make sure you put it in a cooler bag with ice packs if possible. Be ready to impress your guests with this Kawaii Rilakkuma Inari Sushi Bento!


  1. My daughter is a great fan of Rilakkuma. She would be overjoy if I could make some of this for her.

  2. You are right. Party food can be happening and I now understand why.

  3. This looks impressive to serve and delicious to eat. Great job.

  4. Ohhh this looks so nice *__*

  5. Great recipe and gorgeous looking party food!! Thank you for your comment
    a beautiful maison

  6. Replies
    1. Rinako, hahaha! Knew this would catch your attention!

  7. this look so amazing dear!

    I AM ALSO ON: Instagram @kennydaily, Bloglovin and Facebook (i follow back, just let me know your links)

    What Kenny Hearts a Lifestyle Blog

  8. Shirley, to answer your questions: 1) I didn't know about Rilakkuma, but I can see why they're so popular -- extremely cute :) -- and your caviar "eyes" DO make them sparkle! 2) Aesthetically appealing? Appetite stimulating? (Okay, that was two questions in one.) Yes & yes. What a fun treat for your childhood pals! I'm also loving your appetizer fillings and the thought (and flavor!) you put into your parties.

    1. Kim, I'm delighted you can sense those eyes are talking to you. Hahaha! Thank you dear, you always put a smile to my face!

  9. Wow, so nicely decorated Sushis, the kids must love them!

  10. Very tempting and inviting recipes.... Kids will definitely love these....

    1. Arjunan, great this caught your attention too! Thanks for coming by!

  11. eeee...these are just so cute !!!

  12. Awwwwww so cute!!!

    And I love Rilakkuma :-)

  13. that's cute and great job showing all these step by step ^^
    I would like to try a piece too if got chance haha
    unluckily i'm not living in Sg ><

    1. Emily, hahaha! Please help yourself to the food :)

  14. Shirley, I want one whole tray to myself LOL!

  15. They all look cute ^^
    I can't barely want to eat those kawaii foods


  16. Yum! These look so cute and sound so delicious. I have yet to try bento but going through the ingredients I know I am going to love these :D

    1. EFS, you should try these if you do get the chance. Real yummy, dear!

  17. This is so cute, Shirley. I love it! ^.^

  18. I am not a fan of that bear and you did a great job, they look pretty good :)

  19. OMG.....You kill me with your recipes! DROOLING OVER HERE again :P
    All your recipes are always so yummy looking and so beautifully photographed! Cooking is an art, and you're a great great great artist :)
    Thank you so much for stopping by! Wish you a Happy Easter full of joy, love, chocolate bunnies, robins eggs and all yummy candy of the day ;D


    "Saúde & Beleza - Health & Beauty"

    1. Maria, thanks so much for all your lovely comments! Here's wishing you the same & enjoy your weeekend! xoxo

  20. Amazing food <3

    I follow you beautiful blog. I hope you will follow me back and I will wait for you in my blog

    1. Gabusiek, thanks for following & I'm also following you now!

  21. It is too beautiful to be eaten, Shirley!

  22. I love bento and this looks fabulous! Your recipe seems very doable, I do have some cooked crab meat and shrimp in the fridge and also mangoes.

    1. Bal, it's very simple so you'll have no problem handling it at all. Have fun bento-ing!

  23. I'm not a fan of Rilakkuma but I'm big fan of Inari. Inari is always what I ordered when i went Japanese restaurant and even when i was in Japan, I can't help myself but eating inari almost every single day. This looks kinda simple to make and thanks for sharing this recipe. Can't wait to try out to make it someday.

    1. DD, oh really? You're so cute lah! Can't wait to see you trying this recipe. It's real easy, bet you'll have no problem at all :)

  24. Awww! They are so cute and nice! I remember that you are the Queen of Bentos outside Japan! Nice title from me? LOL

    You could always make them for Hospice Patients to enjoy. We are trying to bake birthday cakes for them regularly now. Wife bakes and I pump icing decorations.

    1. Tan, hahaha! No lah, I just love playing with food. Wow, that's a nice teamwork that you guys have! Bet you're enjoying a meaningful life!

  25. gosh!! this is so cute! i drooled when looking at those shrimp inari sushi. Can't wait to pop it into my mouth..hahha

    1. Hong, hahaha! Thanks so much for your strings of wonderful comments at one go. Next time make for you, ok?? ^_^


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