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RWS Flaky Crust Mooncake Recipe You Don’t Wanna Miss!

rws feng shui inn head chef luxury haven
Taking place at the RWS Crockfords Dining Room last week was a mooncake-making workshop led by Chinese Head Chef Li Kwok Kwong from Feng Shui Inn.

resorts world sentosa mooncake making workshop
When Resorts World Sentosa invited me for a media workshop to have a hands-on experience on the exquisite art of crafting handmade flaky crust mooncakes, I just couldn’t say no.

resorts world sentosa feng shui inn flaky crust mooncakes
This Mid-Autumn Festival, Feng Shui Inn is rolling out Flaky Crust Mooncakes instead of their usual mini #Snowskin Mooncakes, something they’ve never done before! It’s a new creation & sale only starts this 16 Aug!
rws flaky crust sweet potato mooncake review
It's really a privilege to be the first to try these mooncakes, filled with #organic Japanese sweet potato that’s not overly sweet. Love the crispy flaky crust that crumbles in your mouth, with the fillings packed with rich proteins & vitamins! Here’s introducing Chinese Head Chef Li’s Teochew-inspired version creation - Flaky Pastry Mooncake with Organic Japanese Golden & Purple Sweet Potato, my style!

resorts world sentosa mooncake making media workshop
These mooncakes at #RWS are baked for a healthier choice, but we also learnt the deep-frying method. Together with me in this workshop were two popular food bloggers Catherine & Melissa. So come & join us, it's time to work-out!  Let's follow Head Chef Li's recipe below.......

rsw flaky crust mooncake recipes
500g Sweet Potatoes
1,200g Narcissus Flour (水仙面粉)
250g Crow Flour (高筋面粉)
500g Dough Fat
100g of Sugar
400ml Water
10ml Oil

Making Potato Paste:
organic japanese golden purple sweet potato recipe
  • Peel, cut & wash the sweet potatoes.
  • Steam the potatoes for 15 mins until soft.
  • Blend the sweet potatoes until mashed.
  • Add 10ml of oil & 100g of sugar into wok. Simmer & cook the mashed potatoes until thick & leave to cool.
mooncake making workshop resorts world sentosa

Making Flaky Skin:
    rws feng shui inn mooncake making media workshop
  • In a mixing bowl, add Narcissus flour, Crow flour, water, & knead into dough. When consistency is thick, add dough fat. Chill dough for about 20 mins. This is good for 10 portions.
  • feng shui inn mooncake making media workshop
  • Flatten dough & cut into 2 equal sheets before stacking them up into 2 layers.
  • flaky crust mooncake making workshop
  • Repeat the step & stack into 4 layers. *Remember to sprinkle some flour on the table top & dough for smooth rolling.
  • flaky crust mooncake making workshop
    flaky crust mooncake making media workshop
  • Repeat again, cut into 3 equal sheets this time & stack into 6 layers. (3 steps in total). The bottom pix was what the Chef's assistant had prepared in advanced & took out from the refrigerator.
  • organic japanese golden purple sweet potato mooncake recipes
  • Finally, chop off the ends & cut into dough sheets. Make sure your cleaver is slanted at an angle when slicing. Can you see the lines on the dough? The different types of flour used & layering of dough are crucial to have the elasticity so that the crust will turn out nicely. 
  • organic japanese golden purple sweet potato mooncake recipe
  • Roll the potato paste into a ball (about 40g). You can also try combining the purple & golden #SweetPotato like me. Using the roller pin, flatten the slices into 4cm x 4cm sizes.
  • rws flaky crust mooncake making workshop
  • Wrap the paste with the dough sheet by folding into half & then sealing the sides. Now, this is the toughest part. You’ll have to put the excess dough between the thumb & index finger. Pinch it while pushing & folding it at the same time. Keep turning while in action until the excess dough is thin enough to pinch it off. Discard the dough & you're left with a round dough.

rws baked flaky crust mooncake recipe
Can you tell which two are mine?? Well, I’ve put some indication to help me recognize my own work. Next, send it to the oven to bake at 180°C for 15 – 20 mins.

rws deep-fried flaky crust mooncake recipe
Or deep-fry for about 3 mins till golden brown. The first two are mine; the identification I put on my dough seemed to have dropped off, but you can still see some dark spots on top of my #mooncakes. Glad it turned out nicely.

rws flaky crust mooncake review
Tada! How are my mooncakes?  I noticed the colour of the baked mooncakes were rather white compared to the nice golden deep-fried ones. Head Chef Li explained to us that egg-yolk can be added to achieve a nicer texture & colour.

resorts world sentosa feng shui inn assorted mooncakes
After working hard, it was time for tea & mooncake tasting - Traditional Lotus Paste with Egg-yolks, White Butter Skin with Pandan Sweet Corn Paste, Assorted Nuts ‘Ng Yan’ etc.  It was a pity I'd to cut short the session as I'd rush off to another event that day :<

rws pineapple imperial birds nest mooncake
If you’ve expensive taste buds, be sure to go for their Hawaiian Golden Pineapple Paste with Premium Grade AA Imperial Bird's Nest Mooncake this #MidAutumnFestival.

resorts world sentosa feng shui inn mooncakes
What do you think of RWS this year's mooncake box design? How about going shocking pink?

All mooncakes are available at #FengShuiInn (Crockfords Tower, level G2) from 16 August to 19 September 2013. Check out some other Resorts World Sentosa Mooncakes selections below:
white lotus paste coconut macadamia golden jingsa mooncakes
White Lotus Paste with Coconut Macadamia Golden Jingsa (Box of 4) @ SGD 48.

rws birds nest flaky crust sweet potato mooncakes
Feng Shui Inn’s Premium Box (Box of 8, 2 flavours each) @ SGD 88 - Hawaiian Golden Pineapple paste with premium grade AA Imperial Bird’s Nest, Premium Grade AA Imperial #BirdsNest, Flaky Pastry with Organic Japanese Golden Sweet Potatoes & Flaky Pastry with Japanese Purple Sweet Potatoes.

Order yours now @ +65 6577 6688, or email:! Thank you #ResortsWorldSentosa, for the fun & enjoyable workshop! Special thanks to Juan for being the awesome photographer, & Chef Li & his assistance for their patience!


  1. Whoa there, no wonder the moon-cakes are a little on the high side. It's certainly not easy to knead (and knead) the dough.

    By the way, Shirley, you look gorgeous there, concentrating on the flattening the dough. *winks*

    1. Ciana, I finally realized it's a lot of hardwork behind those mooncakes! Hahaha! Thks, dear!

  2. This is really a good experience! I know the dough fat must be the vegetable shortening (板油/白油)and the more popular brand that I know is "Crisco". But I've never heard of crow flour, wondering what flour is that?? Baking the flaky moon cake is so much healthier than the deep frying version. Love the design of the premium box - this would be good for recycling as a "nick nack" storage. Surprisingly, the prices of the Feng Shui Inn mooncakes are pretty reasonable.

    1. DS, I'm still waiting for RWS to revert. Thks for sharing the Chinese name for the dough fat!

  3. Purple sweet potato as filling? Would love to try that!

  4. you are making me drool. But am funny about mooncake. I like only the red beans ones :p

    1. Kathy, mmmmm...... I've not tried red bean ones. Aren't they sweet?

  5. oh so that's how you get flaky crust! Not easy leh!
    Wa I like Purple Sweet Potato! Shiok!

  6. Hi Shirley,
    It must be fun making your own moon cakes!
    Sweet potatoes as filling, that is interesting. It is a healthier version.

    1. MM, my first time! Pity the chefs tho ...... gotta work with us. Lol!

  7. Hi Shirley, wow... so fast mooncake festival already. Interesting workshop... love the layering mooncake pastry. Yours look good. :)

    Have a wonderful week ahead.

    1. Amelia, super fast & I'm not prepared yet! Lol! Guess can pass lah ^_^

  8. Yum and I am drooling over the different types. Each one of it is so good. You certainly did a good job.

  9. I’m inhaling deeply and using lots of imagination to savour all those flavours…..Exquisite!

    1. cquek, hahaha! Hope you'll find some delicious mooncakes too!

  10. Replies
    1. Rajiv, u gotta try these if u get the chance! It's a popular dessert paste made from the seeds of the lotus flower. It's often used in the Chinese traditional mooncakes :)

  11. I love those kind of flaky mooncakes especially the yam flavor. Shanghai mooncake with egg yolk and lotus paste is the love too!!

    1. Evelyn, I love those with egg-yolks too! The more the better.... hahaha!

  12. This is awesome Shirley, now can you bake one for me too? :P

  13. Years ago, I baked something similar too...but of course, those from the master chef look way better! Love pineapple filling.

    1. Angie, hats off to u! Must be some skilful baker :)

  14. Such gorgeous mooncakes! Yours look spectacular!!!

    PS...there is a group of bread bakers (that I belong to) who posts every month. The group is called Twelve that's why I had that hash tag on my title. I can see that it doesn't make a lot of sense :)

    1. Liz, thks dear! Wow, u must be one of the 12 apostles then! ^_^

  15. Hi Shirley,

    You are so lucky to attend this mooncake making session. You look like you enjoyed this very much. The multilayer pastry that the chefs made is so impressive!


    1. Zoe, indeed I am! Chances like these are hard to come by.....

  16. Yummy mooncakes.. and filled with Organic Japanese golden and purple sweet potatoes... Wow!!
    love to try it.
    also with pretty pink box too..

    1. EH, people are going into organic food these days so this is a great choice! Hope you'll like it as much!

  17. Lucky you to get the experience. BTW, where to buy crow flour?

    1. Edith, just go to any baking shop like Phoon Huat & give them the Chinese name. They should be able to assist. Have fun!

  18. I love moon cakes like crazy and am looking forward to the coming festive season again. I can see that the flaky texture is very delicious and nice. You are so fortunate to be given this experience to bake with the chefs. Your blog posts tell me that you are one lucky lady with good karma to be able to enjoy all the best that comes to Singapore. Thanks for sharing always.

    1. TM, serious huh? Guess I'm one real lucky one ^_^ Thks so much for taking time to come by despite being on vacation!

  19. I love flaky pastries but it would be better if there is one with low calories. All mooncake has high sugar content.

    1. Pepper, seems RWS has a low-sugar version; u may wanna check it out!

  20. Replies
    1. Kylie, hahaha! Mid-Autumn Fest is coming soon.....


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