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Taratata Bistrot Brings You A Hearty French Christmas Menu

taratata bistrot french serves best escargots
Think Escargots, Taratata Bistrot will be the first French restaurant to pop up in my mind. But this time, hubby and I were invited to the Parisian charm, not for their umami snails but for their Christmas Tasting Menu.

taratata bistrot french restaurant at keong saik singapore
During the last Singapore Restaurant Week, #Taratata was one of the three restaurants hubby and I had visited for our food tasting session which left us a deep impression. Although we didn’t get to eat their out-of-the-world Escargots this time, it was an engaging evening with good food and company. Let’s tuck in to Taratata Bistro’s Christmas Menu:

taratata bistrot christmas menu features duck terrine
Our 1st Appetizer was the Foie Gras Poêlé à la Banane Caramélisée et Terrine de Foie Gras. I haven't eaten Foie Gras Terrine in a long while, so I was delighted at the sight of this 2-in-1 platter. The Duck Terrine was superb on its own or spread over their homemade bread. Pair it with their Rhubarb Jam if you prefer to add a little sweetness to the delicacy. ★★★★★

taratata bistrot french restaurant foie gras review
Foie gras is an icon of French gastronomy, so I’m not surprised at all to find this item on their Christmas Menu. Renowned through centuries for its unparalleled flavour and texture, Taratata’s Pan-Fried Foie Gras with Caramelized Banana, was rich and buttery with the outer layer beautifully crisp. The Christmas Duo was quite a knock-out, especially the terrine, which transported me back to days where I used to feast on this delicacy. ★★★★★

taratata bistrot christmas menu features baked seafood casserole
The 2nd Appetizer was certainly welcoming, and it was as good as it looked. Visually appealing with a huge scallop staring at us, the Cocotte de Fruits de Mer Façon Thermidor was served with the yummiest garlic bread.

taratata bistrot christmas baked seafood casserole review
The Baked Seafood Casserole Thermidor was accented by a superbly rich and tasty creamy sauce one just couldn’t get enough of. Dig into the piping hot casserole, you'll find a piece of lobster tail, mussel, clam, prawn and fish, each drown in the velvety and redolent savoury sauce accompanied by mushroom bits. No sauce was spared as the guests slurped up every bit of it with their homemade bread. If only I could have this for my main. ★★★★★

taratata bistrot christmas menu main courses review
Diners on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day will have a choice of 3 Main Courses: Stuffed Guinea Fowl, Poached Brill, or Beef Wellington. Well, the invited guests got to taste all three!

taratata bistrot christmas menu review stuffed guinea fowl
Fans of Foie Gras will be delighted with this Stuffed Guinea Fowl with Chestnuts and Christmas Spices in a Forest Mushrooms Sauce. I was served the wing, so I didn’t get to taste the Foie Gras. Honestly, I could hardly taste the dish as the wing was really tiny so I can’t comment much.

taratata bistrot french restaurant beef wellington review
Rôti de Boeuf à la Wellington is actually beef wrapped in pate and baked with pastry. It was an interesting sight for me to see the meat wrapped in liver and mushrooms marinated in port wine. However, Ken and I found the beef too rare for our liking and I could hardly cut through the meat. The pastry with the minced mushrooms and pate were alright though. ★★★☆☆

taratata bistrot poached brill swisschard fondue morel mushrooms
Of the 3 main courses, I like the Poached Brill best. Hubby and I both agreed that Taratata is exceptionally good with their homemade savoury sauces which were consistently rich and extremely appetizing in all the dishes. The fish fillet was tender and amazingly good with their Creamy Swiss Chard Fondue and Morel Mushrooms. ★★★★☆

taratata bistro features christmas black pudding sausage
The Boudin Noir, or otherwise known as Black Pudding Sausage, is not in the Christmas Menu. It was the Special of the Week, and most of us that evening were relatively new to this dish. This Traditional French dark-hued sausage is actually a mixture of pork blood and meat. The winter dish is appreciated by combining with either apples or mashed potatoes with each bite of Boudin. While it may be considered a delicacy to some, I’ve to admit it’s definitely not everyone's cup of tea so it's not fair for me to rate this.

taratata bistrot warm chocolate pudding dark cherries
Our tasting ended with an enchanting dessert, serve with homemade Ginger Bread Ice-cream.

taratata bistrot features warm chocolate pudding dark cherries
The Warm Chocolate Pudding, filled with Dark Cherries in Sherry, was a sweet closure to our tasting session. ★★★★★

The above menu is available on:
24 Dec Christmas Eve Set Dinner and 25 Dec Christmas Set Lunch/Dinner
  • 4 Courses $88++/pax
  • 3 Courses $75++/pax

taratata bistrot affordable french christmas menu

No elaborate presentation, but this small cozy French restaurant is out to woo you with its authentic French cuisine without breaking your bank. A collaboration between two French Chefs and owners, Bertrand Raguin and Philippe Nouzillat, bringing you home-style French classics such as Escargots, Duck Confit, artisanal Cheese and Assortment of Pâtés, Terrines, Rillettes and more. Thank you Taratata, for the palatable evening!

Taratata Bistrot
35A Keong Saik Road
Singapore 089142
Tel: +65 6221 4506


  1. Stunning dishes, love the way they presented the dishes. Merry Christmas to you and your family Shirley :)

    1. Ken, do check out Taratata should you visit SG next time :)

  2. gosh ..wish I can sink my teeth in Baked Seafood Casserole Thermidor

  3. Wow, beautiful clicks, now I feel like eating them.

  4. OMG! The Baked Seafood Casserole Thermidor is full of seafoods and it's just an appetizer. This French restaurant certainly start with a good one. The price is pretty reasonable too.

    1. DS, I've to agree on the affordable X'mas menu. Certainly attractive!

  5. Absolutely nice and intruguing multiple courses meals!
    lovin it all the way!
    the scallop thermidor is the best and preety damn huge....
    lucky you Shirley.....

    1. Dedy, I love it so much! I want more!! Hahaha!

  6. I am drooling now! Lol!

    Cannot get enough of that seafood casserole and chocolate pudding!!

    Merry Christmas!

    1. Rose, Taratata's seafood casserole is really good! Thumbs-up!

  7. Wowwww!!! Really out of this world dishes. I am full of praises and have tasted some of it. Yet, I didn't enjoy the taste. Maybe that typical Asian in me has overtaken my taste buds.

    1. Nava, hope you'll find something nice for your X'mas dinner. ^_^ Have a wonderful weekend, sweetie!

  8. What an amazing feast but that baked seafood casserole looks very delicious. Have a super holiday. BAM

    1. Bam, definitely one of the best I've ever tasted! Happy holidays to you too!

  9. very nice presentation, the hard work of the chef in whipping up nice looking and yummy good.

    1. Pepper, worth checking out considering the reasonable-priced menu.

  10. Whoaaa...I think I'm in food heaven. I wish I weren't so far away. I would have made reservations! ♥

    1. Sharon, you can always kiv for your next visit ....... ^_^ -

    2. I have got to plan a trip down to Singapore one Christmas ^.^

    3. Sharon, I'm sure you'll have a great time here!

  11. Envy Envy! You are always eating good food! Great pictures! Drooling at the pictures.

  12. You live in food paradise, Shirley!
    Happy New Year to you and your loved ones!

    1. Angie, how lucky am I! Hahaha! Happy 2014 to you too!


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