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Hair Story, The Korean Concept Salon At 313 Somerset!

hair story korean concept somerset singapore
Korean style is in the rage, & if you wanna join in the latest fab, #HairStory is the place to go!

Helping their clients to realise their full potential through hairstyles that bring out the best of their features is what they do best. Hair Story is part of the Korean group of salons in Asia that incorporate the latest Korean-influenced, international styling, perming & colouring techniques tailored to deliver versatile hairstyles that reflect the personality, lifestyle needs & personal preferences of each individual customer with a twist.

hair story korean concept somerset singapore cha
As one of the partners is a Korean, Hair Story's customer base consists of both Koreans & locals. Profile of the lovely Cha: “With a vast experience of over 20 years as a Korean-trained stylist, Cha travels frequently locally & overseas for Loreal, Goldwell, Matrix & Arimino. Cha is one of the top stylists in Shunji Matsuo Hair Studio as well as a qualified trainer from Fiber Zoom, Zone & Section Hair Academy in Japan. Clients can be assured to receive quality service with an extra personal touch.”

I felt that it’s time for a perm, so a Korean friend of mine introduced me to #HairStory. Su-jeong & I also chatted about hair treatments & she adores #PhytoStory, a popular Korean scalp care system, hair spa, & a hair care system. So I decided to visit Hair Story with the intention to perm & have a hair treatment at the same time.

hair story korean concept service
I wouldn’t call Hair Story a glamorous salon, but it’s decent enough with an airy & spacious green environment with potted plants spotted in the space. I was immediately drawn to the personal touches such as, the staff putting on a nice robe for me before we start. Although it's quite a common practice here in S’pore, I’m quite particular & do pay attention to tiny gestures like these.

hair story korean concept styling
I like my hair washed with me seated down, but this salon doesn't practise that as they felt it’s a thing of the past. Nonetheless, Vennie (Stylist Assistant) did a great job massaging my scalp so I’ve no complaints. She’s really good with her hands!

hair story korean concept somerset blogger review
Chris, the other partner of Hair Story, attended to me after my hair wash. After examining the texture of my hair, he felt that my curls are still strong. Chris suggested that I should just trim my hair, retouch my roots with #Aveda Hair Colour, & go along with Su-jeong’s recommendation to do the PhytoStory hair treatment.

hair story korean concept somerset mediacorp artiste may phua
Pix Credit: Hair Story
Recognize the actress in the pix? That’s May Phua, #Mediacorp artiste. Pretty chic hair-cut, huh? Profile of Chris: “With more than 20 years in the industry, Chris’ portfolio includes working at Shunji Matsuo Hair Studio. He is also a qualified trainer from Fiber Zoom, Zone & Section Hair Academy in Japan. He is a specialist in the latest trends & techniques for cutting, colouring & styling.”

aveda colour hair story korean concept somerset
For my hair colour, Chris chose Aveda’s Dark Orange/Red 70/R shade to match the colour of my hair.

hair story korean concept aveda colouring
It didn’t take long as two assistants were working on me, & then they cling wrapped my hair for about 20 mins before sending me to another wash.

phytostory professional hair care
Next came the 8-step Phyto Octa Course which is perfect for my dry hair.

phytostory korean hair spa octa course
For the PhytoStory hair management system, there’re altogether 3 different types of treatments. Taking into consideration your hair condition & the type of services you’re having, customers will be recommended one of the hair spas accordingly.

phytostory professional hair spa octa course
I love #HairTreatments & totally enjoyed the pampering session. Expect lots of head massages with strong skilful hands.

phytostory professional hair treatment
During the one of the steps, a machine was turned on during the application of ampoules. Apparently, micro mist with distilled water helps the treatment to penetrate better; a device commonly seen in Korean hair salons, explained Vennie.

hair story korean concept hair styling
Air pollution, climate change, heat from hair dryer, repeated perms & dyeing, all contribute to a sensitive & irritated scalp. Hence, I always give my hair a proper treatment at least once a month. Since I’m looking forward to have my hair permed, Chris recommended me to have a treatment every two weeks.

somerset hair story korean concept
Thanks to #HairStory, my hair is now super soft & light! So what do you think of my hair-do? Total time spent: Approx 3hrs+

Hair services done for my hair length:
  • Touching up roots using Aveda Hair Colour - SGD 116
  • PhytoStory 8-Step Treatment - SGD 270
  • Director’s Cut – SGD $86
  • Total Price: SGD 472

hair story korean concept stylists somerset singapore
Pix Credit: Hair Story
For salons that care like Hair Story, they'll won't perm your hair just because you want to. Instead, they'll assess your hair condition & recommend accordingly. Impeccable service with detailed attention given, this is one place you’ll wanna be!

Each visit begins with a personal consultation to determine a style that best suits you. They will then guide you on how you can maintain & manage your new image effortlessly, so that you leave their salon with the confidence of knowing that with a Hair Story hairstyle, looking good is a simple every day affair.

hair story korean concept chris luxury haven
I’m really pleased with their recent work, & Chris is such a joy to work with. Luxury Haven is most delighted to have Hair Story By C&C as the official sponsor for all my hair services, so you'll be seeing more of Hair Story from now!

Enjoy a cup of Latte, Cappucino, Mocca or Green Tea, while having your hair pampered at Hair Story! I’ll be trying their Aveda hair treatment next, so come back for more of #MyHairStory! In the interim, check out some of their work at their Facebook Page!
hair story korean concept somerset singapore promotion
They’re currently having a promotion at real attractive prices, so be sure to take advantage of it!  Thank you Hair Story, for taking good care of my hair! Special thanks to Nani, Chris, Victor & Vennie for their services!

The promo has expired. Check out which Hair Salon I am currently endorsing, and catch our latest deals at Sales/Event!

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Hair Story
313 Orchard Road
#04-21 313 Somerset
Singapore 238895
Tel: +65 6737 8820


  1. Shirley, it is indeed a very satisfying Hair Story indeed... to be pampered and relaxed in the saloon... I would love that too...

    1. Reana, I'm glad you've enjoyed my hair story ^_^

  2. your hair looks great after the pampering session :)

    1. Kathy, thks sweetie! Feels great being taken good care of :)

  3. Love the stunning outcome of your hair.

  4. I love a good hair salon. Thanks for sharing. Your hair is beautiful, Shirley :)

    1. Sharon, that's so impt! Glad I'm in good hands. Thks, sweetie!

  5. So nice, enjoying hair pampering session~~~~

  6. Your hair colour looks great. And big thank you for letting us know the promotion :)

  7. I always believed that if one is not born good looking, they could still invest in good clothes and hair do to look glamorous! The Korean hair stylists are getting very popular in KL and overseas with their quality and unique hair products which seems to suit Asian hairs well.

    Your hair looked good in the end.

    1. TM, that's so true! Thks for sharing with us your thoughts!

  8. The colour and the wavy hair style matches u! Now u look way younger & prettier! :D

    This reminds me to pay a visit to my local hair salon soon! :)

  9. You look awesome Shirley :)

  10. I kept reading and reading this post of yours. I can't help but must marvel over how Hair Story takes care of every little details in the treatment of hair -
    like if the hair condition is not right for a perm, they would not do it,
    like mixing the colour to match the original hair colour for the root re-touching (many would just suggest you re-do the whole head instead)
    like making sure that you could easily maintained the hairstyle after leaving the salon
    and I loved that head massage too........

    1. DS, I'm glad that you've enjoyed the post. Thks so much for sharing your thoughts!

  11. Shirley, I think Hair Story is a great name for a salon -- they recognize that everyone's hair tells a story. Yours has a very happy ending... gorgeous, flowing locks!

    1. Kim, love the name too! Thanks, dear! You've a good week :)

  12. Hi Shirley, you got very nice hair, the curl still look good. The new colour is gorgeous. :)
    I enjoy go for hair spa too, love the steaming and head massage. Only thing I don't colour my hair, I wait still I see more than 10 strands of white hair then only I do colouring. LOL

    Have a nice day.

    1. Amelia, thks dear! Since I don't wear make-up, I find colouring my hair doesn't make me look so dull. I've 11 strands, that's why I need it even more. Hahaha!

  13. Total price SGD472 ... wow!

    1. cquek, total indulgence! But they've a promo going on :)


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