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Venus Freeze, At ONLY Singapore Aesthetics Centre!

I’m sure a lot of you would have heard of fat freezing. Isn’t it amazing what technologies can do for us these days? No needles, no scars, to get rid of those unwanted fats in our body; that’s possible with Venus Freeze™!
only aesthetics centre singapore, venus freeze
Singapore’s largest aesthetics centre #ONLY opens its new 5000 square feet flagship centre with Hollywood-renowned #VenusFreeze!

venus freeze only aesthetics centre singapore
This body-contouring treatment has been all the rage in America, garnering the attention of celebrities such as Beyonce, Kim Kardashian & Jennifer Lopez. Now, Singaporeans can get a chance to experience the hype as #ONLYaesthetics brings in Hollywood-renowned treatment Venus Freeze™!

only aesthetics centre singapore
I was overwhelmed by the interior of ONLY whereby the lift brought me right to their doorstep located at RB Capital, #RafflesPlace. Trendy layout with playful design show pieces giving the whole atmosphere a touch of class & sophistication.

only aesthetics centre singapore treatment room
After my consultation, I was led into one of their 25 bright & cheery treatment rooms for my 1st Venus Freeze. I was given a total of 3 sessions spanning across 3 weeks, & below are my treatments & results:

venus freeze only aesthetics centre
1st Visit:
‘Before’ photos were taken after changing into their required attire. Gel was then applied before using the hand-held Venus Freeze device to go over my tummy & sides. By using Multi-Polar Radio Frequencies & Magnetic Pulsed Fields that are generated through a specially-designed array of electrodes, Venus Freeze™ gives off a thermal reaction when used against the body.

venus freeze only aesthetics centre review
The treatment was painless. Feeling was warm & gentle; much like a hot-stone body massage. Venus Freeze stimulates the production of new collagen in the body & encourages healthy & improved circulation, keeping cellulites & wrinkles at bay. The session took about 20 mins, & there were some redness on the treated area due to the heat. ‘After’ photos were then taken.

only aesthetics centre venus freeze reviews
2nd Visit:
I decided to take measurement this time since the results weren’t very clear from those photos taken during my 1st visit. Before (measurement from tummy, not waist): 32.5”, After: 32.2”. So there was a slight reduction of .30”.

only aesthetics centre venus freeze results
I'd also requested the therapist to do one side of my tummy first. Can you see the difference from the photo? You can often see results after the 1st treatment but typically, 6 treatments for the face are required, & 6 – 8 for the neck & body. Prices for Venus Freeze range from SGD 288 to SGD 588 per session depending on area.

3rd Visit:
Before: 31.4", After: 31". I’m pretty satisfied with the small change in just 3 sessions.

Besides getting Hollywood’s hottest body-contouring solution that helps break down cellulite & reduce wrinkles through a revolutionary, non-invasive treatment, Only’s professional therapists were friendly & knowledgeable during my visits. Every now & then, they would check if the temperature was comfortable enough or the pressure was right. So if you’re visiting Only for Venus Freeze, do not hesitate to let them know if it gets a bit too hot as the ladies will adjust accordingly.

Venus Freeze™’s success is measured by its efficiency & results. Approved by the FDA & licensed by Health Canada, this treatment is completely secure, fast & guaranteed. Venus Freeze™ has also been featured on programs such as America’s Next Top Model, the Rachel Ray Show & The Doctors, & it has also been highly regarded by America’s top plastic surgeons such as Dr. Boyd & renowned dermatologist Dr. Harold Lancer.

only aesthetics centre singapore consultation rooms
Since there’s no downtime & treatment in one area takes less than 30 mins, Venus Freeze allows you to resume daily activities immediately after treatment. You can even squeeze in your treatment during your lunch time & get back to the office after that. So call for a consultation & Freeze Yourself into Shape at Singapore’s largest #aesthetics centre, ONLY!

ONLY®’s new flagship store Raffles Place
22 Malacca Street
#09-00 RB Capital
Singapore 408980
Tel: +65 6220 4434


  1. Ok, i guess this can be super effective on me LOL >_<"

  2. My tummy is more or less sagged already, Shirley.. certainly not as trim and firm like yours! :) I think the redness is due to the heat to "melt" the extra fats? (if there is any....)

    1. Reana, you're too humble! Hahaha! You're another adorable one.

  3. My tummy is beyond repair now! I have to diet for a month and live on bread & water diet only to slim down.

    I believe this one works like magic!

    1. TM, that bad huh?? Hahaha! This treatment is easy on the pocket :)

  4. Great post, Shirley. Thanks to you, I now know what fat freezing is. Never heard of it before.
    ...and I so love the furniture!

    1. Sharon, glad you've found it useful! Yah, love their interior!

    2. Shirley you are slim.. looks like nothing much to!!

      Great info.

    3. EH, hahaha! At long as you've an inch, then there's something to freeze :)

  5. tummy looks red after treatment, hot?

    1. Kylie, mostly warm but can get a bit hot at times, so I would let the therapist know :)

  6. When I saw your measurement there, I start measuring myself. Er... sh.... don't tell. I'm so far away.... Venus Freeze - something new to me and I can see the amazing result even thou yours is not significant, i'm sure this is really going to work for real fat people.

    1. DS, hahaha! You guys are hilarious! I'm sure it's a popular alternative considering their affordable pricing. ^_^

  7. What a brilliant treatment idea :D

    Choc Chip Uru


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