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New Olay Aquaction, The Latest Innovation In Hydration Care

olay aquaction hydralock technology beauty review
Did you know that the Olay AquAction was inspired by Asian heritage and proven for Asian skin? The AquAction technology, inspired by the legendary beauty of 8th Century Chinese royal consort Yang Guifei, has been refined, tested and proven on Asian women. Powered by HydraLock, AquAction delivers a new standard of hydration that is known fondly as “Pump Pump” bouncy skin – where skin cells that are well-hydrated and attain a full, rounded shape, giving skin a firm and elastic touch.

Many of us seem to be suffering from dehydrated skin. Could it be due to the fact that we’re always in the air-condition environment, or due to the climate change? Let’s find out more:

olay aquaction infographic

Not one, but two causes behind skin dryness

Skin constantly loses moisture to its surroundings – much like a leaky bucket – even if moisture is constantly being replenished. In fact, without doing much at all, we can lose about two glasses of water a day by breathing and through evaporation from our skin – imagine how much more moisture an active woman can lose!

However, P&G scientists have discovered a second key cause of moisture loss – skin fatigue. Skin fatigue is the loss of skin energy, which leads to many unwanted changes in one’s skin, including skin losing its ability to hold on to moisture, causing the skin’s “leaky bucket” to become even more leaky.

You’ll be relieved to discover that the New #AquAction has shown to deliver 12-hour non-stop hydration – in fact, 92% of users agree it leaves skin feeling hydrated. Now, tell me you’re impressed!

olay aquaction hydralock technology beauty hamper
This festive holiday, I’ll be on the road to a more hydrated and bouncy skin, all thanks to my New #Olay AquAction Christmas Hamper! I wasn’t able to attend their launch some time back, but it’s sweet of Olay to send me this pretty gift basket. Let’s take a peek into the gift basket:

olay aquaction nourishing hydration mask review
Olay Aquaction Nourishing Hydration Mask, SGD 24.90
The mask’s hydration essence lotion includes mineral ingredients similar to those in natural hot spring. Formulated with Vitamin B3 and Vitamin E, the mask provides skin with hydration and nourishment:
  • Allows skin to absorb hydration essence lotion.
  • Helps directly deliver nutrients to skin.
  • Its ‘eye patch design’ helps provide hydration to eyes.

olay aquaction long lasting hydration gel, hydrating dew
Olay Aquaction Deep Hydrating Dew, SGD 24.90
Formulated with multiple mineral ingredients like cuprum, zinc and magnesium similar to those in natural hot springs and plant extracts, this toner provides skin with nutrients and deeply* moisturizes skin. It also helps skin to lock hydration, while continuously supplying moisture to give skin long-lasting hydration.

Olay Aquaction Long Lasting Hydration Gel, SGD 24.90
The star product of the Olay AquAction range, this lightweight gel immediately enhances the moisture level of dry skin with just one application. In fact, it continuously moisturizes and locks in water for up to 12 hours, to deliver “pump-pump” bouncy skin.

Olay Aquaction Intensive Nourishing Emulsion, SGD 24.90
Formulated to target skin that is easily dehydrated, this product is designed to deliver continuous rehydration for up to 12 hours. Its water-bonding formula continuously provides moisture, and keeps skin hydrated all-day long, making skin hydrated and bouncy. It contains peach leaf and morus alba root extracts.

olay aquaction softening sleeping mask review
My pick has to be the Olay Aquaction Softening Sleeping Mask, SGD 34.90.
Love the cooling gel-like mask on my face, and the best part of it, I can sleep right through the nite without having to get up and wash off in 15 - 20 mins time compared to other normal masks.

A blue transparent jelly mask, when applied directly, can provide intensive hydration all night. Its intensive water-bonding formula, works at the golden time of skin treatment. It can help moisturize skin and increase its water content. It can also effectively control skin oils, to help skin achieve water-oil balance and bouncy hydration.

The prices of the range of New Olay AquAction are easy on the pocket, yet packed a whole lot of hydration in them! Thumbs up to the New Olay AquAction especially for the budget conscious shoppers!

Below is an entertaining teaser for you to try it out and learn more about yourself. Let’s have some fun!

Which Olay Power Lister Are You?

Q1: On A Typical Weekend, You And Your Girlfriends Can Be Found:
A. Relaxing over brunch or staying in
B. Posting your #ootd all over social media
C. Checking out the newest fashion boutique in town
D. Rock climbing, wakeboarding or anything new and exciting

Q2: A Perfect Night In Is Spent:
A. Curling up in front of the TV or with a good book
B. Catching up on the latest blogs and celeb magazines
C. Reorganizing your closet and planning outfits
D. Doing something completely crazy and spontaneous

Q3: Your Friends Come To You Most Often When They:
A. Need a shoulder to cry on or someone to talk to
B. Want the latest celebrity gossip
C. Are unsure which shoes to wear with their outfit
D. Are looking for someone to have a wild adventure with

Q4: Your Ideal Vacation Is Someplace You Can:
A. Spend quality time with your loved ones
B. Take lots of beautiful photos and share them with your
Instagram followers
C. Shop till you drop
D. Experience new cultures, try new activities and meet new people

Q5: When You Were A Child, You Dreamt Of Being A:
A. Mum – it’s all about spending quality time with family for you
B. Celebrity – the hottest parties and exclusive events are totally
your thing
C. Model – free clothes, BFFs with designers, what’s not to love?
D. Astronaut – or anything non-traditional really. Why follow the herd?

Q6: Which Of These Best Describes Your Life Philosophy?
A. “The best things in life are free.”
B. “You are what you share.”
C. “Shopping is cheaper than a psychiatrist.”
D. “You only live once.”

Q7: What Would Your Perfect Gift Be?
A. A romantic novel
B. A DSLR camera
C. A limited edition designer bag
D. Flight tickets to a place you’ve never been to

Q8: To You, The Best Kind Of Party Is:
A. A small gathering with a few of your friends
B. The biggest party in town and everyone you know will be
C. A black tie event where everyone is dressed to kill
D. Where you make a lot of new friends

Q9: What’s Your Favourite Outfit?
A. Summer dress
B. Little black dress
C. It depends on the season trends
D. Jeans and t-shirt

Q10: When You Are Daydreaming, You Tend To Dream About:
A. Your perfect wedding
B. The best party of your life
C. Having dinner with your favourite celebrity/fashion icon
D. Sky diving or an adventure sport you haven’t done before

If you’ve chosen mostly As: you are a home girl!
Your friends and family are the most important thing in your life. Everyone knows that they can always count on you to be there, in good times and bad. You would rather spend time chilling at home with loved ones than painting the town red, but don’t let anyone tell you that you’re boring! You know home is where the heart is, and Olay AquAction is here to help you achieve the natural beauty look.

If you’ve chosen mostly Bs: you are a social butterfly!
Most people have heard of you even before they met you. With your exciting social life on display on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and beyond, you’re always sharing details of your life online. You know about all the latest trends, gossip, parties and happenings and you share them openly with your loyal followers. You’re the life of any party, and with all the socializing that you do, Olay AquAction is the perfect party companion to ensure that your skin is kept well-hydrated.

If you’ve chosen mostly Cs: you are a trend setter!
Fashion is your passion. You’re always on the pulse of the latest trends and beauty must-haves, and you’re the first person on your friends’ minds when it comes to fashion advice. You were wearing Alexander Wang waaaay before he was famous, and you know how to mix-and-match better than a mixologist. Olay AquAction ensures that your skin is hydrated so that you look fabulous in any outfit!

If you’ve chosen mostly Ds: you are a risk taker!
The higher the mountain, the better your bungee jumps! You’re someone who’s always looking for adventure, up for new challenges and thrive on novelty. Impulsive, spontaneous and a true free spirit, you’re not afraid to pursue your dreams and ambitions. Where someone else more faint-hearted might see a wall, you know that walls only exist for those like yourself to scale them. Being constantly on-the-go and pursuing the next big thing might leave your skin dehydrated, so Olay AquAction perfectly suits your skin.

So are you a Home Girl, Social Butterfly, Trend-setter, or the Risk Taker? Which group do you think I belong to?


  1. Interesting post Shirley... Saw this range the other day at some place and decided to get back home and surf for it but forgot... you came up with exactly what I was looking for... As per the quiz, I am a mix of a home girl and a trend setter... from whatever I can think about you, I think you would be a trend setter or a social butterfly... correct me if I am wrong xx

    1. Neha, thanks for sharing your thoughts & it's nice to know you're a home girl & a trend setter. That makes us more in common :)

  2. I 1st saw Olay Aquaction range in local personal care store - having some kind of promotion but didn't pay much attention to it. With your write up on it, I shall take a closer look into it. Having the mask on till overnight - sound great to me. I have almost equal numbers of ABCD - well balance eh? hahaha!

    1. DS, have fun shopping! Nice to know that you're a great well-balanced gal! xoxo

  3. Replies
    1. Ken, it's wonderful to know that guys are also keen in such teasers :)

  4. Wow they look good, but they have not yet launched it in India. Lovely photos.

  5. I am a homey girl, love to stay at home and relax in the comfort of my home. :p

    I used Olay product before but not so suitable because I have oily skin. After I gave birth to my 3rd, my skin is more dry now but still, it is oily to normal combination.

    1. Rose, cool! I'm half-homey. ^_^ Guess it's best to have your skin analyzed first before buying any products.

  6. Olay used to be my brand many years ago. Then I gave up and move on to other brands. When I was using the Olay products, I get break ups because they seem too strong for my skin. That said, I shouldn't compare with these latest products you have shared. Shall try, maybe start with one and when satisfied, move on with the rest.

    1. Nava, that sounds bad. But then again, it's worth trying considering the prices.

  7. Ole, Olay! It looks like another great product to try ^.^
    I'm a balance of A (home girl) and D (risk taker) ..yay!

    1. Sharon, risk taker?? Wow! Thank Goodness you've some homely side :)

  8. I've never been disappointed with Olay products, Shirley. Dry skin makes wrinkles, lol...Since I'm a "Home Girl," I drinks lots of fluids too:)

    Thank you so much for sharing...

    1. Louise, totally agree with you that dry skin makes wrinkles! Awesome thoughts!

  9. My mom is very faithful to Olay products... she is going to reach 80 soon and she has been using Olay for some decades now! hahahaa...

    1. Reana, cool! Thanks so much for sharing with us your mom's secret!

  10. i'm a home girl! hehe. this is such an interesting post ^^

  11. Interesting post but i'm not a fan of olay

    1. Pepper, I know you're a fan of SK-II! ^_^

    2. Yes Shirley :) Now I am a big fan of SKII. Hopefully the next time when we meet, there will be a great improvement to my complexion.

  12. It seems that olay is very popular among the people in Indonesia

  13. I want to try this but Im afraid this is not fit for my skin again.And i just waised money again. I have tried every expensive creams, mask etc., but no one i like.

    1. Paige, thanks so much for leaving your thoughts with us! Love having you here with us. I'm so sorry to learn about your trials. How about consulting an aesthetic doctor instead or try seeking advice from some beauty consultants?


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