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SK-II Celebrates The Miracle Of Pitera At Tangs With Mediacorp Artistes!

sk-ii mediacorp celebrities qi yu wu rebecca lim
Can you spot any MediaCorp artistes in this pix?

mediacorp celebrities qi yu wu rebecca lim
It’s Rebecca Lim & Qi Yu Wu! Did you managed to catch a glimpse of them? Were you there at #Tangs too?

mediacorp celebrities qi yu wu pitera tangs
I was really thrilled cause I was following the Channel 8 drama the #DreamMakers (志在四方), featuring other popular artistes such as Zoe Tay, Rui En, Jeanette Aw, Chen Liping, & Chen Hanwei! Gosh, #QiYuWu has such a huge fan base & they were all standing outside Tangs with banners!!

tangs sk ii pitera house event
Early this August, SK-II celebrated the miracle of Pitera™ by tracing its beginnings & latest discoveries at the Tang's #‎SKIIPiteraHouse‬. Together with #MediaCorp artistes, Rebecca Lim & Qi Yu Wu, we got to join SK-II on a journey to learn more about their sake brewery to the birth of SK-II MEN.

skii pitera mediacorp celebrities rebecca lim
Seems a chance observation of the soft & youthful hands of sake brewers inspired the research into the yeast fermentation process. From there, a rigorous search of over 350 strains of yeast was conducted before SK-II's researchers discovered the unique yeast strain from which #Pitera is naturally derived.

tangs sk ii pitera house media event roses
During that event, shoppers at #Tangs & #OrchardRoad got a beautiful surprise when they were handed stalks of roses by some good-looking hunks!

tangs sk ii pitera house media event
With me was my guest & more suave guys!

skii magic ring test mediacorp celebrities qi yu wu
Here’s Qi Yu Wu taking the #MagicRing test! After all, it’s about the birth of SK-II MEN! Wanna know his results? It’s for me to know, for you to find out :)

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sk ii pitera house facial treatment giveaways
Are you a fan of the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence? Or are you saving up to get one for yourself? Well, another Giveaway is coming up! I’ve 3 bottles of Facial Treatment Essence up for grabs, so watch this space!

In the interim, you may wanna watch the award-winning director Tom Hooper's creation that brings to life the inspiration and discovery of SK-II.


  1. I am not familiar with the artists in the first picture but yes, I know the pretty girl standing in the middle with some suave guys.

    1. Balvinder, hahaha! Love your sense of humour! xoxo

  2. Rebecca lim has flawless skin... we were in the same yoga class :)

  3. I really don't know any of the celebrities yet I see you. Great event and as usual wonderful products for SKII.

  4. Not really familiar with the celebrities....
    Award-winning director Tom Hooper's creation is superb! Enjoying watching it!

    1. Kristy, looks like they're aren't so popular in M'sia after all.

  5. All the good looking celebrities and suave men were invited to make the launch really glamorous but I only recognize Shirley Tay!

  6. Oh many handsome men.. *drool*. I would have loved to be there. You are in good company,! ^.^

  7. Hi Shirley, I don't follow or watch any drama, maybe once a while just watch 5 or 10 mins only. The last drama I watched was Little Nyonya from the 1st to the last episodes. LOL I'm don't really fancy watching all this drama, find it too drag-ma especially Taiwan dramas.

    Anyway such a great events, you sure very lucky surround by those handsome hunks. :))

    1. Amelia, I enjoying catching nice dramas once in a while. Yap! Especially receiving roses from them. Heehee!

  8. I definitely was not there :p.

    Wish I was coz if then I can see so many hensem fellas lol

  9. Haha! Looks like you are more popular than the 2 actor and actress. LOL! SK-II treatment essence up for grab....ah ha.......... must join.....

  10. SKII-Men ?! Whitening? hahahaha, i don't think i will use if its whitening else i will look as pale as a ghost LOL!

    1. Ken, don't worry...... u won't end up like MJ! Lol!

  11. wow! you are a lucky girl get to meet up with all the gorgeous good looking guys.

  12. Hie Shirley,

    You very lucky la..get to be with Mediacorp artiste even though i didn't these few groups..others i might know better such as Fann Wong etc


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