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Elizabeth Arden UNTOLD Story

Feminine, sophisticated, luxurious, modern, & sensual! The scent opens with sparkling Pink Pepper fused with crisp Bergamot, exposing the #UNTOLD woman’s joyful spirit with playful, fruity accents of Pear & Blackcurrant Bud LMR*. Delicate Gardenia petals & intoxicating Egyptian Jasmine LMR evoke her sophisticated femininity as heated Ambers cascade over a hypnotic Musk. Lingering in the air is the unforgettable essence of her presence.
elizabeth arden untold fragrance blogger review
If you enjoy the refreshing taste of pear with a tinge of Bergamot, then UNTOLD is for you. The perfume smells like some of those fruity floral scents in department stores, only difference is – it’s more unique, with a hint of playful Sandalwood musk.

From the beginning, the inspiration behind UNTOLD Elizabeth Arden has been the multi-faceted modern woman. While some of these facets are apparent on the surface, others remain hidden, only to be discovered over time. This fragrance celebrates the sophistication & intrigue of the modern woman whose many facets are yet to be revealed. This can be clearly portrayed through the clever elegant design of the bottle.

UNTOLD reflects the complexity – & at times mystery – of this woman & her untold stories. UNTOLD is a #fragrance that accentuates a woman's qualities & characteristics. She is beautiful & sophisticated, while modern, daring & sexy. She is vibrant & intelligent with exceptional elegance & mysterious sensuality. The fragrance evokes the feeling of optimism, youthfulness, unpredictability, mystery, as well as sophistication, luxury & sensuality, bringing a new olfactive signature to the Arden brand.

elizabeth arden untold fragrance review
Just like the woman, the bottle is made up of many facets, which make it radiant & elegant. Due to its subtle curvature, the bottle takes on an appearance that is strikingly different at every angle, just as a woman delights those around her with a new side to her at each moment. To all the men out there, wouldn’t you like to bring home this scent to your beloved?

elizabeth arden untold fragrance reviews
The #ElizabethArden UNTOLD Collection:
  • UNTOLD Eau De Parfum Spray SGD 69 (1.0 fl. oz./30 ml)
  • UNTOLD Eau De Parfum Spray SGD 95 (1.7 fl. oz./50 ml)
  • UNTOLD Eau De Parfum Spray SGD 119 (3.3 fl. oz./100 ml)
  • UNTOLD Body Lotion SGD 75 (6.8 oz./200 ml)
  • UNTOLD Shower Gel SGD 65 (6.8 oz./200 ml)

Availability: October 2013
Where to Buy: Available island-wide at all Elizabeth Arden authorized counters.


  1. Very pretty bottle! Love that there's Sandalwood musk in it.

    1. DS, I like it that it's not too pungent..... Lovely scent!

  2. I always love fragrance but I haven't own any of Elizabeth Arden yet. I love the design of the bottle - so elegant and stylish.

    1. DD, X'mas is near. Think about getting it as a treat for yourself. ^_^

  3. Love everything about it! I've enjoyed watching the video as well.

  4. The description is really tempting..makes me wanna grab one too ^^

  5. Elizabeth Arden is top of the classy brands :D
    Great post!

    Choc Chip Uru

  6. Omigosh..I love the bottle design. Should I? Should I? Should I....? ...

  7. The bottle itself is already so elegant and irresistible!

  8. The packing looks nice.. I bet it smell nice, too!

  9. Shirley, I've been enjoying your perfume posts! The descriptions are alluring and the packaging & perfume bottles are stunning. What I think I like even more is that the models they've chosen to represent their fragrances aren't fresh out of high school. They have some "history and mystery" to them. Bravo!

    1. Kim, that's certainly some thoughts! The women are all so gorgeous & sexy; perfect for the ads!

  10. Untold is the mystery behind every stolen moment of this woman life.


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