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March Bellabox Unveils A Brand New Look + Quarterly Review!

luxury haven bellabox quarterly review
Hello bellabox fans, Luxury Haven is back with our quarterly reviews for 2014! The January Chinese New Year bellabox beauty packet was a real treat with 7 different brands, Flirty February had some really cool stuff in them, and March bellabox has beauty secrets exposed! Today, we're gonna go through the beauty treats inside these three beauty boxes! Gosh, I'm getting excited already!

cny bellabox beauty packet review
Did you miss our January review of the goodies inside the bellabox? Were you one of the five lucky readers of Luxury Haven's Bellabox Chinese New Year Giveaway? That was a real treat for those fans of beauty boxes.

bellabox covermark laneige beauty reviews
In our CNY bellabox review, we talked about the COVERMARK Flawless Fit and the Laneige Snow BB Soothing Cushion besides other fabulous items in the January box. Now, let's zoom into these two products and see which is more suitable for your skin.

is bellabox covermark flawless fit good buy
Retailing at SGD 110 with Refill at SGD 80, COVERMARK Flawless Fit comes in 8 shades! I thought that's quite a lot of choices considering some brands only come in 3 shades. I found the foundation easy to apply. Since it claims that just one coat to hide blemishes, I can understand why the creamy texture is slightly thicker than most BB Cream. A wonderful foundation if you need a good coverage.

bellabox laneige snow bb soothing cushion reviews
The CNY bellabox also came with the Laneige Snow BB Soothing Cushion. Comparing the two, the texture of Laneige is very much lighter and "watery". This would be a great choice under the blazing sun as I'm quite sure you won't like to wear something too heavy on your skin with the hot weather. Besides, it's long-lasting with its sweat-proof technology! Price wise, it's also rather affordable at SGD 59 for set of 2 x 15g.

february flirty bellabox review
Next, let's take a peek into the February bellabox with 9 generous items inside:

darlie toothpaste loreal extraordinary oil review
Darlie Expert Fresh (40g)
Toothpaste that ensures freshness for up to 12 hours. Contains advance formulation of active Zinc Citrate; eliminates dental plaque and tartar. SGD 5.90 for 120g

L'Oreal Paris EverStrong Hair and Scalp Shampoo / Conditioner (59 ml)
Formulated with advanced Amino acid complex and enhanced with natural botanical oils, Rosemary and Juniper, the system provides thorough cleansing while providing optimal hydration, energizing your scalp and fortifying your hair strands. Retail: S$14.90 for 250 ml.

Infused with six different flower extracts, the L'Oreal Extraordinary Oil (5 ml) can be used in many ways! 10 mins before showering to prepare hair and protect it from the shine-stripping action of water and shampoo, use on damp, towel dried hair to protect it from blow drying and styling, or taken anywhere and applied on dry hair to give it a glossy glow! Retail: SGD 23.90 for 100 ml.

Apothederm Firming Serum (4.4 ml)
Formulated with Palmitoyl Hexapeptide-14 and Heptapeptide-7, these peptides help to stimulate collagen production and smooth away fine lines and wrinkles. Retail: SGD 124.95 for 1 oz.

APIVITA 3 in 1 Cleansing Milk for Face and Eyes (50ml) is formulated with 99% natural ingredients. Retail: SGD 36 for 250 ml.

Rachel K Purifying Cleanser Gel (1.5g)
A daily purifying cleanser gel with PhytoCellTec™ technology that boost performance of natural skin stem cells. Retail: SGD 25.

bellabox hotlights lipgloss rachel k hydrogel mask reviews
My picks for the Flirty February gotta be the:

Rachel K Lotus Stem Cell Hydrogel Mask @ SGD 8.90. This hydrogel mask offers 11-18% more moisture than sheet masks, penetrating into your skin 2 times greater with its Trans-Dermal technology for an efficient skincare treatment.

I adore the Collection Hotlights Lipgloss with a built-in light and mirror @ SGD 15.90, 6ml! Now you can apply your lipgloss even in the dark!! Available in 6 stunning shades, its high gloss but non-sticky formulation is added with shimmering particles to keep you in the limelight! Must-buy!!

march bellabox beauty secrets exposed
March bellabox unveils a brand new look with a pretty blue-dotted box, and it came delivered with a copy of the Jill Lowe gold issue of the fashion and lifestyle magazine!

bellabox covermark beauty review
More Covermark products in March bellabox + a SGD 10 Gift Card! These 2 sachets of the Covermark Moisture Clear Base were also found inside my January bellabox. No complaints since the Moisture Clear Base is enriched with moisturizing ingredients, and the cream helps lock in skin moisture, improving texture and unevenness, for a perfect foundation/skin fit. Retail: (25g for SGD 60)

Found inside this month's box is also a sample-size Moisture Veillx Foundation, containing Skin Melting Formulation to blend flawlessly with the skin and instantly cover imperfections upon application. Retail: SGD 70 refill, SGD 25 case.

bellabox laneige giovanni shampoo review
Laneige White Plus Renew Original Essence (10 ml) and Capsule Sleeping Pack (3 ml)
Firms, tightens, hydrates and lightens; balances skin tone and brightens complexion for healthy radiance.  Retail: SGD 78 (40ml), SGD 42 (16pc) respectively.

Giovanni 2chic® Avocado and Olive Oil Ultra-Moist Shampoo and Conditioner (44 ml) gives your strands a moisture boost by using a combination of two hair-loving ingredients, Avocado Oil and Olive Oil. Retail: SGD 15.90 (250 ml), SGD 39.90 (71ml) respectively.

Have you heard of Happy Skincare Cloud 9 Deep Cleansing Balm (20 ml)? I'm totally new to the brand, but the 100% natural and 84% organic cleansing balm certainly got me sold with their sweet smelling scent of divine citrus. Retail: SGD 44 for 80 ml.

Containing anti-oxidant Green Tea and Pomegranate, the Happy Skincare Pig In Mud Mineral Mask is a 100% natural clay mask which cleanses and enhanced skin's suppleness and elasticity at the same time. Retail: SGD 29 for 40g.

bellabox taut collagen drinks review
Do you know that Taut® range has also grown beyond its bottled drinks and include Taut® White, Taut® Collagen Infusion Essence, and Taut® Collagen Mask? A thumbs-up to March bellabox, containing various Taut® products for its members to try!

Blended with hydrolyzed Collagem, Squalene, Hyaluronic Acid and antioxidants, the Taut® Collagen Mask intensively nourishes your skin in less than 10 minutes! Retail: SGD 49.50, but you'll get SGD 20 off when you produce the coupon to purchase a box of the Taut® Collagen Mask!!

Consists of 8 bottles in a pack, these 13,000 mg premium Taut® Collagen Drinks plus Placenta will reveal a youthful, firmer and brighter skin with their concoction of Placenta, DNA, Hyaluronic Aicd, Aqueous CoQ10 and Vitamin Bs! Retail: SGD 99.95 for 50 ml of 8 bottles.

Mix 1 sachet of Taut® White daily with Taut® Collagen Drink, water or fruit juice for a clearer and brighter complexion with a radiant afterglow. Retail: SGD 59.95 for 12g x 30 sachets or 60 capsules.

LAC Taut Collagen Infusion Essence is a breakthrough essence, developed to correct all signs of ageing. Tri-Action performance targets skin concerns such as wrinkles, skin elasticity, and dry skin. Retail: SGD 119.95 for 14.6 ml.

So, what do you think of the 3 beauty boxes? Which do you like best? It's still not too late to buy any of them. Simply sign up for your bellabox to receive 5+ beauty and lifestyle products in your box for only SGD 19.95 a month!!

luxury haven bellabox giveaway
Well, Luxury Haven is rewarding 5 readers with a box of March bellabox! Head over to March Bellabox Giveaway now to submit your entries!


  1. The pokka dots March bellabox is so pretty! And wow, it's really packed with goodies - from Laneige to Taut, too yummy to miss.

    1. DS, I'm sure you'll like to get your hands on one too! ^_^

  2. Great products nice review. By the way my post was not a contest is fashion jewelry you welcome to buy.

    1. Jackie, that's cool too! Enjoy your weekend, dear!

  3. You got so many beautiful products! I'm so jelly.. ^_^

    ❤ ✿ NEW POST ✿ ❤

  4. Is darlie expert fresh available here in Malaysia? maybe i should try one and see if it lasts :P

    1. Ken, I'm quite sure it's available in your hometown too :)

  5. So many nice things! Specially Laneige!
    I have to admit that I'm a big jealous xD

    Take care, have a nice day!*

    1. Diana, hahaha! The idea was to catch your attention!

  6. so many products.. which one to use?

  7. You have got awesome products :) Giveaway !!!! awesoem :)

  8. wow everything looks so cool ;)
    very nice blog by the way :)

    kisses from Russia,

    1. Juliet, thanks so much for coming by! Heading your way now.....

  9. I am so jealous what a great range of products :)

    Choc Chip Uru

  10. Interesting Bella products! Will look out for your giveaway.. hahaha...

  11. Wow! So many goodies. Time to pamper ourselves.

  12. nice selection from Bellabox and the lip gloss with mirror is rather useful, no need to bring or search for a mirror :)

    1. Xinyun, I love the lipgloss! Such an awesome innovation!

  13. Woww there is a lot of item in the box ! the small packaging for Lanaige bb cream is so adorable and cute !!! :D

    Anyway, want to follow each other ?

    1. SS, thanks for coming by! Sure, would love to! Hopping over now.....

  14. Everything for the skin is tempting. Great products esp those to care for the skin.

    1. Nava, hope it doesn't add to confusion. Hahaha!

  15. i wanna try the Laneige Snow BB Soothing Cushion!!!

    1. HL, that's a very popular product! Good pick!

  16. Thank you for your nice comment dear! Maybe you’d like to follow me too? 
    Kisses, Alina

    Project Germany

  17. Wow, so many products ! lovely :)
    Have a wonderful weekend Shirley !

  18. I dun really know about the products but from the price paid for the box is definitely worth it.

    1. SD, it's certainly worth paying especially when you can get more than 5 items on some months!

  19. All your giveaway items are awesome esp Laneige white+ renew original essence & TautCollagen drink

    1. Pls type in your name & email or we won't know who you are.

  20. Replies
    1. Kylie, look out for those beauty boxes in your home town!

  21. Wow..lots of good products..

  22. Great products but I have stop subscribing to these boxes. ended with too many samples

    1. Pepper, oh dear! Better use them all before their expiry dates. Lol!


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